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Are you really what your birthmonth says about you?
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30 / M
Posted 8/16/12
Well of course i am perfect
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27 / F / Where am I?
Posted 8/16/12
JANUARY = SLUT <Would not say that...although I have been called a whore.

- Fun to be with. <Never really asked
- Loves to try new things. <Yeah, why not? Carpe Diem, no?
- Boy/girls LOVE you. <Never really asked
- You are very hot. <I don't think so, I'm more...'ok'
- Secretive. <Everybody has secrets
- Difficult to fathom and to be understood. <Never really asked
- Quiet unless excited or tensed. <Definitely have noticed that
- Takes pride in oneself. <Not really.
- Easily consoled. <I can fake it
- Honest. <I suck at lying, so yes
- Concerned about people's feelings. <Always
- Tactful. <Not really sure
- Friendly. <So I've been told
- Approachable. <So I've been told
- Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. <Can't say
- Moody and easily hurt. <Not really moody, but I do hurt easily
- Witty and sparkly. <Witty yes,
- Spazzy at times. <At times
- Not revengeful. <Why bother?
- Forgiving but never forgets. <Memory of an elephant
- Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. <Yep
- Loves to be loved. <Only if it's honest
- Easily hurt but takes long to recover. <Yep
Posted 8/16/12

crazyfirefly wrote:

Freak in Bed- September

Who am I to question random internet personality readings?

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24 / M
Posted 8/16/12
I'm January too, but I'm pretty far from being a "SLUT," if not the exact opposite.

There are some things on that list though I kind of identify with, but I think all of that is probably just coincidence. After all, with these types of predictions they give so many attributes with each type that you are bound to find at least one that matches you.
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27 / F / Florida
Posted 8/16/12
APRIL and it is so true...minus the hardworking/doesn't have to be motivated bit
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21 / F
Posted 8/17/12
1/4 of what's written under the month I was born is wrong. But who cares, fk those traits. lol.
Posted 8/17/12
lmfao How is it Gonna Say JULY = PORNSTAR and have nothing to do with sex...
o.O "Goes through his homemade collection" j/k
All but one is True lol.
- outgoing personality.
- takes risks.
- feeds on attention. <-- Leo
- no self control.
- kind hearted.
- self confident.
- loud and boisterous.
- VERY revengeful. <--- ONLY THING THAT ISN'T TRUE. I let shit go, i forgive too easily.
- easy to get along with and talk to.
- has an "everything's peachy" attitude.
- likes talking and singing. <-- I'm just Wannabe rapper guy!
- loves music.
- daydreamer.
- easily distracted. <-- Sigh... sooooooo True...
- Hates not being trusted.
- BIG imagination. <-- Put me in a Box with Spongbob!! It's OVER!! :P
- loves to be loved. <-- Hopeless Romantic
- hates studying.
- in need of "that someone".
- longs for freedom.
- rebellious when withheld or restricted.
- lives by "no pain no gain" caring. <-- ALL GAIN! Pft... Pain is Just emotion Leaving the Body
- always a suspect. <-- Sigh i got strip searched because this lady thought i stole her phone...
- playful.
- mysterious.
- "charming" or "beautiful" to everyone.
- stubborn.
- curious.
- independent.
- strong willed.
- a fighter.
Posted 8/18/12 , edited 8/18/12

[] You a strait up "Gangsta"
[] Attractive personality.
[] Very! sexy.
[x] Affectionate & Secretive.
[x] Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic.
[] Chatterbox! Loves to talk a lot!
[] Loves to get their way!
[] Unbelievable kisser!
[/] Easily angered.
[/] Able to cheer anyone up and make them laugh.
[/] Very stubborn in the most way possible!
[/] Loves to get noticed!
[] Willing to take risks for others.
[/] Makes good choices.
[] Has a great fashion sense!
[] Maybe a little too popular with others * wink wink*.
[] Outgoing and crazy at times!
[/] Intelligent.
[x] Can love as much as possible!
[x] Hates insults. Loves compliments!
[] A very big flirt!
[x] Trustworthy.
[x] Appreciative and returns kindness.
[] The best in bed out of ANY of these months!!
[x] Hardly shows emotions.
[x] Tends to bottle up feelings.
[x] Observant and assesses others.
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23 / F / Somewhere over th...
Posted 8/18/12
January - slut < awwhh i dont like being called a slut although ive never had a boyfriend before... it must be nice!! (:

- Fun to be with. ~ yea, i hope!
- Loves to try new things. ~ lol ya all the time
- Boy/girls LOVE you. ~ i hope, i mean i dont want to be hated 0_0
- You are very hot. ~ YES xD
- Secretive. ~ yes, except with most of my friends
- Difficult to fathom and to be understood. ~ sometimes
- Quiet unless excited or tensed. ~ no pretty much hyper most of the time
- Takes pride in oneself. ~ yeah
- Easily consoled. ~ yes
- Honest. ~ yes
- Concerned about people's feelings. ~ yeah
- Tactful. ~ idk
- Friendly. ~ i try to be
- Approachable. ~ i hope!
- Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. ~ nopee
- Moody and easily hurt. ~ hurt easily yes but not moody
- Witty and sparkly. ~ idk
- Spazzy at times. ~ not really
- Not revengeful. ~ yes
- Forgiving but never forgets. ~ yes
- Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. ~ totally
- Loves to be loved. ~ yes
- Easily hurt but takes long to recover. ~ yepp
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35 / M / SOCAL
Posted 8/19/12

October = Perfect

- Trustworthy and loyal.
- Very passionate and dangerous.
- Wild at times.
- Knows how to have fun.
- Sexy and mysterious.
- Everyone is drawn towards your inner and outer beauty and independent personality.
- Playful, but secretive.
- Very emotional and temperamental sometimes.
- Meets new people easily and very social in a group.
- Fearless and independent.
- Can hold their own
- Stands out in a crowd.
- Essentially very smart.
- If you ever begin a relationship with someone from this month, hold on to them because their one of a kind.

= True

= False
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F / потерян
Posted 8/19/12
June is sorta like me.
I guess.
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21 / F
Posted 8/19/12

Of course!;)
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