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Do you like it when people bash Tadase?
Posted 5/12/13
For me, No. Because I love bashing Ikuto lols XD
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27 / M
Posted 6/4/13
No, but I still hate him and most of the male characters.
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17 / F
Posted 6/6/13
No i like Tadase and it's not right to bash someone just because you don't like them i tend to like characters that most people don't like Kikyo from Inuyasha is bashed an awfull lot and she's one of my favorite characters
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Posted 7/21/13
People keep calling Tadase, Tada-gay. I mean no-ones gay in Shugo Chara but probably Nagihiko in Nadeshiko form. But Nagihiko is kinda boyish at times. Tadase is simply shy like Amu. Then why do bashers treat Tadase the same way as Amu. Just because their Amuto fans. I prefer Amuto a slight bit more than Tadamu. But theres no reason to bash Tadase. If Peach-Pit learnt that people bash their creation, Tadase. They'll feel hurt. So no-one feels happy when u bash Tadase.
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Posted 7/26/13
no. absolutely not.
it's not okay to bash any of the characters, at all.
if you don't like them, you don't have to say so.
keep all the negativity to yourselves.
imagine if someone bashed your favorite character.
like, you're in a heated discussion about him/her, and then someone just goes and insults them like "wow you like him? why??? ? he's so lame l0l"
anybody would feel pretty pissed.
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21 / F
Posted 7/27/13
Does Tadase bashing still happen? Even though the anime and manga ended like four years ago? Wow, that's kind of sad actually... but it's understandable. Fans of the Shugo Chara fandom always seem to have this border of the Tadamu fans versus the Amuto fans. Most Amuto fans see Tadase as a coward(which he is to some extent), while Tadamu fans remark that Ikuto is a pedophile(and once again, to some extent he is). However, that gives no reason to bash. I'm sure everyone has heard from one point in time or another about "Tada-gay", but that isn't true at all. Some might even be offended by the misuse of the word "gay." Tadase's character was meant to make him seem like a coward, but that's only in the beginning. By the time the show and manga end, Tadase has gained enough confidence to stand up for himself and protect the person he gradually fell in love with(Amu). Same goes for Ikuto.

Now before anyone decides which "side" of the Tadamu/Amuto border I'm on, my answer is neither. I'm a proud Rimahiko fangirl all the way.
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Posted 12/2/13
I lean more on the Amuto side, but I don't bash Tadase.
I don't really see a reason to???
He's a nice character, and is very.......entertaining when he chara changes. xD
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25 / F
Posted 4/3/14
ahh I put No!!! I would put Yes. just because I don't care, but I don't get all upset about it either. It's their time so if they wanna waste it that way then so be it. Its the same as praising another character they are still wasting their time doing it. I really disliked Tedase or whatever, he pissed me off because he just assumed the worse from Ikuto when he should have known the truth from the beginning, he grew up with Ikuto or geez sake. Goes to show how much he cared or knew ikuto if he was willing to easily think that Ikuto would do all of those things just because it seemed that way. If you know a person then you should know what they are capable of doing or not doing. But at the end he was alright so I got over it, and he was pretty cute calling Ikuto, big brother. so yea its like whatever if they do it or don't.
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17 / F / America
Posted 7/10/14
Stop bashing Tadase. Tadamu and Amuto are nice couples and so are the people. Tadase and Ikuto are more alike than you guys think.
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Posted 8/12/14
Not particularly. I'm more of an Amuto fan, but Tadase is a really kind character. He doesn't deserve being bashed, especially when he hasn't done anything wrong. He's just your generic anime pri- I mean, king.
Posted 12/12/14
no i dont like it at all!
of course i ship amuto but i kinda like tadase kun too though
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24 / Indonesia
Posted 3/27/15 , edited 3/27/15
I like Amuto, but I don't bash Tadase, I am neutral to him at best. Characters bashing for pairing reason gets pretty pathetic.

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F / United Kingdom
Posted 2/26/16
As a character I really don't like Tadase, and I do rather enjoy it when I see other people bashing him. But I don't actually bash him myself because I think everyone is entitled to like whatever characters they want without haters
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Posted 5/20/16
Yes, because I dislike Tadase.
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15 / F / On planet Earth
Posted 6/13/16
I think this forum is a waste of time. People who bash others for bashing or as I like to say "expressing their opinions" are the ones who need a new brain. I do admit that some of the Tadase bashing does go overboard, but most of it is people who are trying to express their opinions even if it's kinda blunt and they don't sugar-coat it. Is that a bad thing? Sure calling him "Tadagay" or "Homotori" may be going overboard but I bet you most of the people who bash Tadase, even if it's immature, are just having some fun. I know your response right now:


Really? Now who's the immature one now? It would be different if Tadase was a REAL person in REAL life who was for REAL getting bullied. Let me stop you before you say:

"WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW? YOUR JUST A HARDCORE AMUTO FAN!" I love both. In fact, if I had to choose I would go with Tadamu. I'm not saying it's right to hate on Tadase like people are doing, it's wrong. However, on the other side, you guys are doing the same thing in this forum. So before you stop and think you're the better person, let me tell you, you're not. I wouldn't be saying this if the maker of this forum didn't include all those nasty comments about getting a nicer brain.

Instead, you should've just nicely said "I've been upset about this Tadase bashing for a long time. Let me know what you think about this situation in the poll and in the comments below." or something. But that's not the case. Even I got offended and I don't bash Tadase. Some of you are probably going to reply to this comment I wrote and say:

"You're doing the same thing by bashing on us for bashing on those who bash on Tadase." I might and I might not be doing that. But just let me tell you one thing: I put this as nicely as I could and tried to be mature.
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