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A Claymore game
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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/5/09

gtxjc wrote:

Don't just go around calling any anime stupid.
You can offend some serious fans, kid.
Be careful how you word your opinions on crunchyroll. This isn't youtube.
Even if they did make a game out of what we think was an awesome anime, why would you care?
Since you don't like it, what difference does it make to you?
Let me retract myself before it turns into a flame.

I think you already went over the flaming line and he has the right to call what he wants crap as he pleases, regardless if you get butthurt.

As for the game it would have to be very well thought out, honestly it'd be shit if like DMC or Zelda, it would need a wide variation of features and implementations.

No one could pull it off.

Posted 2/6/09
it would be fun to see one^^
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Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
+1 post count for necro`ing. +1 count for useless commenting on something you really had no reason to comment on.
Good job Englishman. Always trying to seem superior. Sorry the 17th century is over with.
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Posted 2/6/09

faithkiller wrote:

Kind of hard how would they implement the flash sword

One way would be to implement it like they did with E. Honda's punches. Just push the punch button as fast as you can hahaha
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Posted 4/7/09 , edited 8/8/09
I would love there to be a Claymore game, but it would have to be perfect.

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Posted 4/7/09
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Posted 8/8/09
Hmm, it'd be awesome if they'd make a game.
But I think it shoyuld be like a rpg, where you create your character and fight yoma, like an online game.
But is should also have storymode, where you'd be able to follow the story of Claire or/and others :3
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