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Wilber Pan / Pan Wei Bo
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28 / F / Manila Philippines
Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
hi guys! Just want to make a thread for Pan Wei Bo!

We just finished subbing Miss No Good and I find him CUTE..

TO all his fans out there, you can post ANYTHING POSITIVE ABOUT HIM here.. Any pictures, infos about him.. :D



* Name: 潘瑋柏 / Pan Wei Bo
* English Name: Wilber Pan / Will Pan
* Nicknames: Will, 潘帥 Pan Shuai (Handsome Pan)
* Profession: Singer / Actor / VJ / rapper and drama actor. started his career as a host of Channel V programs
* Birthdate: 1980-Aug-06
* Birthplace: West Virginia, USA
* Nationality: USA and Republic of China dual nationality
* Horoscope: Leo
* Height: 174 cm
* Weight: 69 kg
* School Attended: Taipei American School (graduated in 1999); California State Polytechnic University at Pomona (Mass Communication Major)
* Language Fluently spoken: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese (Hokkien)
* Hobbies: basketball, singing, studying, and telling people, "Thanks!"
* Favorite Music Genres: Hip Hop, R&B, popular Chinese music
* Favorite Singers: Sisqo, Eminem, 劉德華 Andy Lau DeHua
* Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy
* Favorite Actor: Will Smith
* Favorite Sport: basketball
* Favorite Food: Chinese dishes... anything! Not picky at all!
* Favorite Colors: red, blue, and black
* Favorite Flower: roses
* Favorite Animal: dogs
* Favorite Insect/Bug: spiders
* Favorite Season: summer
* Favorite Saying: "We'll see!"
* Favorite Clothing: loose clothes, Western suits and suit jackets
* Likes To Collect: Shoes
* Pet Peeve: doesn't like others to photograph him from behind
* Aspiration: to show what he's capable of
* Would Most Like To Meet: Michael Jackson
* "Mentor": 張學友 Jacky Cheung XueYou
* Close Friends in the Entertainment Circle: Jason Tang ZhiZhong, Blackie Chen JianChou (Hei Ren), KunDa (of Energy), LamBo (dance teacher), Jimmy Lin ZhiYing, Jolin Tsai YiLin, Jay Chou JieLun, Show Luo ZhiXiang, JJ Lin JunJie, Zhang ShanWei, and Rainie Yang ChengLin
* Dramas: 麻辣鮮師 [Ma La Xian Shi] [Spicy Teacher] - Season II (CTS 2001-2002)
麻辣高校生 [Ma La Gao Xiao Sheng] [Happy Campus] (CTV 2002)
心動列車 [Xin Dong Lie Che] [Love Train] (2003)
無河天 [Wu He Tian]
不良笑花 [Bu Liang Xiao Hua] [Miss No Good] (The Bad Campus Belle) (CTS 2008)
* Movies: 功夫熊貓 [Gong Fu Xiong Mao] [Kung Fu Panda] (2008)


1. Wilber naturally has slightly curly hair

2. As I'm sure you've noticed, Wilber LOVES to talk. But did you know that, as a child, he most likely had a mild form of ADD? In fact, the very first phrase of English he learned at school was "Wilber, sit down!" He had spent the entire day running around the classroom!
3. Wilber is EXTREMELY filial. Just as an example, the very FIRST thing he did after he got his cut from his very first album was to pay for his little brother's college tuition.
4. Wilber's father is a well-loved professor. People who aren't even in his classes will sit in on his lectures-- and not because of Will, either! Nevertheless, Wilber's dad is known to give out autographed photos of Wilber as a "reward" for scoring a 100% (sometimes 95% and above) on a test.
5. Wilber snapped one of the ligaments in his leg at a concert in Beijing (十全十美 Perfect In Every Way) in 2004. The doctor actually suggested that he never dance again! But our Will's WILL was strong... and he went diligently through his rehabilitation exercises daily, gritting his teeth against the pain.
6. Wilber LOVES Calvin Klein boxers. He loves them so much that he wears them to pieces! because they're "too expensive to waste."
7. Speaking of which, Wilber is VERY careful about buying things. He once bugged KunDa for a MONTH about whether or not a somewhat expensive bag (KunDa owned one already) was really THAT great.
8. Wilber NEVER, NEVER wears shorts! Because he is said to have seriously muscular legs... and probably cankles. Supposedly, he once wore shorts on an episode of 拍拍走 [Walkin' Around], and netizens immediately started laughing at his "ugly" calves! and asked him not to show them any more. And he hasn't

