*SPOILERS*If you could create your own ending for DEATH NOTE, what would it be??
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Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/24/08
ok its just like it
says in the title
i mean like prevent light
from dying or L
maybe misa and light marrying
something like that ^^

well i personally didnt
like that L and Light died
it would have been better if
L and Light joined forces
and both were Kira
and Light would be the new GOD
of the new world

so thats my ending what about your??
Posted 11/24/08
but then that would smear L's good name i think it would be better if just light died
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Posted 11/24/08
near writes in the death note that light gets choked to death by a dildo
Posted 11/24/08
repeated thread

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