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Vampire Knight vs. Twilight
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Posted 11/29/08

Ceivent wrote:

hostclub17 wrote:

Ceivent wrote:

wth? whats up with your picture? lol.
*ehem* i like both xD.... they're both good in different aspects.

at time like this i should say "mind your own business"

'mind your own business' my ass >.> .. i was just saying...

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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08

lonely_devil wrote:

twilight the books are better than anything. the anime vs the movie? i gotta go with vk, twilight the movie was horrible in my opinion

I agree, Twilight movie sucked compared to the the books. It really felt rushed and compressed but I still enjoyed it immensely

Twilight movie vs. VK = Twilight
Twilight books vs. VK = Twilight

Ask me again in a few months (after I get over my Edward crush) and it might change to VK! Lol!
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Posted 11/29/08

aice31 wrote:

While I was watching "Twilight" I can't help but compare it to "Vampire Knight" since both are about vampires. Twilight is good but I still find Vampire Knight better because of its many twists and I love twists!
how bout you?


Vampire Knight

Sorry no more versus threads please - we have too many!
Try making this in a suitable cr group instead ^-^

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