Pan Shuai's Pics! :D


All infos here are GATHERED from different sources:
1. Dramawiki
2. Wikipedia
3. Asian Fanatics(thanks to Tammiest!)
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23 / F / Qatar
Posted 12/3/08
i really think he's cute..
and wow he don't wear
short?? :w00t: LOL..
thnx for this info's....!!
Posted 12/3/08
I like Wilber. He is a really charismatic actor. I think he would be a fun person to be around. good luck with his future! his fans wish him all the best
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23 / F / over there
Posted 12/3/08
i think in the drama miss no good he is much cuter than that other guy
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23 / F / My house
Posted 12/3/08
Didn't he sing Bu De Bu Ai? :O
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28 / F / Manila Philippines
Posted 12/3/08

KunaixIchigo wrote:

Didn't he sing Bu De Bu Ai? :O

yes.. He did.. He's a well known singer in Taiwan too
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29 / F / middle of nowhere...
Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
yeah he sang bu de bu ai.....i love love love that song!

im also watching miss no good and he is
so adorable in the behind the camera parts!

and thanx for translating miss no good
im am so into that drama that i cant get enough

im sad that it has to end
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 12/3/08
Ohhh! I love him!
His smile is sooooo sweet!
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26 / F / CALii
Posted 12/3/08
ahah of course he is not picky he was practically eating everything during the NGs in Miss No Good
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Posted 12/3/08
I so love Will in Miss No Good! this guy can kiss lol..

gonna miss this series so much.. especially, Will's poisonous words..

and I hope he'll be working in a new drama, perhaps with Rainie, again? hahaha..
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29 / F / US
Posted 12/3/08
he is too cute/ hot/ dreamy!!!
he makes me melt!!!!
i hope he does more dramas
or comes back to California so i can marry him <3
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F / Nowhere but here :]
Posted 12/3/08
he's totally awesome
great actor
hope he gets to act more in the
future with rainie
they make an awesome couple
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 12/3/08
he has such a kute it...and he's so cute...!!!! not a bad actor!!
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28 / F / Manila Philippines
Posted 12/4/08

Takes a Tumble At Beijing Concert; Wilber Pan WeiBo Injures His Left Foot
Date: November 11, 2008
News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, TVB-S,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Wilber Pan WeiBo slipped and fell at his concert in Beijing, injuring his leg. According to his agency, Wilber, having contracted a cold, had been feeling a little weak; on the night of the performance, he was supposed to jump down into the center of a group of dancers. However, he accidentally twisted his left foot; worse, the "new" injury is in the same spot as his "old" injury (he snapped a ligament in 2004). In the end, Wilber insisted on finishing his scheduled five songs before allowing the workers to help him off the stage. He then returned to his hotel to rest. How does the injury look now? He will have to wait until he returns to Taiwan and sees the doctor before he knows for certain.

In that moment as Wilber jumped onto the stage, surrounded by his dancers, it is clear that he twisted his foot. He was unable to stand, instead falling to sit on the stage. Although he continued to perform and sing, a pained expression on his face, both the dancers surrounding him and the fans in the audience couldn't help screaming in concern.

Wilber sat on the floor of the stage for about three minutes; in the end, however, he managed to stand up, his left foot slightly lame. He insisted on finishing his performance. Wilber said, "This is what an entertainer is like. Born to be on the stage... and also dying by the stage. Isn't that right?"

Wilber injured himself during his very first song of the night; he insisted on holding on, however, and finished performing his scheduled five songs. According to our understanding, before he got up on stage that night, Wilber was feeling rather weak and debilitated, as result of his catching a serious cold. He re-aggravated his old injury, the snapped ligament for which he underwent surgery in 2004.

Gritting his teeth, Wilber very professionally finished his performance before allowing the workers to help him off stage. He then returned to his hotel room to rest. He will have to wait, however, until his return to Taiwan to see just how serious the injury is.
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--private neverla...
Posted 12/4/08
I'm soooo into into him!

love his him sense of him when he speaks his his love love love everything about him!
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