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Post Reply who do you prefer to be with Durumi Kangmae or Gunwoo and why?
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F / s0mEωHêяè 0véя tH...
Posted 12/21/08
i think Durumi should be wif Gun Woo....Kang Mae is slow about noticing Durumi having problems....
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22 / F / where my Oppa's l...
Posted 12/22/08
Young GunWoo is Geun Suk, right?
and KangMae is the the conductor... RIGHT?
i really am not sure. >D
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33 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08
Actually, I don't know why so many people are upset about the ending. In my opinion, I think the ending is really good. I mean, "and they lived happily ever after" kinda ending is getting kinda boring and unrealistic these days, and besides, if you take into consideration the kind of character Kang Mae is, its totally characteristic of him to behave this way and have the ending end this way.

In fact, if he would to end up with Ru Mi, the ending would be kinda "off" from the style of the whole show? If you know what I mean. Anyway, I actually think that Ru Mi understands Kang Mae more than he understands her. Gun Woo on the other hand can sense when she's in trouble, can tell when she's lying etc etc. I feel that Kang Mae actually cares more about Gun Woo than Ru Mi (I don't mean a gay rs, but just that he cares more for Gun Woo).
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Posted 12/24/08
I want durumi with Kana Mae because they're so cute together!! Kang Mae really likes her and she likes him too!!! they're so cute!! they could have continued the ending with those two together..im so sad that they didnt at least kiss!! grr but i still want them to be together!! I LOVE YOU MAESTRO KANG!!
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90 / F / ..........
Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/25/08
I think kang mae and durumi should end up being together..
they had this wonderful chemistry,she understands him more than anybody else
and he on the other hand cares for her but is afraid of change being responsible for someone
which is kinda sad..
Kang Mae has this charisma and warmth in him that if only people
would get to know him more, in my opinion
but then again he's not really good at expressing himself
that why people always misunderstood him.
The ending for me has this bittersweet feel to it
but more realistic like assertives said...
Hopefully they make a sequel...
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37 / F / sky x]
Posted 12/28/08
kang mae! because i don't want gun woo to be with her! xD
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26 / F / SG
Posted 12/31/08
Definitely Kang Mae and Du Ru Mi. They both have so much chemistry together! Despite being aloof on the outside, Kang Mae really cares for her. :):)
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Posted 1/3/09
I think the ending wraps up their triangle love relationship well.
would b too sad if Ru Mi ends up being with Kang Maeh, cos he is tough-headed, plus he knows that music etc is his number 1.
though he cares for Ru Mi, its hard to tell if that's love or simply caring for her because she is head-over-heels for him. I agree he cares for Gun Woo more (again that's because Kang Maeh loves music more than anything else).

Gun Woo x Ru Mi on the other hand, would be wrong, its unfair for Gun Woo, and by the end he doesnt seem to have any love feelings for her anymore.
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Posted 1/6/09
Of course it should be Kang Mae ;D though I somehow pity Gun Woo for Ru Mi not loving him as much as how she loved Kang Mae I wish they make a final movie or something like a season 2!!! gahhhhhh D;
Posted 1/8/09
Kang Mae and Du Ru Mi all the way!
While I realize that the ending was more characteristic to Kang Mae's character and I think it's better off that way, the romantic inside me still can't help but wish the two ended up together instead haha
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24 / F / Toronto, Canada
Posted 1/23/09
Gun Woo, because he's younger.
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Posted 1/25/09
Undoubtedly, Kang Mae

They r just meant to be...
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21 / F / (wish) Seoul, Sou...
Posted 6/28/09
I definitely prefer Gun Woo. (young one right? I'm watching it in Cantonese so I'm not positive about their names >.<)
He really loves her, and he admitted it and even did something that he thought was embarrassing to prove it. (Handed her the flower after the performance, that part)
I'm not done watching yet, but I think Gun Woo should be with her!! He understands Du Ru Mi and knows when something's wrong.
And she said that it wasn't that she didn't like him ):
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27 / F / .............in H...
Posted 8/3/09
waahh i miss this drama... kang mae and ru mi foreva! woot woot!
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F / S'pore
Posted 9/1/09
I thought Du Ru Mi should be paired with Gun Woo. Like many people said before, for Kang Mae, his top priority is music and not exactly Du Ru Mi..I'm not trying to say that love should be his top concern, but Du Ru Mi doesn't seem to hold any significance to him...besides, Gun Woo and Du Ru Mi look more like a couple and Gun Woo understands her better
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