WD RP - "The First" Characters [under reconstruction]
Posted 12/4/08

Halo_Capella wrote:

World Domination RP, thread


Post your characters here. Based on the list in the group description:

Name: *your secret name and/or your real name*
Age: *Can be real age and/or appeared age*
Gender: *male/female*
Class: *this is what group you are in*
Personality: *paragraph long*
Appearance: *pic or paragraph*
History: *paragraph. Although, I wouldn't know how the character join WD*
Other: *A skill, strength, talent or equipment. Weaknesses are optional, if you want a second advantage.*


Halo_Capella wrote:

Name: Codename: Ichiban (Evangelica "Eva" Capella)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Class: Pirate
Personality: Optimistic, Tomboyish and creative but very impulsive. She can withstand anything intimidating and hostile, no matter it's a person or not. Especially if someone threatens her, she thinks it's a game.
History: Born and raised from Toronto, Canada. Inspired to draw manga like her father, Halo. She caused an accident in her aunt's lab, forcing her mother, who was a yakuza member, to teach her martial arts. After her graduation from high school, she was recruited by the Overlord of the secret organization for world domination.

A young Japanese girl standing at five foot five. Her body look slim but in good shape. A tough built but light as frail. One brown and wavy bang longer than the left bangs which stands out over her short bushy black hair. Her young fashion gives her the range from long or short when it comes to jeans and jackets. Her common accessories is a watch and a side-bag.
Other: She's skilled in martial arts and the manga arts. Unfortunately, she's very impulsive.


GaaraILWsya wrote:

Name: Sya Walker
age: (appeared) 16
Gender: Female
class: Blu_Soldier
Personality: Quiet, deadly, and soft-spoken. Self driven. She is very calm when dealing with idiots of an nature. She is as sharp as a tact and as strong as hundred men. though she doesn't look it.

History: Unknown
Other: Sya walker is a pro with mind fucking people.. please do not get caught in her trap.. (heh.. as if you could)


sorelin wrote:

Name: Angel

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Class: Human/ Lawyer

Personality: Smart and independant. No action is taken without thorough analysis. She likes to analyse situations and can be very manipulative when needed. She has no patience for time wasters.


History: An idealistic individual who after studying long and hard hours at Law school she finally graduated at the top of her class. Unfortunately she wasn't able to find a job due to the male dominated world of Law. Feeling disillusioned with her profession she deided to turn her attentions to other pursuits in life, when she found out about the World DOmination Guild. Why she joined and what she intends to achieve is not yet known.

Other: Is very skillful in the use of words, and in manipulation of others. Carries around a notebook and pen with her at all times in which she takes notes. No one knows what she writes down...
She also carries a pink hand bag with her at all times, which contains various items. Appearances can be deceptive.


ichernandez wrote:

Name: code name Aoi real name mizuiro
Age: 21 but her appearance is of a 17 yr old
Gender: Female
Blood type: A
Group: Pirates
Personality: Headstrong and serious when it comes to combat and training she is like a drill sergeant from Hell. But she is very good tactician and has mastered various martial arts. mostly her specialty is silent-kill and stealth. What's amazing is her gunner prowess which she can shot 100,000 bullets under a minute. Mostly stoic and rarely show any emotions but deep down cares for her comrades and family.


Has a military like outfit because of she served the military during her teenage years and a eyepatch because she lost an eye in a training accident

History: Was born in kyoto,Japan.At the age of four her mother died in a accident and Aoi and her family moved to Guam because of her father's job. At the age of 6 she was abandoned by her father because of a bankruptcy that occurred at her father's company and could not support them anymore and at the same time a tsunami occurred which killed thousands of people especially her fatherwhile Aoi and yuya were safely in a shelter.She was only left alone with her blind twin Yuya whom Aoi vowed to protect her even if its the cost of her life. As time passed she worked hard to become stronger, more independent but more distant to her sister. Her dream was to to take control of the world and the people because she viewed the world as cold-hearted and disfunctioned. So she traveled around the world to make her dream come true and suddenly stumbled upon a guild called the WD who took her in who acknowledged her goal and is now dedicated to the group to reach that goal

Other: despite her appearance she has a specialty which is hiding large artillery and guns throughout her body and amazingly and take them out in a flash


mariia wrote:

