GAME→be my fortune teller!
Posted 12/4/08

the tittle already said..:=)

Just tell what will happen on the person above you!
it can be something good or bad~!


1st person
what will happen to me?

2nd person
you will meet a ghost at 12.00am..XD

3rd person
you will...bla..bla...

next person......and so on
you also can "yay" or "no"

get it ne?

then start!

what will happen to me?
Posted 12/7/08
you wil find the cutest neko<3but when yu bring it home yur not aloud tu kep itXD
Posted 12/7/08
yaya will get a teddy bear from someone that important for yaya! XD
Posted 12/7/08
vebri-chan wil get the best christmas everXDtogether with her fam. nd friedns :Pdemo the only problem is that its sooo coldXD
Posted 12/8/08

then yaya will get a giant candy from someone.[lol..I also want =d]
Posted 12/8/08
Veb-chan is going to be hungry and start to eat as much as she can xD
Posted 12/10/08
Hime-chan wil get free ice cream,her fav flavors nd eats as much as she can,she gets a brain freeze nd the nxt day she's lying in bed sickXDand regrets eating so much ice cream
Posted 12/10/08
*kyaa~* hidouyo yaya-chi!!! Yaya-chii will have many buddys xD maybe she would get headache!
Posted 12/10/08
haha! Hime-chan will get comic book that hime want for a long time..but hime stumble and fall...and the comic book is thrown and fall into a pool XD
Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
Vebri-chan walking in the park she steps on a piece of paper its a lot,when she comes bac home she sits on the bank nd watches tv,when she opens it the winner of the lottery is annouced,the lot that vebri found is the winning numberXDand vebri lives happily rich after ~lol~
Posted 12/10/08
LOL!! I'm rich! XD

yaya will find a mysterios book that lying in front of yaya's house..then yaya take the book and open it..
then an angel come out from the book and she will grant any yaya's wish! XD
Posted 12/11/08
Vebri-chan is walking in a mall,she stops infront of a bank,she noticed her shoelace is lose,she bends to tie it bocoz uf that a man stumbles,the police comes,nd vebri thinks she's in trouble instead they pick up the man nd trow him in jail,the man that stumbled wanted tu rob the bank but becoz of vebri he coudnt escape<3vebri becxomes a hero becoz of thatXDthe police is vey thankfull nd rewards her by granting any wish,that he can fulfillXD
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Posted 12/16/08
Yaya found something mysterious and didnt know it was actually a thing to make someone misfortune,then the next few days,she was thrown to jail for misunderstanding
Posted 1/8/09
[I went to jail?!]

Won a contest.
Posted 2/26/09
will change her avii
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