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27 / M / Holland
Posted 11/27/08
Tell us about ur self.

User Name :
Name :
Age :
What du you like :
What you dont like :
Anything Else To Say:
Posted 11/28/08
User Name : princess8
Name : nida
Age : 14
Picture: noooo!!!!
What du you like : chatting!
What you dont like : men's touch! *pukes*
Anything Else To Say: dont add me T_T jkjkjkj! *giggles*
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27 / F
Posted 11/28/08
User Name : Athrun_16
Name : Ayu Kurosu
Age : 17
What du you like : VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!! Reading books and mangas, writing novels, chatting, surfing the net, animes!!!
What you dont like : Stalkers, liars, perverted creeps.
Anything Else To Say: Can I be the headmaster of the vampire clan??
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31 / M / With Jesus
Posted 11/28/08
User Name :Megaspork
Name :Jeremy
Age :22

What du you like :anime, martial arts, excersizing, talkin to people in person and on the compute(but not over the phone so much), teaching the youth at my church, eating, the oposite sex, and many more things
What you dont like :womanizers, child abusers, cheaters, liars, mean people, smelly people, and annoying people. lol
Anything Else To Say: Aint no thang but a chicken wang!
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23 / F / huh? why do you w...
Posted 11/30/08
User Name : pafoua
Name : Pa Foua
Age : 14
Picture: sorry.. i dont have any picture of me
What do you like : food hahha... there's more.. to lazy to list it
What you dont like : people bashing on people
Anything Else To Say: hElLo PeOpLe
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
User Name : SilverEyedBunny
Name : Reni-chan
Age : 18
What du you like : anime, manga, etc
What you dont like : rap, mean pple
Anything Else To Say: ^_^
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 12/1/08
User Name : Tsuyaki
Name : Tsuyaki (prefer to keep real name disclosed)
Age : 17

What do you like : anime, manga, drawing, video games (mostly rpg), cats, reading in small doses but interesting books, random music, being an individual, my computer, my psp, etc...
What you dont like : rude, pushy, annoying, loud, obnoxious, prissy, screaming, smelly, cheating, abusive, lying, sloppy, etc...
Anything Else To Say: Check out my profile to know more about me! And always take care!
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24 / F / I'm at some place...
Posted 12/25/08

User Name : KittyCat_166
Name : Rin or Misaki whichever u want to call me
Age : 15
What du you like : food, anime, manga, internet, pandas
What you dont like : strawberries, bitter foods, medicine, spiders
Anything Else To Say: yeah, HI!!!
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22 / F / In the jaws of a...
Posted 1/9/09
Username: Orange_Sorbet

Name: Isabella

Age: 12


Likes: Reading books, manga, anime, sketching/drawing, writing/composing stories, playing the violin, Gakuen Alice, the Twilight Saga, eating, sleeping, strawberries, orange, music, my iPod, cats, dogs

Dislikes: Ghosts, scary stuff (scary movies, books, etc.), cockroaches, homework, being bored, stalkers, creeps, jerks, perverts, mean people

Anything else to say: I'm an optimistic, always-hungry, little brunette who loves to have fun most of the time. I'm a huge bookworm and I love reading (no duh). I'm also scared of pretty much anything even remotely scary and I'm a deep sleeper. I love to make friends, though sometimes I'm really shy. Somehow, I can't seem to find something to trip over. Basically, I'm a klutz.
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20 / F / Alternia
Posted 1/11/09
marissa, Mari-Chan
books, movies, butterflies,funny stuff, strawberries,blueberries,rasberies,alot more.
sipders, all bugs xcept 4 butterflies,brocoli, homework, school, alot more
i am klutzy, i love music,and i would pepole here 2 b my buddie
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21 / F / Hey! Look! It's a...
Posted 8/16/09
User Name : Anime9111
Name :Yui
Age : 14
What du you like : Anime, Manga, asain dramas, music, drawing, desserts(pocky) , ETC(:
What you dont like : certain bugs, the dark, homework.
Anything Else To Say: IM ASAIN! and an otaku LOL
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