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26 / M / Either in Team Fo...
Posted 11/22/08 , edited 10/7/09
To anyone new to this, we'll need this type of description:

Name: (Not your real name, unless you wish to be called that)
Age: (Kids to teenagers age is best)
Gender: (You decide )
Grade: (What you will consider yourself as for this, like King of Mega type digimon, or one of the seven demon lords (school grade can be acknowledged))
Appearance: (Include Picture)
Height: (I dunno how high you wish to be)
Personality: (Please describe)
Voice Actor: See http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-427947/Who-would-you-want-to-voice-your-character-in-the-Role-Playing.html for examples
Partner: (Any digimon will do, but try not to get the same ones as the other characters.... Also, you can make up your own digimon if you want!!) INCLUDE PICTURES OF THE DIGIMON

Current Characters [User, Name, Gender, Age, Grade, Partners, Current Location]: (If there's by your username, you're a permanent member in the Role Playing. If you see beside, you're close to being removed from the role playing, so we can have newer people try out!!)



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F / In a grass field...
Posted 11/23/08
Name: Shana Saotome

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Grade: 6th grade


Height: 5"4 (Had an early growth spurt)

Personality: A little shy, always willing to help out, and has has an odd habit of naming inanimate objects, extremely clumsy, can cry very easily

Partner: Tailmon (Gatomon) and Patomon (Hope and Light)
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26 / M / Either in Team Fo...
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 2/1/09
Here's who I am (again):

Name: Shere Khan

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Grade: One of the Seven Demon Lords (Gluttony)

Appearance: Likes to wear a black coat, so no one can really tell what he looks like... Wields a Staff and a tomahawk named Centurion

True Form (Change his right arm into a thorn arm with a vine wrapped around)

Human form

I'll post it once we've gotten to a specific point in the story....

Height: 5'8

Personality: He's vicious, quick to anger, honor-bound, fearless, and deadly, but if you get on his good side, he can be very caring (So far, he's got good 'chemistry' with Wrath, SCAR and his Digimon), has a love relationship with Karin, and of course, he's always HUNGRY!!! (Him being a master chef helps )

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25 / M / My bed.
Posted 11/25/08 , edited 5/6/09
Name:Viral/Wrath Name before becoming a demon lord Drake Joseph Shadows, Before That Unknown.

Age: Unknown,

Date of Birth: 12/21/2012


Grade: I am anCellular Immortal , and King of virus Digimon, i also Was a "wanderer" i can pass through All the digital and real worlds At Will for some Reason, so i constantly Travel for supplies,food, and other things to keep my virus type buddy's As well as my friends in good shape,i was one of the seven demon Lords(Wrath & Pride At One Point) And served 3 Masters,but had a falling out With the First one,SCAR.
GranDracmon,&Alphamon Stayed with me though,so be cautious when fighting me one of them might just be around the corner about to ambush you,I Am Also a Member Of The Royal Knights Legion, I am It's Head Commander! and known in their Ranks As THE DESTINY KNIGHT!.

Old Human Description: has a long blonde ponytail with a few anime spikes & bangs on the front of his head,
bright blue eyes,a silver Scarf that covers his nose & mouth.
with a dark green military looking vest & a black shirt with a skull and an ace of spades on the front.
he has fingerless gloves on both hands with the symbol of Infinity on the back of each one,some simple black pants and velchroe shoes and a long and eregular sword tied to his waste,


Enraged Form:

height: 5"10

Personality:can be very quiet, very stubborn, is very fearless & Confident in his own Power as well as his digimon's, he is very kind to virus digimon,and they inturn are nice back for some reason, and he loves to just lie around near the net ocean, but he hates "Virus" type Digimon that would sacrifice other virus types for their own gain.


"Emperor",A Daemon & the first digimon that came to Viral in the real world,he is curious And Hot Headed, but takes abuse to virus digimon seriously.

"Megalo" an orange GuilmonX i met when i came to the digital world a few years back he is also one of the Thirteen Original Royal Knights .

my Machindramon,i found him protecting a bunch of rookie and Ultimate Level virus digimon in a recycling plant.

my unfriendly, yet trustworthy Chimeramon, she was the one attacking the recycling plant,(lol) she hates almost everyone except I,Voltech Megalo & Emperor.

"Overload"this is arguably the strongest partner digimon viral has,the only one that rivals him would be megalo, he is a kind yet battle thirsty digimon who will do anything for his tamer Viral, he is a jogress between Orgmera & Voltech making him one of only two known Millenniumon in existence.

"Nolan" Nolan is a MagnaAngemon,he is the head Docter and Digi-Egg caregiver As well as Viral's personal physician, both viral and Nolan go almost as far back as megalo and viral do, he was on many of virals past journeys across the digital world.

"Ulforce" Ulforce is an ancient Dragon Digimon that Rivals Megalo & Overload in Strength, he was bound to Viral when he became a Digidestined around the same time megalo was, he was said to be a key part of the answer to the Void in a prophecy About the Digital World, he can take on many Powerful forms, and can adapt to many situation's, he has an Unknown Limit of Potential when teamed up with viral, their Bond is the key to their power! he has also been on the most Adventures With Viral then any of his other digimon, making him an expert on what viral is thinking along with megalo And Like Megalo he was once one of the Thirteen Original Royal Knights Before his supposed Deletion.
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28 / Some where in the...
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
Name: Jenny
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: I was a 12 grade student of "Serpent High" i dropped out to become queen of chaos , and to become the ruler of both the digi world and real world , my big brother Primus died last year from an odd experiment i heard rumors my father had something to do with Prime's death after learning of his death and who might have killed him my world spiraled into a dark abyss soon after i met my partner digimon BlackOmegamon X.

