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Post Reply What was your favourite change from November 2008?
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
As usual, since the new month comes we will have a look at what changes had happen here. Pick your favourites ie liked changes. You may refer the changes that happen in previous month (November 2008) here

1# Editing favorite buddies, videos, etc.

You can now change the orders, etc.

2# Having My Manager

Managing your own videos, groups, buddies, etc.

3# Edit extended information, cast, etc.

You are able to edit some of them from the library page even when you are not a mod.

4# Having Crunchyland PVP

Even if it is beta, you can still try and challenge people with your avatar.

5# New layout for videos

The new layout shows more videos information, series information, photos, etc.
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24 / F / Crunchyroll
Posted 12/1/08
i chose the new layouts among the other updates.
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Posted 12/1/08
My Manager
It's like a summary of all what the user have in CR which includes buddies, videos, articles, uploads, etc. And with it, I can easily manage my list.
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Posted 12/9/08
i like the manager somehow..but i like all updates
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