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Which Member(s) frm ASIAN BANDz U LYK & WHY!!!!:)
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27 / phiLippines
Posted 12/4/08
SHINee - ONEW coz he has the whole package and i LOVE the ONEW CONDITION and he is so cool and so

Super Junior - KIM KIBUM coz his smile is mesmerizing and he is so adorable and hot....

SHINee - MINHO i also like him coz he is so mysterious and his smile is also cute....
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27 / F / Honolulu, HI, USA
Posted 12/4/08
Yunho from DBSK
Tae Yang/G-Dragon/Daesung from Big Bang (Lol can't pick)
Han Kyung from Super Junior
Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls
Tae Yeon from SNSD
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25 / F / Indonesian
Posted 12/4/08
G-Dragon from Big Bang

lee hongki from F.T Island

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24 / F / Yemen ^^v
Posted 12/4/08
<................OMG....KAWAIII!! best from NEWS (actually....from ALL BANDS!!)
<.....kawaiii!! my best from DBSK!!

love them both...i wish i can see them!!
<...he is not in any band....BUT I LOVE HIIIIIIIIM!!! and i would like to see him tooooo~~!!
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25 / F / manila
Posted 12/4/08
waaaaaaaaahhhhh.. =))
*goes wild*


(i think yunho has everything.. from amazingly good looks, to unbelievable talents.. and not to mention his great personality.. what more could i ask for?? hahahaha)
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F / singapore THE LIO...
Posted 12/4/08
SUPER JUNIORS!!!! cus all of them r so cute... i lky ryeo wook d best... although he..... yargh... duno wad 2 sae...
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25 / M
Posted 12/4/08
g dragon from big bang
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F / the netherlands
Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08
kat tun
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23 / F / Brooklyn
Posted 12/4/08
dbsk xiah junsu
super junior lee donghae
fti hongki
shinee jonghyun&taemin
big bang seung ri
Posted 12/4/08
JaeJoong- DBSK
all of DBSK
Seungri and G-dragon Big Bang
Taemin- SHINee
Jiro- Fahrenheit
Kibum- SuJu
Jaejin- FT Island
Posted 12/4/08
whoa type properly.
and arnt bands are like rock? O_O with instruments?
but anyway i like miku~ hes the vocalist.

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25 / F / Boston, Massachus...
Posted 12/4/08
sug: chiyu (ba.)
ayabie: yumehito (gu.) and intetsu (ba.)
gazette: ruki (vo.)
versailles: teru (gu.)
an cafe: I really love everyone!
dir en grey: shinya (dr.) and toshiya (ba.)
vidoll: rame (ba.)
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26 / F
Posted 12/4/08
i seriously love all of them. no joke. why? okay...
daesungie: he's adorable!! the smiling angel -- he makes me smile and laugh and love him so so much.
his sense of humour just kills me and his voice just makes me melt~
jiyong: kwon leadah~ he gives the impression of an arrogant guy, but i think it's just an act; trying to portray the "leader" image. he's so talented (writing, composing, arranging(?), dancing, rapping, ETC ETC) and i love how he's nice in a kinda mean way.
seungri: he's the baby. <3 it's funny, because he has the most confidence out of all the members. he's adorable. gah! seriously, words cannot describe how cute he is (not appearance, but personality-wise). O____O i fail. go watch his episode on manwon haengbok (happiness shares company) and you'll know what i mean.
youngbae: aka taeyang. i'll be honest: at first, he kinda scared me, especially with the cornrows. but then i realized that he's like a great big huggable teddy bear!! and he dances so so well, so smooth and precise and very sexy. hehe... <3
mr TOP: seriously the biggest dork in big bang. XDDD honest. i first fell in love with his amazing rapping skills and deep voice. but then i discovered his personality and fell in love again. he may be the eldest, but he probably has the youngest mental age. <3333

xiah (junsu): how can words describe him? he's the cutest guy ever!! i love his kyakyakya laugh, and his totally lame (but hilarious all the same) jokes, and his amazing voice and dancing-- he's just too precious. <333
changminnie: seriously love him. starting from his personality: cheeky & honest & innocent (in a very NOT innocent way XDDDD). i especially love it when he laughs freely and his eyes become mismatched. my heart just swells with love, as lame and cheesy as that sounds. but he's totally worth it~

hyunjoong (SS501):
not a fan of the band, but i love HJ's personality from WGM. he kills me with the unexpected comments. i mean, you expect them to come, but when they come out of his mouth, they always seem to surprise me. XDDD

sorry for the HUGE comment (aka major spammage. haha, "spammage". XDDD) i just love them all too much. i seriously was not like this before them, but they just seem to bring out the fangirl in me. heheh.
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73 / F
Posted 12/4/08
Big Bang: T.O.P
DBSK: Micky Yoochun
Super Junior: Kim Ki Bum... and Eunhyuk ...and Heechul.. actually all of them are my favorites.
F.T Island: Jong Hun
Epik High: Tablo!
NewS: Yamapi (cough cough the only one I know in the band)
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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08


Big Bang



Jae Joong

Yoo Chun


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