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darkness does drown me
darkness does engulf me
in red and in blue
blood and water
are the best for me, maybe not so much for you

ice or melted, it matters not
they both make me feel right at home
at the bottom, or at the top
it matters not, darkness binds

binds our feelings and all of our hopes
grand darkness is that is gives me such masquerading ways

I feel so alive when I see their last breath
I feel so at ease when I see them escape death

hold on tight for that final hurrah
I hold on tight, to that bismal hurrah
their lives mean nothing while I drench them in red

wether it is in love, wether it is in hate
wether it is a bludgeon death from above
wether it is a sliced death during an escape

they all do die in that very end..thanks to the darkness they wont live again
I thank the darkness for such an amazing bloody holliday
I thank the darkness that surrounds me for such a crimson summer day

I fail to see,what is the point of living
are they not all going to die in the end
humans are fragile, humans are frail
humans are useless, in their everlasting life of

fail in flames

flames of darkness take me away
water of life breath into me
the wind of death shall blow all life to the dreary skies
and earth shall go down, in such a great and failing/falling....


thank you, Darkness

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A poem section desu? Heres One I made desu~!

The Stainless Glass Wall in my Heart

The Stain Less Glass....Its making me seem dirty....
The Windows open and blowing my hair....
Crimson tears flow down the front...when Mom sees it...she worries...
The neighbors are drinking...without a care....

The rain just sakura petals....
The coldness coming off....of my wristband's metal...
The endless just lay ahead...
The felling in my heart...I don't thinks it's dread

But anxiety....boiling within...
Sighing while chasing the White Wind...
Kissing in the eyes...of your former love...
Watching them go...and pray for forgiveness from above...

The reaction of cruel and heartless...
My insults to you are this glass shard is...
The darkness is calming and not what its seems.....
Its the only place now where you see your dreams...

The motion is cutting off all of my air....
The stainless glass wall will always be there...
Staring me in and out....
Making me wonder what it's really all about...

The music is blasting and hurting my ears...
The raindrops are cold salty tears...
The one I love is near...I know things are better...
If only my face...were dry..and not so much wetter...

His arms are warm and inviting....
His embace so enticing....
His kiss will never make me want to part....
With the Stainless Glass Wall in my heart...

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through my expectations I reach my demise
looking the fire as it burns my eyes
I learn nothing as I begin to decay
I learn something new something new when I walk away

times are hard and they come with new problems
times are hard and I dont how to solve them

so I try
so hard to explain
the easiest way
to get through my troubled outcasted days

so I try so hard to refrain
from taking the easy way out of all of these
pessimist poor feeling days

I look up into my high hopes
and I, hope now that I can finally cope
with a past thats causes my souls corosion
with a past that causes my breakdown
and I know it

theres a hard road in this here life
I took the shortcut out
and now its nothing but strife
if I could turn then maybe I would
but it wouldnt make it better
no it wouldnt make it good

so I try~
so hard to explain
the easiest way
to get through my trouble outcasted days

so I try try high
so hard to refrain
from taking my easiest way out
of my pessimist poor feeling days

and I live my life according
according to how I walk it
I live according to
everything I know that I shouldnt do

these jokes I call years
that have built up in my time
have got me walking down
a one way street down the one way line

and slowly but surely
that line is fading away
maybe someday it will turn into an easy way

so I try
so hard to explain
the easiest way
to get through my troubled outcasted days

so I try so hard to refrain
from taking the easy way out of all of these
pessimist poor feeling days

my newest write Easiest Way
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Wow. You both are amazing poets. Your perspectives are a lot darker than mine, but I think that's why I like your writing so much. You both have two such beautifully morbid points of view. I would contribute but... well, let's leave it at "I'm not a poet", shall we?

The first poem kinda gives me a feeling of a reddish black color. I can't really describe the feeling well, but the color is like a pure, wide-eyed, heart-attack inducing black, with a glow of red to it where the light hits it just right. The color also kinda oozes with the consistency of sun-warmed tree sap; it flows slowly, but noticeably, and sorta has a tinge of enticement in the way it moves. Only nameable feeling I can think of would be a slight bit of disturbance. Which is a good thing, in my opinion, since I actually felt disturbed and didn't just find the words creepy; it means the writing was believable.

