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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/21/08
Ok you Know to state Your:

Haritige:(What Contrey from?)(Optional)
Hybred/Mutant Type: (For Outcasts Only) :excl:
Problems of time lose control:(Optional) (Times when your person loses will power or self control of him or her self)
Place living Now:(optional)
Power:(No Immortals or haveing the power of some one else and one element to a person only element masters can have more than one!)
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 1/15/09
Name:Wolf Shadows
Place:Commander(Gang leader)
Hybred/Mutant Type: Mysic Wolf/Vampire
Problems or lost Control:Wolf can't ever drink human Blood because of the vampire side of her she will lose all control if had the Blood of a Human!
Place living:The city of Los Angeles CA
Power:Can alter Time and space. Control of Darkness
Personality:Kind hearted and caring. Will Defend others and is a very stong willed. Will never leave a commrad alone.But can be very hot headed and ill tempered.
Hisory: Born In Quabec(French city in Canada) She lived there for ten years. After Finding out She was a Hybred Mutant he parents abandon her. She ran to america to escape the angery people.She looked for a Place she could start over.She didn't find one. She came to the large city of LA and settled there and finding many like her self. She gained confondince and became the Commander of the Outcasts.Finding many Gangs in La one of them being The outcast Gang lead by Wolf her self.

Human/Vampire form:

Other Forms:(In Spoiler)
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 2/5/09
Name: Shigiro or X
Age: 14
Race: Outcast
Place: Tracker
Hybrid/Mutant Type: Vamp/M. Wolf
Power: To manipulate the winds around him. He's also extremely fast. His powers also varies on different moons as well. (I'll explain on the way)
Extra: He loses all thought when he sees a child being abused or beaten. Also, thanks to his father, he also loses thought when someone talks bad of his mother or adoptive parent as well as going on a feeding frenzy every new moon. (You can tell when he's out of control when an X appears on the back of his palm.)
History: (Can Someone be his adopted parent?)
Shigiro had an abusive father (vampire) and killed his mother (M.Wolf) only as a newborn. As the days went into years, His father became more and violent, so did the wanting of Shigiro to seriously hurt his father. Shigiro one day caught his father talking to himself about killing his mother as an newborn. As a result, a Shigiro killed his father in that same night while they ate dinner. After that meal, he (At the age of 4) packed his things and left in silence since that day. He never bother saying a word to anyone. He was then raised in a group of outcast. Even now he was with them, at the age of 14.

This his form always:

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Posted 11/20/08

Well I'll be the adopted parent!
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Posted 11/20/08

Naruto-Wolf-Fox wrote:

Well I'll be the adopted parent!

Thanks! It'll make my story alot easier for me.
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
Race:Mystic wolves
Place:Female leader (or leader) (or next highest if leader is taken)
Haritige:Magical wolf breed
Hybred/Mutant Type: I am a pureBred mystic
Place living:I live in the mystic forest, al;so sometimes in the elven forests
Power:Darkness,magic,flying, telekenisis,plus earth powers
Personality:i am nice but am feirce in battle and I am not afraid to take anyone on who challeneges me\
History:I was born with other Mysic wolves, and even though i am anceint no one but I knows my true stregth
(flying but imagine larger wings)
(/normal form)
(battle/death form)
(mystic healer, but has 3 long tails and wings on sides of paws)
(human battle form not to often used)
(human healing form not to often used)
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
Name: Lunar
Age: Unknown
Race: Outcastz
Place: Commander of the Ghostz
Haritige: Unknown
Hybred/Mutant Type: Ghostz/Mystic Wolf/Othr
Personality: Quiet, Deadly, Concise, Polite, Cold&Speakz vry lil
Place living Now: Unknown
Power: Darkness, etc.
History: Unknown
Most Often Seen Form:
When In The Human World:
Rarely Seen Form:

Pet Name: Mystere
About Pet: Unknown
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 2/13/09
Name: Ton
Age: 14
Race: Outcast
Place: Fighter (Is that okay?)
Haritige: Mexican/American
Hybred/Mutant Type: Werewolf/Vamp
Personality: Really outgoing but kinda shy when meeting people (Normal people that is). Loves to gives hugs to anyone.
Power: Can be Invisible and Move things with Mind.
History: Both parnets killed and rised by a kind Nun before she died. Now hangs with the outcast
Normal Form

Wolf Form

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Posted 2/4/09 , edited 2/7/09
Name:BlueMist (i just LOVE that name! X3)
Race: Mystic Wolf
Problems of time lose control: hmmmmmm... every blue moon? =3
Personality: ...hard to explain, changes ALOT! X3
Power: water, can heal ppl with water... so on and so forth
History: ... ill explain on the way! X3

Heh, srry that theres so many pic... there were so many choices i just thought "WHY NOT USE THEM ALL!! =3"
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