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*Meanwhile, with Amu*

Amu: *wakes up* Where am I?
Unknown voice: You're in a safe place. Do you remember what happened?
Amu: Well, I saw my ex Ikuto kissing Tadase-kun. And I have the photo to prove it. Other than that... but who are you?
Unknown voice: Wait?! King was kissing that catboy?!
Amu: I don't want to talk about it...
*Unknown person steps out of the shadows*
Amu: K-Kairi-kun?!
Kairi: Yes, it's me. Against my wishes, I had to kidnap you for Easter purposes.
Amu: ...well, you're on our side now. Please help me escape!

*Meanhwhile, with Tadase and Ikuto...*
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I am not a TakuTo or KaKuKai Fan. I more prefer with Amuto and Ikuto

Tadase : come on Ikuto !!!! we need to find hinamori-san !!!!
Ikuto : can you just forgot about her????!!!!!
Tadase : But !!!!!
Ikuto : *kiss Tadase* we can do this when amu didn't in here.
Tadase : But Hinamori-san !!!!
Ikuto : *Kiss Tadase*
Tadase : Ikuto-Kun !! *keep kissing*

*Mean while, amu and kairi ....*

Amu : Please Help Me Kairi !!!!
Kairi : what should I help you ????
*Then an unknown person came*
Kairi : Kukai ?????
Kukai : Yo is been a long time we not see Kairi. *Kiss Kairi*
Amu : WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIISSSS TTTTHHHIIIIISSSS AAAAAA NNNNIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTMMMMMMAAAAARRRRRREEEE ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ran away from kukai and kairi *

*Mean while, Tadase and Ikuto .....*

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*dies from laughter at seeing Kairi and Kukai kissing*
I will continue soon...just let me regain my bearings...*still laughing* Good idea for bringing another couple in though ^^
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Tadase: Ok, let's go find Hinamori-san. We need to explain ourselves still afterall.
Ikuto: I guess we can resume this later *smirk*
Tadase: I can try her mobile *pulls out mobile and calls Amu*

*Meanwhile, with Amu*
Amu:*thinks* I didn't know Kukai and Kairi were dating! Then again, I didn't know Ikuto and Tadase are dating. What's going on?! Is Kukai on our side? Someone...please help me...
*Amu runs into Kairi, who grabs her arm. Kukai grabs her other arm*
Kukai: I'm sorry Amu, but you have to come with us now...
*Amu's mobile phone rings, but Kairi grabs it and hangs it up*
Kairi: No one can help you now...
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I am not a TakuTo ( Tadase and Ikuto ) or KaKuKai ( Kairi and Kukai )OR YaMi ( Yaya and Rima)Fan. I more prefer with Amuto and Ikuto

Amu : No!!!!!! Help ME !!!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME !!!!!
*Then Kukai and Kairi walking up to the shadow and disappeared in no where. Amu was very afraid so she close her eyes. then about a minute , there was a light so Amu open her eyes and see rima kissing yaya*
Amu : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOMEBODY PLEASE WAKE ME FROM THIS NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rima : Oh Amu-san It you. Sorry Not Telling You that Yaya and me are dating
Yaya : Sorry Amu-chi *kiss rima*
Amu : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS NIGHTMARE AGAIN.
Rima : Amu Come With Us !!!!! *grab amu left hand*
Yaya : Yeah Amu-Chi Come With Us !!!!! *grab amu right hand*
*then in they walk a lllllooooonnnnnggggg way. Then Rima & Yaya Throw Amu and Then Amu See Ikuto and Tadase .............


Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Lol... Not that funny.. I'm also going to bring in some info from another fan fic game
I'm adding Riku Which is from NagiXAmu fanfic he is Rima's twin brother
Rima: *whispers to Yaya: Haha she is going to get so mad at them AND she actually believes that we are dating*
Yaya: *whispers to Rima: Yeh... This act would have been so akward if we were doing this prank with your sister Riku*
Riku: *whipsers to Yaya: Yeh..* *Riku and Yaya kiss*
Tadase: Hinamori Amu...
Ikuto: Now now.. Don't talk about her, she's a silly little fish.. and it would spoil our lovely date..
Tadase: D-d-d-ate?
Ikuto: *has a finger supporting Tadase's chin and lifts his head up to peck him on the cheek*
Tadase: Ikuto do you really love me?
Ikuto: I didn't turn bi just for you..
Tadase: Bi?! You still have feelings for Amu don't you! You still love her!
Amu: *thinking to herself: he still has feelings for me*
Ikuto: I was dating her for quite some time..
Tadase: You JUST broke up with her! You obvoiusly don't have the decensy to even take some time off relationships.. I know your not over her.. I love you, more than anything else now.. but it appears that you still have feelings for girls, I don't think I'm willing to date you if you still have feelings for girls.
Ikuto: Well... I don't like all girls, I mean.. eww..
Tadase: It's only amu? Isn't there some rule about not dating their bestfriend's boyfriend?
Not that funny now is it
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/9/09
(Not really, no... T_T)

Amu: Guys! *Ikuto and Tadase turn to face her at the sound of her voice*
Tadase: Hinamori-san!
Ikuto: Amu!
Amu: Please, you don't have to fight over me. And I was the one who dumped him. Geez...
Tadase: Sorry, Hinamori-san...obviously I didn't get my facts right *glares at Ikuto*
Ikuto: What did I say?
Tadase: Are you ok anyway? I called and got no answer.
Amu: I'm fine...I managed to escape. But I saw some things I don't really want to remember...
Tadase: *looks over Amu's shoulder* Is that Mashiro-san and Yuki-san kissing over there?
*Amu shudders and refuses to turn around*
Ikuto: Well, at least we aren't the only ones, Tadase... *puts an arm around Tadase's shoulders*
Tadase: Ikuto...
Amu: could someone please tell me what's going on?!

Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/12/09
Tadase: Eh...
Ikuto: Geez, you blush a lot... what he's trying to say is...that I am bisexual and he is gay-
Tadase: I never said that you know! I'm bisexual as well. And I guess there's nothing wrong with that
Ikuto: Amu?
Tadase: Hinamori-san? *waves hand in front of Amu's face, which is contorted in disbelief*
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/15/09
Amu: Carry on with your explanation.
Tadase: Well...
Ikuto: Did you get it? We're bis... end of
Amu: And...?
Tadase: Welll that's it.
Amu: Continue.
Ikuto: which part of "Well that's it" don't you under stand
Amu: "that's it" have you guys seroiusly lost intrest in girls?
Tadase and Ikuto: Weelllll...
Amu: *considering unbuttoning some of the buttons in her shirt*
Amu: okay.. *grabs Riku thinking that it's Rima* *unbuttons some of her shirt*
Riku: GAH!
Amu: WHAT THE HELL! RIMA? YOUR FLAT CHESTED! (lol this is soo wrong)
Ikuto: *raises eyebrows up and down*
Riku: Rima's at home, I'm Riku. Rima's twin
Tadase: What about fujsaka-san (err forgot nagi's last name)
Amu: yeh...
IGNORE WHAT I'M GOING TO WRITE ^o^ I'mma bored and the first post was vague so I FOUND A LOOP HOLE! So ignore the blue bits, i just wanted to share that loop hole to everyone! xD
*Ikuto gets shot*
Amu: OMG
Tadase: *get out of tree* Well amu, wanna go on a date? xD

Yush I did turn it into Tadamu~ rember IGNORE! Unless you want to ressurect ikuto which is fine with me
Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/16/09
(lol. I'm going to include the blue bits that were in the last post. Just for fun ^^)

