Who Do You Want to Star in the RP Remake of Meteor Garden?
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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08
ABS-CBN is cooking another remake, this time it’s the smash hit Taiwanese series Meteor Garden.

Meteor Garden exploded on Philippine television in 2003 via ABS-CBN channel 2. The series became a massive hit in the ratings that’s why it was aired not just once or twice but five times! After its 5th run in the kapamilya network, GMA network acquired the rights to air the same show in their own re-dubbed version. This year, it was aired on tv for the 7th time but now in QTV channel 11.

The stars of Meteor Garden are the Taiwanese boy band called “F4″. They are Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu. The four asian heartthrobs are very popular not just in Taiwan but also in other countries where Meteor Garden was aired, including the Philippines.

With the tremendous success of the said Taiwanese tv series on Philippine television, a local version is in the works. ABS-CBN is now looking for four young actors who will play the role of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo Ling.

Gerald Anderson - (age 19)

Robi Domingo - (age 19)

Matt Evans - (age 20)

Sam Concepcion - (age 16)

Enchong Dee - (age 20)

Dino Imperial - (age 20)

Josef Elizalde - (age 17)

Alex Anselmuccio - (age 18)

Xian Lim -

Kevin Flood

Mike Tan - (age 22)

Jason Abalos - (age 22)

David Chua -

Rayver Cruz - (age 19)

Carlo Guevarra -

Mikee Lee - (age 19)

Aldred Gatchalian - (age 18)

Aaron Villaflor -

Rodjun Cruz

Jiro Manio - (age 16)

John Wayne Sace - (age 19)

AJ Perez - (age 15)

Hansen Nichols

Rafael Rosell- - (age 26)

Van roxas -

Joross Gamboa –

Geoff Eigenmann - (age 23)

Victor basa (age 23)

Jake Cuenca (age 20)

Janus Del Prado – (age 24)

Choose one young actress who can played as a role of Shan Cai

Sarah Geronimo

Maja Salvador

Kim Chiu

Catherine Gonzaga

Nicole Uysiuseng

Yeng Constantino

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Posted 12/4/08
for me the F4

dao ming si - jake cuenca, rafael rosell, or john wayne sace

lei - robi domingo, victor basa, jayson abalos.,

xi men - aldred gatchalian, geoff Eigenmann , or Xian Lim

mei zhou - sam concepcion, rayver cruz,

shan cai role., - sarah geronimo.,

sana before pumili dapat tingnan at research tlga ng mabuti kc nde to basta basta lang, tnx u
Posted 12/4/08
dao ming si - Dino Imperial
Lei- aj perez or robi domingo
xi men- idk
mei zhou- idk

Shan Cia- anyone except kim chui!
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Posted 12/4/08
DUH!! filipino remake again...i'm so annoyed...

anyway, for my answer...
the remake needs younger generation..!!!
Sam Concepcion and AJ perez ofcourse... they can be dao ming si or Lei...
no kissing scene..haha

for the role of sanchai--dang..i hate kim chiu...! dont like nicole either..duuhhh...

maybe lauren Young! or anyone that fits sam and aj....
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Posted 12/4/08
tnx u guys for your answer., or opinion
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Posted 3/26/09
i think it would be better if they would just get fresh, new actors and actresses for this drama.... i don't think it would be a problem in terms of acting 'cause they could be trained...
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Posted 3/30/09
In My Opinion

For Dao ming si / Gu Jun Pyo

Lei / Ji Hoo

Xi Men/Yi Jeong

Mei zhou / Kim Joon

Shan cai / Geum Jandi = sarah geronimo
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