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27 / M / Holland
Posted 11/28/08
tell us about you

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31 / M / With Jesus
Posted 11/28/08
I'm always watchin over you whether you know it or not.
Yeah, I try to be nice to everyone help em when need be, but let people help themselves too, so they won't get too lazy and worthless.
As for my picture, angels are meant to be felt not seen. lol
Posted 5/12/09
Name : Poula
Angel Name: Nikky
Age : 14
Sex : F
History : I'm always seeing wut ur doing and where u are anytime and anywhere, so u can NEVER lie 2 me! I'm always watching over u like I'm your angel, which I am.
Comment : I'm always helping people 24/7 either life or death, I'm always on the go, and I'm always ALWAYS there when ever u need me!
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