Height: me i'm 5'2 BlackOmegamon X is 200ft
Personality: were both serious
Partner: BlackOmegamon X We been together ever sinse the incident five years ago , and ever sinse that dark day i swore revenge upon the ones who murdered my brother with the help of my partner BlackOmega.
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21 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 12/10/08 , edited 4/21/09
Name: Ally Yagami
Age: 14
Gender: female
Height: 5'2
Personality:She is a lot like a goggle head she has to do things her way!She thinks she is the boss!She dosent think before she acts which puts everyone else around her in trouble.She tries her best to be a firm thinker but she cant!She falls asleep and class and is very sarcastic!She dosent know her limit to her power so she never gives up!Ever since Ally grew up while the digiwar is going on she sees things in a different way. Ally tries to meet her expectations of her but she is so confused on what they are that she confuses her heart.
Shinegreymon Evil-
MachGaogamon- -
MirageGaogamon Burst Mode-
MirageGaogamon Burst Mode evil-
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23 / F / Ontario
Posted 12/12/08
Just wanted to edit Minakos:

SangoMaroku, Minako Harukaze, Female, 17, Digital Heaven Queen in charge of the Digi-Eggs, and Fallen Digimon (Located in the Digital World, heading to Mount Crimson)
Partners: Lord Holy Angemon, Lady Angewomon

Facial & Hair :

Costume/Clothes :
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23 / F / Ontario
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/16/08
Karin's Digimon

Leviamon (Envy)

Black Gatomon (Champion)

LadyDevimon (Ultimate)

Lotusmon (Mega)
Posted 12/19/08
Name:Takashi Yagase
Age: 14
Gender: male
Appearance: (a mix between thoses 2)
Height: 5'1
Personality:He likes to do things on his own he is a good freind of Ally's but when she gose missing he turns into some one hateful(just like Edward Cullens attitude)He is responsable sometimes people think he is an adult and ask him dose he want a drink or somthing.He treats evreyone equale becuase of his parents and his brother they never did.His dad is a attonrney and his mom is a sinctist.His brother is a movie Director.
Guilmons eveloutins

next partner:Veemons Evolutions!

Wormmon evolutions:

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23 / F / Ontario
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
(( IM POSTING FOR MY FRIEND <<shadowsas>> ))

Name: Kimiko Katsuragi (First, Last)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Grade: College
Appearance: Blonde short hair, brown eyes,
Height: 5'3''
Personality: Cheerful, always kind and over caring. Doesn't like to see people get hurt. Minako's best friend or at least was her best friend before Minako dissapered and Kimiko never saw her again until...
Partner: Lopmon:
Evo Line:
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23 / F / Ontario
Posted 1/1/09
( POSTING FOR MY FRIEND <<shadowsas>>)

Her Character Pic:
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23 / F
Posted 1/10/09
Hi! I'd Like To Join~ :)

Name: Haruka Tsuki

Age: 11

Gender : Female

Appearance : Short, Blond Hair.

Height : 4 feet

Personality : Kind, Kawaii, Cheeful, Playful.

Partner: Hawkmon

Evo Line :






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21 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/11/09
my registration, in case my registration in dark matter's post is hidden...

new character, i am creating a character that is a "rival" type. much like ken in digimon 02. he has no crests

Name: Zack

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: high school?


Height: 6'4

Personality: mysterious, he doesn't talk around much and prefers to spend his time in solace. who knows what he's thinking?

Partner: seraphimon


just 2 partners for now
Posted 1/11/09
Name: Cakey [Lol too lazy to think of a proper one] Tis actually a nick name, people call her that
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Grade: 9th grade.
Height: 5"5
Personality: Avoident, mean, depressed, keeps stuff to herself, anti-social, shy, acts tough.
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29 / M / Toronto
Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
Name: Ebon Shido Hawk
Age: 14
Gender: Dude
Grade: 9th
Appearance: sorta like that but playing a little more to the real me, he's a little more meat on his bones from rugby and wears glasses and has a silver skull earring in his left ear (whoo the real life me rocks lol!)

Height: 5'6"
Personality: Outgoing, friendly and warm. Loyal to a tee, which explains him having a Dog-type digimon, and loves hanging out. Plays on the tennis, rugby and cricket teams (yep, cricket he loves it cuz i loves it ;P) Also quite nerdy, has a huge video game addiction and is currently reigning champ of the high school Street Fighter challeneges. Was born and raised in India and is currently in Japan living with his uncle who had transferre there to the Somy headquarters. Has the Crest of Calm, which is somewhat opposite of his personality but when things get hairy you can count on him to stay calm. Always one to strategize and go in with a gameplan, he's the crazy mix of Taichi's courage and spirit and Koushiro's calm, preparedness. He has two digimon partners, who look anything but calm, but complement his Crest and personality well making them a perfect team.
1st Digimon:
Baby - Paomon

In-training: Xiaomon (Shaomon)

Rookie: Labramon

Champion: Seasarmon

Ultimate: Cerberumon

Mega: Anubismon

2nd Digimon:
In-Training - Sunmon

Rookie: Coronamon

Champion - Firamon

Ultimate - Flaremon

Mega - Apollomon
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