Name: darkness or "dark"
Age: unknown
Gender: female
Class: vampire
Personality: mysterious and quiet. hates people who think too much and hates people who think too little. very picky when it comes to friends. hates those who look like idiots and yes, ,judges people by their looks before personality.
History: killed over ten thousands men. had experience with handling a sword and will strike in battle without hesitation. born into a royal family but hated their guts so killed them all. became queen and the people all ran away from her. she ruled over an empty land. built a new castle and then left her country. she walked the darkness for many years.
Other: she actually loves making fun of people and putting then down. and secretly, she plays the piano


blckfox7 wrote:

Name: Kuro

Age: 20

Gender: male

Class: undead

Personality: A silent person.To put it simply he's much more a spectator.He don't have motivation unless it really necessary.He don't trust people very easily.

History:As one of the remaining necromancer he travelled in netherworld in search of the most powerful undead and demon army that would serve him for eternity and to study the core of the power of darkness to be the most powerful necromancer of all. After studying, training, being feared by demons and mastering all the arts of darkness of the netherworld for thousand years he finally begin to travel in the human world in search of the hidden powers of earth.Witnessing the evil side of humans he decided to annihilate all them.Thus he search for allies that share with the same objective like him, he finally found an organization the WD and join them to dominate the world.

Other: He likes to collect souls and dead bodies of powerful warriors.None of his enemies is still alive and all of them have become his minions that would serve him for eternity. He is currently one of the 5 strongest creature in the whole netherworld.



lordjazen wrote:

Name: Lord Jazen de Cruix
Age: 600 Millenia(1,200,000yrs)
Gender: Male
Class: Angel but perfers to stay in a more human form
Personality: Jazen doesn't really care about the world or it's beliefs and seeing as he was created by GOD from his mother and father he knows all beings are truly beneath him, but doesn't care enough to allow that thought to disturb his interactions with others. He perfers to get down to business but doesn't mind the occational random occurance. He trusts everyone unless they prove themselves unworthy but knows it really doesn't matter. He doesn't care about anyone, but is not careless to throw away others lives for the sake of his own. He perfers the dark side of life but enjoys the light on occation. He can be cold mean, and annoying at times. Enjoys challenges.


History: When Lucifer tried to take over Heaven from GOD he used the power of darklite to corrupt and empower his followers with an evil light that brought the newly formed Dark angels into existance. Jazen's father was a Dark Angel who betrayed Lucifer and Told God of the Plan to overthrow Heaven. Because the love between Jazen's parents was so great After the war Jazen was born as the true Immortal Angel an angel who harbors a true soul. And because of his Soul God gave Jazen a gift which only the humans could recieve, the chance to speak directly to him, and to freely chose his own path. As the years passed, Lucifer grew in power on earth and demons whom excaped from hell decided to take over the Earth. And so God sent his son Jesus to stop them. In the year 4a.d. the Anti-Christ was born and he began to bring the demons from hell to take over the world. Jazen saw this and asked God if he could stop them. God said that the deal he made with Lucifer was No direct contact, but he had no cause to stop someone who could choose his own path. And so Jazen left heaven and slayed the Anti-Christ with his Sword Shiohmaru. since then Jazen has been on Earth taking humanity in and making sure the appocalyps doesn't start earlier then it is supposed to.

Jazen wanted to stop the corruption of the world so he helped people he believed to be good into power, but now the world is even more corrupt so he helped found a Secret Organization.

Other: Jazen has the ability to control divine light which can completely destroy shadow and darkness and be used as a weapon to erradicate and sterilize all beings whatever they may be. he is also a master of close combat and blades. Jazen's soul is immortal like all human souls and he can fully tap into its power unlike most humans. Jazen is pretty sure he is also immortal but then again he hasn't been killed and he doesn't like to chance it.


Maggot9 wrote:

Name:Takeshi, Codename: Ripper
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class:Death Note User
Personality:Quiet, yet cold.

