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Who's the better rapper?
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25 / F / Cebu, Philippines
Posted 9/29/09

crystalchronicles wrote:

woah, thats a tough one xD
umm, well i suppose micky, but yunho raps relly good too
BUT jae joong's rap in wrong number was AMAZINGLY done(:
so my opinion is that all of them are extremely good! :D

So true. Jaejoong's rapping in Wrong Number completely surprised me. It was great. Whenever I listen to wrong number, I'll be anticipating his rap part. XD

anyway, for me....Micky raps the best in english. Yunho is also pretty good. I'm not really sure if I already heard Junsu and Changmin rap. Well, anyway...they're all great singers
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Posted 10/6/09
yunho definitely
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19 / F / any where
Posted 10/6/09 , edited 10/6/09
To me i think it's Yunho, but my 2nd would be Micky.
Well Hero, I love his voice, but i don't see him as the rapper type.
But i did love his rap in the Wrong Number MV!!! :)
Posted 10/12/09
micky is the best in english

but yunho pretty much tops it all

but ahh hero's rap has... charisma.
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Posted 11/21/09
yunho!!he has a background in rap music
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