maple story - what would you do with 300,000 nx ?
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Posted 11/18/08
i been abit busy i actully started with 2,000 nx , as of last nite - til today i invested my 2k nx and made about +300,000 nx cash. i was wondering since the gaph box even is over now, what else is good way to invest 50% of my nx. tips appriated, the best investment idea written below will make you 45,000 nx richer. if your idea is good ill will message you personally!!! gl!

this event will end as of 5pm today.
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Posted 11/18/08
why would you talk about maple story here.... I used to go on when i played.................

(idk this event thing cuz i quit like a year ago)
Posted 5/13/09
300,000 nx.
buy everything and everything.
mega phone up the ass.

every 5 sec megaphone !
Posted 8/2/09
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