Yoon Eunhye Korean Fanmeet 2008 - Audio Cut
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Posted 11/23/08
the fans. The reason why they chose to sing this song was because the lyrics spoke out exactly how they felt about Eunhye and where Eunhye was in their hearts. There was a fanview saying that when EUnhye was reading her letter to the fans, they could see tears welling up in Eunhye's eyes and could hear the choke on her voice, but Eunhye was trying extra hard not to cry. But when she heard the fans' singing, Eunhye couldn't control it anymore and started bawling. She had to fix her makeup after the song for photo time. There was another fanview explaining why the fans weren't singing loud enough; the reason was because they were all crying, and once they saw Eunhye bawling, they couldnt control themselves.

This is translation of what was said after the song:

MC + Fans: [Eunhye was crying] Uljima! Uljima! Don't cry! Don't cry!
Eunhye: Ah~ I really didn't want to cry today but ah jinjja! I don't like crying...
MC: We were all worrying about you, regarding the rumours and comments, hoping you wouldn't get too hurt by it. But in this moment, we are comforted by seeing and knowing just how strong a person you are and seeing you like this [crying] we are able to share this moment together as one. I myself also feel a sense of gratification.
Eunhye: Oh, just these past few days there were just so many difficult moments and...When I got halfway through reading [the letter] my tears just started welling up! At home I read this letter several times over, but not once did I get teary. I was even questioning myself 'why isn't it touching enough?'...I had no idea the lyrics would be... like this, I knew you were all going to sing this song, but I didnt know I was going to be crying like this, oh man...
Posted 1/31/09
Does not make sense and is a repeated thread

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