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Best Drama For Guys?
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M / Philippines
Posted 12/3/08
hana kimi japan
coffee prince
seigi no mikata
absolute boyfriend
nobuta wo produce
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26 / F / South Wales, UK
Posted 12/3/08
Although I'm a girl, here are my suggestions for u

My boss My hero
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Stand up!
Bloody Monday
Security Police (or SP)
Crows Zero (movie)
Kurosagi (maybe....)

u could try a medical drama, like 'Iryu Team Medical Dragon' as its q. gender neutral
Hope u find these interesting
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Posted 12/3/08
my boss my hero
liar game
1 litre of tears
one pound gospel
Densha Otoko
Posted 12/3/08

AniMeB0Y wrote:

I have never watched a drama before, and probably shouldn't because its a "drama" meant for mostly girls. However, I am open to suggestions, preferrable from straight guys who want to recommend me a drama to watch that you would think a guy would like. I am open to any suggestions.

Sorry but no personal threads allowed. Use the Recommended Drama thread instead please

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