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Episode 59 SPOILERS
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Posted 11/25/08
yea no body knows wat will happen in the future besides the creators and voice actor's
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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08

TheWhiteKnight5678 wrote:

sorry for third posting but alot of the crunchy roll spoiilers ive seen only 1 percent is true some people consider manga spoilers for anime but no because some manga chapters are not on the shugo chara anime

Not everything that has happened in the manga has happened in the anime yet: sometimes events get slightly changed as well in order to stretch out over more episodes. However, it is almost certain that the events for the manga will happen in the anime eventually. At the moment the anime is catching up on the manga too fast, which is why the Lulu character and Mystery Eggs have been created in order to fill in episodes.

If you want to find out what's happening in the manga there are blogs which give a review of each chapter as they come out.

Also to whoever said it: Ikuto doesn't die, and given this is a fluffy shoujo series, I highly doubt he will.

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Posted 11/30/08
i think i know why they aded lulu like i said manga spoilers for anime but no because some manga chapters are not on the shugo chara anime” shall i give you an example"THERE ARE 8 VOLUMES IN JAPAN AND ALSO THERE WAS AN IDIOT IF YOU REA D THE BEFORE POST WHO SAYS HE DIES I FORGOT TO QUOTE HIM ,ANYWAYS HE DOESNT IM SURE THERE WILL BE A HUG BECAUSE WHY WOULDNT THERE BE " a kissim saying yeah but i dont know because there are only 8 volumes in japan
and i dont know about akis secause every website i go they say i have a friend who works in the production.and the manga and the real reason they change partlike the past episodes are diffrent from the manga like the first chaapter of volume 1 utaus there but why isnt she in the anime oh look thees proof i know because i have volume 7 not on blogs you can get it on ebay and also they do that too improve the anime and yes its happening to fast and wed be already watching volume 8
Posted 12/1/08

Amutofan123 wrote:

Very HUGE SPOILER for the end of Shuo Chara ** Spoiler Alert!!! click to hide or show**
Ikuto dies in the end and Amu gets five shugo charas Ran,Miki,Suu,Dia,and I think a cat one or a dog one not sure. but Ikuto dies and Amu loves him but he dies then she likes Tadase
Oh really. I want proof, I read the manga and the manga hasn't ended yet, so unless peach-pit has said anything, then you are just making it up.

I agree...I need proof...I'm on the edge if my seat but I won't scream until I know.
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