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Posted 4/8/09
Username: Dark_Rabbit_Girl

name: Celine / Miki-chan

D.O.B: March 15, 1994

your BFF: Ashley, Gracelia, Jenna, Marisa, Lottie, Crystal

hobbies: reading mangas, watching animes, day dreaming about my childhood, crunchyroll, making avatars/banners
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
username: ryoma_sakuno
name: aya
D.O.B.: may 24
your BFF: many ^^
hobbies: chatting..
5284 cr points
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24 / F / uknow
Posted 4/24/09
username: zozo
name: rose
D.O.B.:may 7
your BFF:i got many .... so i can't tell ..
hobbies:readin,chattin with friends, drowin aaaand sleeepXD
2933 cr points
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21 / F
Posted 8/17/09
username: kiriri_56
name: angel
D.O.B.: 11-5-96
your BFF:everyone on my fav.buddies
hobbies:drawing writeing and reading
Posted 9/24/09
name: annie
D.O.B.: September 24
your BFF: Lucia and Symone
hobbies: playing on computer
Posted 10/14/09
username: kimmykins83
name: Kimmy
D.O.B.: February 19th, 1983
your BFF: My boyfriend Stephen (yes really) ^__^
hobbies: Watching anime & reading manga
1118 cr points
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22 / F / Under my Cloud
Posted 6/29/11
username: AncientFate
name: Laura
D.O.B.: 10'31'95
your BFF: Heather
hobbies: Basketball softball.. drawing, hangin with peeps, watching anime and tons of other stuffies :D
5336 cr points
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21 / F
Posted 7/29/11
Username : BieberCherry12

Name : Leah

D.O.B : 2/17/96

My Bff : Morgan

Hobbies : Cooking, Reading, Anime, Animals, hanging with family and friends, Crunchyroll
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