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Post Reply Episodes (first season) OVERVIEW
Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/9/07
Here are listed all 26 episodes of the first season.
Which is your favourite? And why (favourite scene…)?
Natsume´s actions during the episodes are marked red (may help if you want to find a special Natsume-event and can’t remember where it took place^^ …and because he is the main chara of this group)!!!

Title: Gakou ga nakunachau - The School's Going to be Shut Down
Natsumes first appearance as "Black Cat"
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Youkoso ☆ Alice Gakuen - Welcome ☆ to Alice Academy
Smites Mikan
Posted 12/9/07
Titel: ALICE nankani maketetamaruka ☆ - I Won't Lose to an Alice☆
Wonders if Mikan has an Alice
Posted 12/9/07
Titel: Kore ga uchi no ALICE ☆ - This is My Alice☆
Ruka tells some stuff about his friend
Mikan vs. Natsume
Posted 12/9/07
Titel: Hoshi kaikyu wa SEVERE yanaa☆ - The Star Rankings Can be So Severe☆
Attacks Narumi-sensei again
Tells Mikan she´ll regret showing up at the Academy
The Star Ranking - The Special Star
Shows up in class, punished with the maskl
Mikan becomes Natsume´s partner

Posted 12/9/07
Titel: Uchi wa misokkasu kei ☆?- I'm The Good For Nothing Type☆?
Dangerous Ability Type
Trys to escape Persona (meets Mikan)
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Makehen☆ ALICE DODGE - Won´t Lose ☆ Alice Dodgeball
Watching Mikan (in the beginning)
Skips class
Suggests an Alice Dogeball Match
The match

japshows wrote:
nasume doesnt use his alice to win

Posted 12/9/07
Title: Ji-chan ni aitai☆ - I Want To See Grandpa☆
Warns Mikan of trusting a teacher
Looking through the window
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Daisuki☆Hotaru-sama - Beloved☆Hotaru-sama
Surprises (eavesdropping) Mikan
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Ukiuki☆CENTRAL TOWN - So happy ☆ Central Town
Rejects Mikans request to go to the Central Town
Plays with Hijiri Youichi (You-chan)
Goes to Central Town
Gets cake
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Tadaima Alice☆tokkunchuu - The "I'm Back" Alice☆
Fire on the dormitory
Alice Type 4 (shortens lifespan)
Training with Mikan
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Gakuensai ga yatte kuru☆- The School Festival Is Finally Here☆
A mission
Suffers during class
Mikan meets him, reading alone in the classrome
Burns her hair
Burns "Seaweed-hair´s" (Sumire´s brother) hair
Sitting under the tree with Mikan
Posted 12/9/07
Title: TOP☆STAR o oikakero - Chase the Top☆Star
Visitation on the infirmary
Kidnaped by Reo
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Natsume wo torimodose ☆ - To reclaim Natsume ☆
Captured in the storehouse
Memories of the burning hometown
Posted 12/9/07
Title: Gakuen e kaero☆ - Let's Return to School ☆
Trys to protect Sumire and Mikan
Remembers what Persona told him ("If you´r ever captured...")
Mikan and Natsume vs. Reo and Co.
Infirmary again
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