Need Help With Survey
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30 / Philippines
Posted 11/22/08
please help me with my survey, i would really appreciate your help thank you, you can send your reply as comment or in message


Place of Birth:

Latest Dream/Nightmare:
(please describe every bit)

How Your Dream Ended:
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M / SoCal
Posted 11/22/08
Wow, there's a lot of stuff wrong with this.

1) Personal threads are not allowed on the forums.
2) You're asking for names? You're not gonna get them. At least not real ones. This is the internet.
3) It is not easy to remember dreams, especially in detail.
4) It'd be nice to know what you are conducting your survey for. What are you trying to figure out by asking what our latest dream was?

Sorry dude, but you'd be better off asking people face-to-face.
Posted 11/22/08
Repeated thread

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