Easiest Way was a someone-just-died stormy gray. It gives a feeling of sadness and loneliness, which increases once you finish. I like how you lead into what it is about, instead of just giving it away. You kept the whole point throughout, but gave more information bit by bit as it progressed. Coolness on your part. I really like the fact that after reading it I want to go give someone sad a hug and shove fifty dollars into some Toys for Tots thing somewhere. By the way, you don't have to follow the direction of a one-way street. You can turn around and go opposing the direction of traffic. It takes some serious stupidity to do that, but when you realize you just missed where you were going and you can't pull a U-ey for another 3 miles because whatever city you're in sucks like that, you don't really care as much. Soooo... yeah. I liked this better than the first one, because I find it slightly more poetic.

The Stainless Glass Wall In My Heart is touching and sad. It's lonely and depressing and tells a beautiful story with only a few words. It has a bitter-sweet ending, as well as great imagery and beautiful suggestive work. However, I feel you could have done a bit more to it to make it even better. It's still amazing, though, and better than anything I would expect from a person my age. For some reason I feel like in real life you are the type of person no one would expect this form of art from, but that could just be me.

Overall you both were fantastic. I hope my interpretations weren't off, and my critique unnecessary. I hope both of you continue to write and grow as poets. I'm looking forward to any more work you both post here.
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A new poem desu~!

Sayonara Minna (Good-bye Everyone)

I mask my emotions
As the stir me inside
The deadliest sin of the seven is pride

I look at my house
And take one last glance
I tighten my grip on the rope in my hand

The life that I knew
It was all just a lie
The burning you left when you said "DAIKIRAI~!" ( I hate you)

The tears they fall down
From my face nice and slow
For this deed that i've chosen....where should I go?

I start walking foward.....
When I feel being tugged back
A man with a knife
His eyes scream "Attack"

I run and I slip
He smirks down at me
"My dear....your purpose....what could it be?"

I tell him of you
Of that hostile night
As you held onto that lovingly tight

So he took me aside
Pressed me into the tree
Quietly crying...while he took my virginity

I looked up at him
When he was finally done
I asked this question "Ne Mr.are you that one"

That girl who stole you ( My love)
No it could'nt be
We're you her former Kareshi?! (Boyfriend)

He looked at me
His eyes softly stared
His eyes slowly narrowed while mine turned to a glare

He silently wept
While pulling me close
The choice that she made....wasn't what I chose

So he told me his story
Of how jelous she was
When me and Boyfriend were deeply in love

So I hugged him back tightly
Whispered in his ear
Gomenasai Koi...(I'm Sorry my love).....Aishiteru Dear! ( I love you Dear!)

So he picked up my clothes
I went to get things
For our new life together
Kanajou and Kareshi (Boyfriend and Girlfriend)

Left a note on the door
Of his house late that night (Old Love)
And it said:

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I haven't really thought about a title...

As the meridian sun sets on the eve of our lives,
We awaken the eternal darkness within,
Few escape, fewer survive.

We who embrace the darkness,
The children of sin,
Lost souls seeking the comforting solace of the dark.

We who weave our own destiny,
Carefully plotting our paths,
Will tame the darkness.

We who know true pain,
true despair,
Will show the world our power.

As the black sun rises,
A new age dawns in the lives of men,
We will rule.
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Pyro-chan ur poem is so cool desho ^_^
Totally unexpected from a guy desu ^_^
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thank you
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red blood stains the floor
death painted in blackness and red
lives lost and hope gone
thousands of bodies pile up in hell
evil breaks lose
abandoned hope with no hope
a dark endless pain
a breath taken in is closer to death
and love is one that hurts most a undying pain with no survivors and yet im still standing
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you all are such great poets and you all have a great style. here is one of my poems i think that having a poem section is sooooo cool here you go

In a dark room,
A crying girl sits,
Her dark brown eyes
over flowing with tears.
The people outside that lonely room all they head were wishpers.
She was always there standing in the
She gave everything
she had, but no one ever gave anything back.

And all they heard were wisphers her voice always
soft and kind.
Always low
Always mime.
Her voice was her hands.
She was mute by mouth alone.
Her actions as the saying goes
spoke louder
much louder than words.
All they heard were wisphers.
The movement of her hands through the air.
Her voice was mute, but her hand s were moveing as fast as they could.
No on ever heard her because
they didn't understand that the motions her hands made
were the words that she spoke.

So she sat in the corner
someone anyone to hear her.

Because all they heard were wispher.

The silent motion of her hands.
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Sorry I haven't been around, but I've another for you all

Forces of oppression
Hours of denial
Class is now in session
Humanity's first trial

Brain-washing at its finest
Conformance is the key
Childhood's first quest
To slaughter individuality

Now this great massacre
Is coming to an end
The rebirth of another
Is just around the bend
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