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28 / M / Canada
Posted 8/12/11
Ability to hide elements of the homepage. Currently there is a lot content that I have absolutely no interest in and would love to have the ability to hide.

Take for example the following sections of the home page: The entire right hand side that contains the forums and the Pulse Feed, the Top stories section, and the site news. Currently on my 1080p screen it takes about 2 vertical screen lengths before I get to the actual new Anime/Drama Content.

In my opinion all of these "extras" are an unnecessary nuisance. The ability to hide all of the "extra" things like Site News, Stories and The forum feeds would give people the option of what the want to see on the home page. If hiding these things is out of the question maybe provide a way for users to manipulate how the home page is arranged, so we can move elements around.
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cheyenne, wyoming
Posted 8/15/11
the cap for creating a new post less then 500, its a pain in the arse to make a new topic without having to have a stop because of the points cap, the whole limiter for it is pointless in itself, i meen why? if other places dont do it why do that here? it doesnt serve a purpose,

can you please remove or atleast decrease the cap for making a new forum topic? seriously ive had to ask my friends to do that for me until i can get enough points,
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Posted 8/16/11
i would like it if someone is a creator or mod on a group and would like to send PM all the users in the group at once with the same message.
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26 / M
Posted 8/20/11
Currently crunchyroll plays the next anime episode after your current episode is finished. I love this feature... but when it redirects you, full screen mode gets turned off. Meaning, even though I don't have to manually click on the next episode, I do have to manually click on "Fullscreen" again for every episode. When you're trying to catch up on anime or just enjoy some reruns, that's horribly annoying.

Please make it so that full screen stays active when going from one episode to the next. YouTube already does this by not redirecting the page and instead playing the next episode in the same player. That would be ideal, but I don't really care what happens as long as I don't have to get up to re-enable full screen. For all I care, redirect the page and then automatically re-launch full-screen mode.

If it matters, I am using Google Chrome, but I assume this full screen issue would be present in all browsers.
Posted 8/24/11
Allow us to edit the comments we make on your news articles. I hate not being able to correct my grammar.
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Posted 8/27/11
can you please add the normal naruto @ the android crunchyroll app
its because i want to watch the episodes again and it isnt easy to find all the episodes on your phone

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27 / M / Norway
Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/28/11
I propose to rewrite the current forum rules for what threads can contain. I do not understand why personal threads are not allowed in the forums, when topics like these are what actually creates discussion.

Take a look at all the topics created in the general section, it's all garbage and "few to non" words in pretty much every reply made to the threads.
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43 / M / U.S.
Posted 9/1/11
Is there a way we can get the subs for the intro and ending songs, especially naruto. I really like the music but have no idea what they are singing.
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Posted 9/2/11
I've done a search on this thread and it seems like other people on CR would like to be able to reply to other people's comment(s) on videos. I would like to know, if possible, if this on the to do list.

If it isn't suggested already, I suggest that when we click on the "Reply" button in the forums it automatically quotes the post we're replying to so that when the person quoted can know which of their posts are quoted.

Another suggestion is to allow the quotes to be able to carried across pages. I sometimes want to reply to posts in the previous pages and the most current pages and I'd have to choose between which one I want to reply to. I believe that not only it's convenient, it can also limit spam.

The last one is the strike through option when people post in the forums. It can be used for completed tasks for to do lists.

For the decision makers on CR, if you reply to this, I thank you for taking your time to read this and hope that these are absurd to take into consideration.
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30 / F / irst
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11
This is forum related. On the forum page under "Entertainment", on the left side it lists in order: Anime, Movies, Manga, Sports.

I'd like to request that the order of the manga and movies threads be switched, so the new order is: Anime, Manga, Movies, Sports.

To me, it makes sense that manga should be before movies, since this site is geared toward Japanese media, and the movies discussed are mostly American. Also, I associate anime and manga very closely, so mentally I expect the manga thread to be just under the anime thread. And since they both start with the letter M, about half the time I visit, I actually click on the movies thread, instead of manga thread as I intended.
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57 / M / U.S.A. (mid-south)
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11

_IceAndCream_ wrote:
I'd like to request that the order of the manga and movies threads be switched, so the new order is: Anime, Manga, Movies, Sports.

Further, that would put the listing in actual alphabetical least for that column.

I can only assume the current grouping is due to the fact that anime, drama, movies and TV shows (the first four items if you account for both columns) are all motion media.

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38 / M / St. Louis
Posted 9/9/11
Long, but I promise I'll get to the point...

I often play videos on my TV using an HDMI cable, and while I am watching in this way, I am not "at my computer" - at most I will have the mouse on a USB extension cable so I can click things, and I don't have a keyboard.

The screen that comes up after an episode has been watched, which lists other episodes/shows, doe snot have any mouse controls other than "replay" and the other episodes that you could click. There is no way to leave fullscreen mode other than hitting ESC on the keyboard. The bar that is present during playback that has controls such as Fullscreen Toggle, Volume, etc... is absent on this screen.

So I suggest/request that, at the very least, a Fullscreen Toggle button be added to that screen. Currently, the only way to get out of Fullscreen mode on that screen without hitting ESC is to hit Replay or click another episode link from there, thus adding an unnecessary step.
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28 / M / Kansas City, Miss...
Posted 9/11/11
i would like to see a naruto video app, i know you have one but it not the season 1-9(? i think that ) the one before naruto leaves the village. im not should if im makeing this clear or not?
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25 / M / United States of...
Posted 9/15/11
would be great to see a option to build a music playlist in the 'music' section of this site, most of the music player's i see are getting cut off most/ all the time, along with the playlist being from another site like '' for a example.... all i am saying is; "it would be really awesome if we are able to build a playlist for a profile and/ or for a group without seeing other sites in order to even do so'.
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27 / M / Boston, MA
Posted 9/19/11
Id like for the videos to be able to display the connection. Much like right clicking on Youtube videos and choosing the "Show video Info" option. We already have the other flash options like enable and disable video/subtitle acceleration. Would be helpful to diagnose some problems like the video just stopping at random from time to time. Even though connection seems to be excellent...
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