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Top 4 dramas you would'nt recommend.
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23 / F / SG
Posted 12/1/08
Most Taiwanese dramas like
love contract
romantic princess
the female leads are soooo annoyyingggg.
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26 / F / somewhere..
Posted 12/1/08
TOKYO JULIET- I saw the first 6 episodes but couldn't take anymore. It was really boring and Wu Zun and Ariel just didn't suit each other.

BROWN SUGAR MACCHIATO- I couldn't get past episode 2. I can usually handle a little bad acting but this was SO over the top it was just ridiculous, not funny and not cute. Plus the girls' voices were so painfully fake and annoying I just wanted to scream!

HANA KIMI TAIWAN- I didn't like Ella in this haha. Besides I liked the Japanese version so much I couldn't get to like this version.

COFFEE PRINCE- Why doesn everyone like this? I watched a few episodes but I found it really boring. The most interesting thisng was how Yoon Eun Hye managed to look so much like a guy. I had just finished watching Princess Hours and seeing her in CP was like 0_o what the..

Anywhoo that's just my opinion..
Posted 12/1/08
so far, d worst were.... !!! in my opinion !!!
-- bsm aka brown sugar macchiato - cm 2 think of it, there were too many characters... so i didn't reali understand d plot....
-- tokyo juliet - didn't finish it, bcuz i thought it ws reali BORING!!....
these were jz my opinions... dun get mad ....
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31 / F
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
I must say most of the Taiwanese dramas are overexaggerated...
1 Hana Kimi (Taiwan), hmm...Ella's facial expressions pissed me off...sorry fans...
2 Romantic Princess - Anghela didn't make facial expressions like Ella, I would say she hadn't any...there was no sparkle between them, too boring
3 Tokyo Juliet - actually I like Ariel Lin, BUT in that drama there was nothing, that would be worth to watch (and it's third drama where was Wu Zun, after that I understand that he can't act and that's why I don't like him much)
4 It started with a kiss - well, they played pretty good, BUT I couldn't stand how Ariel was too stupid, stalking Joe Cheng, being humiliated by him and so on so forth...
except the last one, all the three dramas I haven't finished, and I don't think I will try to finish...
Posted 12/1/08
Hana Kimi Taiwan - the acting was annoying and bad plot and ending

Tokyo Juliet - annoying, draggy and too cliche

Romantic Princess - again, too annoying and draggy

First Kiss - got me bored...
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27 / F / Neverafter
Posted 12/1/08

happipplrock wrote:

So theres the topic of the dramas you would recommend so tell me the 3 that you wouldnt recommend?
For me its.

this is sad... I love It Started With a Kiss.... though i agree with the others.. and i respect ur opinion..
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27 / F / Switzerland
Posted 12/1/08
don't get mad...

Hana Kimi Taiwan - i started watching the japanese version first and there seriously is no comparison...Ella pissed me off. point.

Cupid no Itazura - i dropped it after the first comments needed

Hana Yori Dango 2 - waste of time and space, easily could have left it after the first season (the movie was also cheesy)

Peach Girl - one word...WTF and i hated the lead girls...

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22 / F / in MICKEY YOOCHUN...
Posted 12/1/08
meteor garden! - i don like it.. bad!!
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25 / F / Yemen ^^v
Posted 12/1/08
Kimi wa petto

Yukan Club
tooooo dumb!!

can't think of some more!! hehe
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29 / F / manila
Posted 12/1/08
for me??

it will be
METEOR GARDEN---why??it started,so interesting and funny,,it ended up,,,boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANd A LOVE TO KILL--why??just a waste of time,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ENDLESS love 2,,,The OthEr guy doNATE his EYes to the GIRl but THE girl ENd up DyinG too!!!!i HATE THE ENDING,,i JUST dOnt rememBEr W/c endless love it is,,,guess IT no. 2,,,!!!

thats it!!!!!!
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28 / F / PHIL
Posted 12/1/08
First kiss
Gal Circle
Devil Beside You

I just didnt like it, i dont want to go on details.
cuz im lazy^^
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27 / F / Europe~
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
Powerful Opponents - I was intrigued by the plot but the casting sucked and it just didn't live up to my expectations...

Trick - Don't even know why I watched it. Nakama Yukie did a huge mistake taking this part.

Anego - Could only watch one episode, then I fell asleep. There's no real plot.

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
- The only good thing in this drama was Hyun Bin and all the delicious-looking desserts

There are probably plenty mre dramas that I could mention but these are the ones that I came up with now.
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25 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 12/1/08
1. Hana Kimi (Jap&Tw)
2. Love Contract
3. Proposal Daisakusen
4. Tokyo Juliet
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Posted 12/1/08
Wah, here is so much Yukan club. Somehow I loved it so much... well.. I am jin fan~

I didn't like Kimi wa petto
Matsujun was really cute~nut the plot was just so.. plah.

another I didn't like was something clover somethin..
Ikuta Toma was on it and I didn't like it at all.. It was so borning.

I don't know.. I don't watch bad dramas. I stop watching them if I don't like : p
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27 / F / South Wales, UK
Posted 12/1/08
K, here are mine, and please don't be angry!
It Started with a Kiss - The title is a lie anyway....I'm 3/4 of the way through and I don't wanna even know how it ends...
Sapuri/ Love supplement - I tried to watch this many times for Kame, but the lead actress was soooo dull, and I couldn't get past the 1st episode
Meteor Garden - some bits not too bad, but after watching HYD first I guess I had firm opinions on how it should be
Delivery Boy - (Mike He) I started to watch this in anticipation of some gangster action, but didn't happen (in first ep. anyway)
Ace no nerae - couldn't rily get it....

I think my main problem with these dramas is that I started watching them having certain expectations, and they didn't meet them. Like although Yukan Club is kinda surreal, I thought it would be, so I q.enjoyed it because I wasn't expecting it to be deep, or though provoking....
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