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Any Good Nintendo DS games
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F / Sweden
Posted 8/1/10
dragon quest IX, avalon code, harvest moon island of happiness, diddy kong racing, yoshis island ds, kirby super stars ultra, magical starsign, my japanese coach-learn to speak japanese, pokémon soulsilver/heartgold, rune factory 2, lunar knights.......... lol many games i know xD but i like them all =3 oh, i cant forget the zelda games, phantom hourglass, spirit tracks....... animal crossing wild world.....ok now i think thats enough =P
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F / In meh room of c...
Posted 8/2/10
Pokemon or Final Fantasy games. Personally, I like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles,
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Posted 8/4/10
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Super Mario 64 DS
Mario Kart DS
Mario Party DS
Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl
Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver
Rhythm Heaven
Yoshi's Island DS
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Bleach Series
New Super Mario Bros
Final Fantasy Series: Chocobo's Dungeon
The World Ends With You
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Kirby Series
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series
Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story
Cooking Mama/ Gardening Mama
Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon Series

You should also wait till March 2011 to get the 3DS. It's like a 3D Nintendo DS without 3D glasses. Pretty cool. If your a hardcore Nintendo fan, you'll be happy to see Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Paper Mario, Final Fantasy, Kirby, Chocobo and more!!

Happy Gaming!
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116 / M
Posted 8/25/10
Bleach: Dark Souls
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Posted 8/25/10
Cooking Mama Series.
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27 / M / Michigan
Posted 9/7/10
"Sushi Academy" Is pretty fun lol. I bought it only because I like sushi haha, it turned out to be pretty good, learning how to make sushi is always fun!! Right...? lol
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Posted 10/31/10
Princess Debut is an awesome game if you life role playing and simulation games. n_n
Highly recommend it. :3
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30 / F / Seattle
Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/20/10
These are my personal favorites...

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Rhythm Heaven
Professor Layton (all of them)
Picross & Picross 3D
Rune Factory (all of them)
Lost in Blue (any)
Trace Memory
Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Flower, Sun and Rain
Magical Starsign

Then there's the tried and true...
New Super Mario Bros
Mario 64 DS
Zelda (Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks)
Pokemon Diamond &/or Pearl
Animal Crossing

Aaand if you're a nerd like me...
My French &/or Spanish Coach (Japanese has incorrect stroke orders... just a warning... not sure about Chinese)
正しい漢字かきとりくん (Kanji trainer for Japanese elementary school kids)
漢字そのまま楽引辞典 (Japanese Dictionary)
Brain Age (Sudoku!)
New York Times Crosswords
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20 / F / Portugal
Posted 4/2/11
Final Fantasy III and Kingdom hearts 358/2 days. If you like puzzles the best game puzzles is Professor Layton
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22 / M
Posted 4/22/11
Advance Wars Dual Strike
Advance Wars Days of Ruin
Pokemon Black/White
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby Squeak Squad
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Mario Kart DS
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
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25 / F
Posted 5/10/11
hmn if they weren't mentioned yet
jake hunter detective stories
time hollow
trace memory
9 hours, 9 persons, 9 rooms
lux pain(wasn't that nice but still good)
bleach - the 3rd phantom
castlevania definitely
harry potter-series
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27 / M / on your lap, purring
Posted 5/8/12
9 hours, 9 doors, 9 persons is an absolutely amazing game. You know that feeling you got after watching the movie Inception? Yea it's like that.
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27 / F / Oregon
Posted 8/17/12
If you like RPG's Radiant Historia is wonderful!
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23 / M
Posted 8/23/12
In my opinion Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is the best game on DS. Partners in Time is great too. You can't go wrong with the main series Pokemon games or Conquest. The Castlevania games on DS are fantastic. Advance Wars: Dual Strike is an excellent strategy game. Kirby Mass Attack and Canvas Curse are good as well. The DS has a lot of great niche titles, especially if you like JRPGs. In fact I'd argue that the DS has taken up the PS2's mantle as the go to contemporary platform for JRPGs.
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