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Who doesn't really like Japanese dramas?
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29 / M / Winterpeggers
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/24/08

kelda wrote:

I'm also someone who prefers kdramas... i just prefers them!!! most popular jdramas are somehow silly and overexageratte.. dont know how to explain.. soo i keep with kdramas!!

that's why they are not as boring as kdramas,,
and besides you dont have to relate to the characters
of a drama to make it fun,,
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30 / F / Fresno, California
Posted 11/24/08
For me, I always tend to watch kdrama more. I don't usually watch jdrama. However, I do love japanese horror movies the best. They got the scariest movies ever............
Posted 11/24/08
i like japanese drama and korean
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30 / F
Posted 11/24/08

regular_girl wrote:

I do love Japanese Drama becuz their comedy is hilrious^^ and the story line has a meaning but sometimes i really wish there were more romance to their dramas... just my opinion though^^

lol yeah i know what you mean japanese dramas are really funnny yeah they could add a little more romance but kdramas and taiwanese dramas have lots of love triangles sometimes get old but i still love watching them all
Posted 11/24/08
I like japanese drama the most of all. Sometimes i have no idea why people likes Taiwan drama im not trying to make Taiwan drama fans mad but i really really dislike taiwan drama its way over exaggerated and i really dont like their way of acting.
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25 / M / O.C. So.Cal
Posted 11/24/08
kdramas have more drama and more of a well developed plot
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26 / M / USA
Posted 11/24/08
honestly it comes down to what you are watching. i like both jdramas and twdramas. kdramas to me are meh... so much drama and sadness. makes me depressed.

i watch a lot of taiwanese dramas. for people saying it's all love triangle shit. yeah you're right.

for jdramas most of them are funny but the ones i watch have love triangles too... to be honest i think most asian dramas have love triangles and love squares and some even have love webs -__-

hana yori dango - obvious from the first few episodes
hana kimi - if you don't see the triangle in this one you're fucking blind
brown sugar macchiato - this has a love web lol
full house - love square
ying ye 3+1 - this one is one of the most obvious triangles
invincible shan bao mei - only on ep 4 but so far i see triangle
hot shot - very very obvious love triangle, awesome basketball show too ^_^
tokyo juliet - very bad drama but the main characters are love magnets
zhong ji yi ban - obvious once you get further in the drama
etc etc etc.
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F / here....Matsujun...
Posted 11/24/08
erm..i prefer Jdrama...
simply becoz it has more meaning..more lessons than juz a mere lovey dovey romance
well...i do lyke romance....but too much romance can be kinda ...annoying.

Jdrama can be pretty silly...exaggerating...but i think dat's juz to make up for the lessons dat they put in....
it would be seriously boring if the storyline is all abt teaching the meaning of life, ne

i lyke kdrama too...but not so i said...too much romance can be ....annoying
also, i hv to take caution b4 watching any kdrama for repetitive storyline...
but now....i think there's quite a number of kdrama dat not only focus on romance...and srsly...i love it!!!
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32 / M / usa
Posted 11/24/08
jdrama cool i love it
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26 / M / If I were to give...
Posted 11/24/08
I don't hate it but I think they are silly I personally find it funny.
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27 / F / Work
Posted 11/24/08
kdrama is better than jdrama and jdramas aren't as funny as they as.... taiwanese dramas are okay...
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/24/08
i like japanese drame...especially heavens coin...if they say there are not enough love to it...they said that because japanase romance isn't the showy lovey dovey is more of a silent kinda i can't compare it to the taiwanese and korean drama...because the way the their own stories of love unfold are different at all...

though japanese drama imitates what manga characters do, facial experissions most of the time it feels kinda off...

comment the taiwanese...i just observe, the scenes other than the main characters are long...even their lines are long...for me they can be edited shorter...

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23 / F / Qatar
Posted 11/24/08
other's say they LIke and others say they DIslike..
so.. for me... i like but i dislike!!
oki??!... means that i like it but not very much i dislike it but not very much so.. i like
jdramas in a way that i'm not going to be addicted on it!!

Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08

I'm More into the Korean dramas...
I like to watch Jdrams like every now and then, when a good one comes along.
But i don't watch them religiously. =/

I usually just watch the ones, that i know the stars. lol xP <3

Yay dramas?~
Posted 11/25/08
actually im jdrama lover, but sometimes iwatch kdramas,
started w/ akiss is the only tdrama that i like,but the story is pointless,

idk but theres something about jdramas that keeps me watching...
i love the plots..

jdramas has many spices that catch my attention,AND
many lessons u can get from it...

i dont like romance dramas specifically,
i just like to add it on the show but not totally romance...

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