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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/5/08
Korea is way too conservative and controlling! Let go of the controll this is the 21st century.
Aigoo! I can't believe they censored rainism and took away his magic stick! WTF get a grip Don't they have something like the country's economy to worry about?. But I guess as a backlash to the government rain bought a stripper pole to the korean film festival and gave the women in the audience a SHOW. Trust, you need to watch it search for "The 7th Korea Film Award-Rainism" Rain stuck it in the face of the government which I am happy as hell he did. Go Rain because "he gotta be a bad boy, a bad bad boy"

What doyou think of Korea's censorship of rain? Credible or they need to get a life?
Is Rainism that outrageous?
And what's wrong with the magic stick it looked like a frigin' cand cane!

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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/5/08
its ridiculous!! seriously..there's nothing wrong with rain's magic stick. is jz sum kind of his stage perfrmance..this is wat we called art!!

this censorship thingy not juz happened to rain but also to other artist such as dbsk and solbi. they also banned dbsk's mirotic song. its so stupid ~ i'm not trying to be biased here but seriously wats the point of banning it now their album alrdy sold more than 460000 copies..

but one thing for sure, they can banned the artist but they can't stop us as a fans to keep on listening and supporting our fav artist

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