History: Born in Tokyo, Japan, Takeshi was a cheerful person until the killing of his family, at the hands of a serial killer. After that tragic day, He turned into a cold hearted person. One day later, He found a Death Note, he decided to take revenge on the killer by killing him with it. After killing him, he decided to kill anybody that gets in his way.
Other: He has the the ability to see people's names and their life-spans with his eyes, This ability is called Shinigami Eyes. (From Death Note)


Greed-kun wrote:

Real Name: Alistor Kai
Alias: Dune
Age: 4,000 (Appears 28)
Gender: male
Class: Immortal
Personality: usually calm and composed but when in a fight cold and ruthless
History: Son of the God Kai. After witnessing his father's death, at the hands of his brother, Dune turned to a life of evil. And eventually joined the World Domination Group.
Abilities: Immortality, Incalculable Super-human Strength, super speed, expansion, shapeshifting, and flight


Raiden_Stormstrider wrote:

Name: Raiden (Raid) The Deathbringer
Age: snice the time he was given the "eternal life"... (unknow)
Gender: Male
Class:Undead Summoner, Lich
Personality: He have a Type A personality so big it makes other Type A's shrink away in shame.
He never shy away from adversity - and he just love to tackle impossible problems.
Failure is not an option for him, and more than a few people are put off by his ego.
He tend to be controlling, and he hate leaving anything up to chance.
His strength: His "bold" approach to life (ironicly he doesn't has it)
His weakness: He don't accept help
Cold and ruthless when in the fight. Time is the thing he never think about. Very revangefull. And he don't trust people very easily.


History: He's own is not told... and it is frogoten...
Overall history of Lich(s)
Through the use of powerful spells, items and incantations, users of magic have long been able to prolong their mortal lives beyond what is considered to be the standard life expectancy for their particular race. To continue pushing back the fingers of death is a goal that requires years of training, study and research. Although the magic can sustain an individual's life force, inevitably their body will continue to age and wither away as time marches on. Much of this time is spent in further research and this can easily become an all consuming struggle for those concerned.

Evil mages (especially necromancers) and clerics who serve the dark gods have been known to take a different route in the search for what is, essentially, eternal life. Rather than fighting death, they have sought to embrace it, making use of their familiarity with the dark forces acquired through years of evil practise. The end result is that they become liches, creatures that are among the most powerful of the undead.

Having turned its back on life a lich's body will begin to decay. The process continues until all that remains is the creature's skeleton. This may not be readily apparent, however, as a lich will appear in the fine garments and robes that it would have worn in its natural form.

A lich retains the ability to use spells that it had in its previous existence, while this new form grants it immunity to many types of magic and weapons that others may try to use against it.

The simple touch of these creatures can cause injury and death and those not already frozen in terror at the sight of this monster may also become paralysed (unfortunately, having been afflicted, no-one has ever lived long enough to determine if the paralysis is only a temporary condition).

Liches have glowing red eyes which are able to transfix an opponent. This leaves the victim unable to take any action or to defend themselves. The use of this power takes a significant amount of concentration on the part of the creature, which is then limited to controlling any of the legions of the undead that may be nearby.

Liches that were once clerics appear to have a special affinity with other undead creatures. Anyone foolish enough to invade the lair of one of these monsters is likely to encounter several "lesser" undead (acting as guards and servants) before running into the head creature. It's wise to think of these early meetings as warnings of what lies ahead and that, assuming a quick death has been avoided, turning back now is the best course of action.

In the unlikely event that it should require assistance, any lich is able to summon aid to its location. This is accomplished simply as a result of concentration and help will appear in the form of whatever undead is in the local area. While reinforcements can take a few minutes to arrive, this is still extremely bad news for any opponent of the lich (even undead beholders will respond to the monster's call).

....................Now affter many years of traveling throught the all fantasy realms, he joined the Wrold Domination. To prove his worthy and test he's skills......


most_unpredictable_ninja wrote:

Daisuke:.. also known as AKO

eyes: emerald green
Hair changes with color.. whole body transforms

he was trained under a secret organization...of ninja.. against oppressive powrs even against other ninja, and asassins.
but prefers to work alone..
he has been on the run..and his appearance threatens the safety of his loved ones so
he wears a white mask.. from the one he switched his life with..

he wields the jade gate sword.. a weapon with unknown powers.. the intro to his story..
Ako in here has passed all his missions.. and now takes on the challenge of settling down.. but as a trained assassin.. his habits bring out the worst of him.. he's gained feelings of loathing.. but continues until his last breath..
now Ako has abandoned his organization.. for a quest to redemption..


