End of Divine Reign
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Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08

While Tenkai and Sirberius went after the first two Elder Gods, Kira and Valentine decided to take on the last two Elder Gods.
“Hello Amen, Allelujah,” greeted Valentine.
“It’s been a while, Barrel, Akirael,” replied Hallelujah.
“It has,” said Kira, “but enough chatter, your time has come.”
“No, it is you who shall die here!” yelled Amen.
Hallelujah fired an array of light at Valentine and Kira. Kira and Valentine jumped away from each other to dodge the attack.
Kira fired a jet of fire at Amen. Amen retaliated with a jet of water. Slowly the jet of water was advancing at Kira. Kira jumped out of the way and Valentine went in front of the jet of water. He froze the jet in its path.
“Just die!” yelled Hallelujah.
“Thousand Eyes Restrict!” said Kira and Valentine together.
Hundreds of eyes materialized around Hallelujah. Each shot a laser at Hallelujah. Hallelujah was able to create a barrier to protect himself but was trapped, for the time being.
“Time to get rid of Amen,” said Kira.
“Amen to that, brother,” joked Valentine.
Amen was getting ticked. He had not enjoyed the Sinners’ puns while they were allies and he especially wasn’t liking it when they were enemies.
“I’ve. Had. ENOUGH!” shouted Amen.
Amen summoned a tsunami. Noticing it was nearing where Sirberius and Tenkai were fighting, Valentine acted.
“Sands of Time!” chanted Valentine.
Valentine activated the most forbidden sand technique. Sands of Time could only work in a desert setting where lots of sand was present. It created a vortex around the battlefield, not allowing anyone or anything to get in or out.
The tsunami struck the battlefield. Kira evaporated the water coming at him with fire. Valentine had created a barrier of sand but that was being swept away. He finally decided to reinforce it with ice.
“You worthless Sinners,” said Amen, “Elder God Izen should have killed you when he had the chance.”
“But he didn’t,” said Valentine.
Valentine put took out an Envious Scythe. As did Kira.
“You know, Valentine, I vaguely remember the Elder Gods being more powerful then this,” said Kira, openly mocking Amen and Hallelujah.
“Maybe they’re getting tired,” said Valentine, “let’s put them to sleep.”
Kira fired a giant fire ball at Amen. Amen hit it with water, causing it to create a fog of smoke.
“Where are you!” demanded Amen, blinded by the smoke.
“Behind you,” whispered Kira and Valentine.
The smoke cleared and Amen saw Kira and Valentine behind him. In a swift motion, they cut him vertically in half.
“One down,” said Valentine by Amen’s corpse, “one-”
Hallelujah broke out of the cloud of eyes. He shot an array of light at Kira and Valentine. They were knocked to the ground.
“Kira, because you haven’t been a Sinner long, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Destroy Valentine de Invidia!”
Kira fell silent. Valentine put the Envious Scythe away.
“Come on Kira, don’t listen to this person,” said Valentine.
“No problem,” said Kira.
Kira swung his Envious Scythe. He then swiped it again to get the blood off.
Valentine’s head plopped to the ground.
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