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Posted 11/26/08
Meteor Garden (First Taiwanese Drama)
Itazura Na Kiss (First Japanese Drama that got me into J-Dorama)
Journey to the west
Titanic (i know this is not drama,whatever hee :))
I watched this Chinese drama called Young warrior of the yang clan, I can't forget a man named Ye Lu Xia, his role in the drama is just too perfect for me :)
Couple or Trouble (Fav Korean Drama)
Autumn Tale

There is one taiwanese movie, i watched when i was child, the story of young mother who raised her kids, then her mother in law took her kids, and she became insane, but in the end the kid looking for her mom (very touching scene :'( ), anyone know what this movie called? (pm me/quote :))
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Posted 11/26/08
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Coffee Prince
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Posted 11/26/08
Hana yori dango
Nobuta wo produce
x Family LOL i unoo why : )
and and ANDDDD __ Devil beside u : )
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24 / F / stalking you
Posted 11/26/08
Nodame Cantabile
One litre of tears
Hana Kimi JP
Nobuta wo produce
Full House
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23 / F / in your closet ;]
Posted 11/26/08
Definitely can't forget:
-Full House : My first Korean drama
-Goong a.k.a. Princess Hours: Eun Hye and Ji Hoon made a cute couple :] it kept me interested.
-Coffee Prince: EUN HYE WAS IN IT.
-My Lovely Sam Soon/My Name is Sam Soon: It was adorable! AND IT HAD CAKE IN IT.

-Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2: CUTE. adorable. All the characters were cute. Especially RUI (Oguri Shun)!!! Jun was adorable
- One Litre Of Tears: Cute, yet sad.
-Hanazakari no Kimitachihe: A DRAMA OF MY FAVORITE MANGA :] well done. it had oguri shun again! :]
-Sailor Moon Live Action: Believe it or not, I thought this was pretty good. Well done! GO SAILORMOON <3

-Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu a.k.a. Hana Kimi: First Taiwanese drama ever watched. CUTE AND FUNNY <3
-Romantic Princess: I thought the story line was cute :] so were the characters XD
-ISWAK 1 and 2: Joe + Ariel = Magic.
-Devil Beside You: Very cuuute. Sorry, but Why Why Love didn't catch my attention as much.
-Brown Sugar Macchiato: This was absolutely ADORABLE :]
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Posted 11/26/08
Hana Yori Dango 1+2
Zhan Shen Mars
Kamisama Mou Sukoski Dake
....are all must watch's if you are an asian soap fan!!!!!!!!
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Posted 11/26/08
Smiling Pasta, my first and favourite drama, and I still watch it whenever I'm upset, to cheer me up. (And also because I completely adore Ah Zhe.)
Brown Sugar Macchiato, because it's so bad, yet so adorable.
Hana Yori Dango, because I adore the characters.
Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest, because my friend and I completely subverted the plot whilst watching.
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Posted 11/26/08
There's a lot but Hana Kimi(Japan), It Started with a Kiss 1&2, Goong, Coffee Prince and all the others I've watched. Sorry its to hard for me to narrow it down to one.
Posted 11/26/08
most memorable....?

My Boss, My Hero: One of the funniest Drama's I've ever seen, it was such a nice break from all the death and sorrow you're bombarded with in most drama's.

Kimi wa Petto: First time I ever set eyes on Matsumoto Jun, *sigh* Momo-chan...

Proposal Daisakusen: That speech I'd have told my fiance to take a hike right then and there!

Itazura na Kiss: the first drama I ever watched, it started all of this...Irie-kun screaming for Kotoko at the end was

Coffee Prince: Probably my first favourite, their whole torrid relationship made for great entertainment.
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Posted 11/26/08
1)Sawan Biang
2)Nodame Cantabile
3)Hua Jai Chocolate
4)Defendant of Love
5)Full House
6)Devil Beside You
8)Hana Yori Dango 1+2
9)My Girl
and too many
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Posted 11/26/08
I'm sure if I got amnesia...I can forget about all of them.
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Posted 11/26/08
GOONG! It's just so cute and the mixing of the political issues make the plot more substantial rather than it being just a typical romance story.
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Posted 11/26/08
1. A Love to Kill: Because the ending was SOOOOO frustrating

2. Coffee Prince: What started my kdrama addiction!
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Posted 11/26/08
Smiling Pasta
Devil Beside You
Nobuta Wo Produce
Iswak & Tka

And more just too lazy to type all of them @[email protected]
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23 / F / Somewhere, Califo...
Posted 11/26/08
Hmm... well for me it would be;;

Goong. Not Goong S, cause that pisses me off, but Goong.
Hana Kimi.
Hana Yori Dango 1, 2, and Final.
My Girl.
It Started With A Kiss.
Why Why Love.
Devil Beside You.
1st Shop of Coffee Prince.

These are probably the one's that I remember the most cause they were the first/last one's I've seen ever. And they were all good, too!
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