And then suddenly, Amu woke up. She saw Tadase standing over her, concern on his face.
"Hinamori-san, are you ok?" he said, offering a hand, which she took gratefully. He helped her up. "I'm fine...I actually had a weird dream..." Amu said.
"About what?"
"I...I had a dream that you asked me out, and that Ikuto got shot!"
"What!?" Ikuto said. He was standing behind Tadase, also a bit concerned for Amu.
"Not to mention I did some weird stuff..." she blushed a little at the thought of what she did to Rima, or rather, Riku.
"...well, you see...we were just about to tell you something Hinamori-san, but you fainted just before Ikuto could say anything..." Tadase gave Ikuto a secret smile, and blushed a little bit.
Amu had a bad feeling about this already.
"So basically, me and the Kiddy King are gay." Ikuto said. "Well, I'm bi-
"I'm bi too!" Tadase countered, blushing furiously.
"Not again..." Amu muttered, before fainting...again.
Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09
Dang.. writer's block. I've written too much already this week. *groans*
Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09
Kukai and Kairi POV
Kukai: Utau! You looked better asyourself. when are you going to get out of your Kairi coustume?
Utau: Doesn't it make everything all akward? Waaahaha
Kukai: and we'd better release kairi soon
Utau: OH SHEH! I though you told me to get rid of him
Utau: Well he's gone to a better place *looks up*
Kukai: WHAT
Utau: gomen..
Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/19/09
Someone continue... lol I shouldn't have joined this one should I? I killed the funniness
Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/21/09
Kairi's Ghost: *looks at Utau* Utau, you're gonna pay...I will haunt you forever...
Utau: Did you hear that Kukai?
Kairi's Ghost: *does over the top dramatic ghost noises*
Kukai: Hear what?
Utau: Don't worry...

*Meawhile, with Amu and the boys...*

Ikuto: Sheesh. Amu's really prone to shock isn't she?
Tadase: Stop complaining and help me carry her!
Ikuto: *helps Tadase carry her* I can just see it now... *puts on a fake sweet voice, as if trying to mimic Tadase* Don't mind us, but we're just going to take Hinamori-san's body up to her room now! Don't ask why she's like this, but I swear it has nothing to do with us!
Tadase: Damnit Ikuto...
Ikuto: First time I heard you cuss as well. Didn't know you were capable *smirk*
Tadase: ...
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Red = Something being said and its speaker
Black = An action

As Ikuto approached Amu's house, she slowly awoken
Amu: wha....what?
Tadase: thank goodness you are up

Amu looks over at Ikuto, her ex-boyfriend
Amu: You can put me down now
Ikuto shurggs and lets go of her completely, as her weak body crashes to the ground.
Amu rubs her butt
Amu: ouch...
Ikuto: Well i guess we better go
Ikuto turns around and Tadase is about to follow but feels Amu's hands at the tips of his fingers.
Tadase turns around to see tears forming on Amu's eyes
Amu: D-don't leave
Tadase looks at his friend in concern. Even though he no longer loved her, he couldn't desert her
Tadase: Hey Ikuto!!!
Ikuto turns around to face Tadase.
Tadase: Lets stay a while
Ikuto put this into deeep consideration. What was Amu planning?
Finally, Ikuto nods and walks past Tadase and Amu, straight into Amu's house and up to her room. Tadase and Amu follow.
Amu: Thanks for staying you guys
Tadase smiles a little but Ikuto merely shrugged, looking away from his ex.
Suddenly footsteps are heard coming down the hall.
Amu: IKUTO!! get in the closet. my mom knows tadase but she doesn't know you! get in there!
Amu shoves Ikuto into her closet, slamming the door shut.
Amu: i'll get u when she leaves
The footsteps passed right by Amu's bedroom door and went into a room down the hall.
Tadase: ok. better let ikuto out
But as he stood up, Amu jumped on him. Causing him to collapse on her bed.
Tadase: Hi...Hinamori-sa....
He was interuppted by Amu's lips pressing against his own.
He tried to push her off but he couldn't. Who knew a girl could be so strong?

When Tadase felt like he couldn't breath anymore, Amu slowly departed from his lips.
Amu: i wouldn't tell ikuto this if i were you. i can play innocent
Amu got off of him and opened the closet door. Ikuto stumbles ouut of the closet
Ikuto: is yourcloset sound-proff or something because I didn't hear much
Amu nodded.
Ikuto look past Amu and straight at his lover, who was blushing lightly.
Something had happened, but what?

A strange voice broke his thoughts
strange voice: Ikuto i've been looking everywhere for you -Nya
ikuto turned his head to see his guardian character, Yoru.


ok. all throughout the entire game i kept thinkin "Where are the guardian characters" so i ended up putting yoru on here ^_^

srry if i kinda messed up the story

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