Ghost_Stalker wrote:

Name: Ghost

Age: 700 millenia

Gender: male

Class: Half breed (half Demon, half fallen angel)

Personality: A honorable but sometimes dark person. Even with all that as happened to him he still retains a strong sense of honor and duty toward the heavens. A very intelligent person with a somewhat large ego about himself (although he doesn't show it offen).


History: A former Seraphim, He served with the Angels until one day the others learned he was not pure blooded and cast him out of heaven to work as God's secret agent on earth. Worked in the background to solve world issues with a light hand. the phrase "Illuminati" was based around ghost's solving of the 100 years war between Britain and France.

Other: A summoner of Ghosts and Demons.


hiiro666 wrote:

Name: Tren
Age: 17
Gender: U can figger it out...
Class: Death note user
Personality: Quite, stays in the shadows but comes off as a kind person when talking to people. sarcastic and has a twisted sence of humor. Can be very cold and mean to people i dont like , enjoys pocky, rock music and nighttime...
Appreance: Well ok then.... Sort of like this... Black hair, blue green eyes
History: mother/father.. Happy little family setting... But they r never home. Has a part time job as a waiteress, it was a flaw and boring till finding a death note. Uses her part time job to gather information. Then found out about WD while gathering info, joined hoping that her valuable information and ability would be of use in WD.
Other: Can fire an arms, Lock hacker, and is a fast runner also a sports addict.


Moro wrote:

Name: Dahlia/Moro
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: Deamon -beast rider
Personality: Low tempered-lazy-dreamer-fighter, like the one she like and hate the one she hate, it takes a lot to change my minde about something lots of prusesion, don`t like when people look down on me that`s realy pissing me off, allthou i`m wisious and bloody i wan`t to protect the 1 i love
History: By many report she is first dother of Ra-ten family the one of the highest family in the deamon realm but other reaporst says that she is first dother of the angel family Tenar is highly posibile that she belongs to the bouth bloodline coz her birth is dateing in tranculity time when this 2 realm in short preod didn`t fight. About her sibblings and familiy is known a little and all is gesing. Gessing r that she has little brother and sister but that is ? First reaport about her was notified when she was15 years old, in that time she killed 2 sheraphim and 3 high level deamon (vampire, warevolf, baltazar), after that she lived in out this 2 realms and her being is from that point uknown. Now after 2 years of she has come back to establishe Clan trat will rule over this 2 realm and everthing that catchs their eye.


Other : Because all that fight her and all the viewers had died or gone mising it`s asumed that she is highly skiled


Juggallo666 wrote:

name: Violent J.
age: 24
gender: Male
class: Soldier
personality: violent , demented and just plain psycopathic.
apperence: * just like my avatar *
history: murdered my mother, watched my father die. live with c.r. user rawkrchc. When i was two i killed a man who just looked at me that went on till now. Now if u look at me or my wife u get ur insides eaten. Wen I was 5 I acidently burned my face while burning dead bodies. When I was 14 I met rawkrchc, she was cute.
other: will to cut off heads with a shovel.


BE_LOVED wrote:

Name: Mordicai
Age: 16
Gender: F
Class: Trained Assassin
Personality: Shy at first, outgoing and maybe even a bit crazy later on. Very cynical and short tempered. Is easily amused and annoyed, so she laughs or roll her eyes at practically everything. Nosy, so she often sits back, observe, and judge. The type of lazy person that doesn't even like walking one yard to get the remote to change the channel despite what terrible trash is on. Childish in that having fun is one of her top priorities, mature in that ... whatever makes a person mature. She hates asking for help even when she really needs it. She enjoys making lists and planning things out, such as, how to kill someone, lists of things to buy, people to kill, etc.
History: Born into an elite family, she used to be one of those naive people that misunderstood the purpose of living until she realized the shallowness of the world and how she is destined for world domination. As she grew up she made many enemies, but that only fueled her desire to wreak havoc on those she judged to be in the wrong. She kept her true personality to herself and continued acting naive and innocent, waiting for the day when she would take revenge. One day, she met someone that saw through that facade. That person, seeing her potential, asked her to join the organization known as WD. She was skeptical at first, but was unable to resist her thirst for revenge and world domination, so she left her old life and started a new one in WD.
Other: Strength - kicks really hard, skill - can stay up for long periods of time, weapons - a dagger and rope

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