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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/5/08
Main Characters
Arron Yan as: Arron
Gui Gui: GuiGui
Hebe Tian: Hebe
Wang Zi: Wang Zi

Other Characters (i might add more)
Jiro Wang- Jiro
Rainie- Rainie
Ya Tou- Ya Tou


Arron: 18 years old. He is Wang Zi and Jiro's best friend. Doesn't know how to express himself, but very caring. He's rich, his father is the smartest detective in Taiwan, His mother left him when he was five years old. He barely sees his father (mostly once a month). Therefore, he doesnt know how to communicate with people (Jiro and Wang Zi are his only childhood friends). #1 hottest guy in school, every girl wishes him as their boyfriend (who doesnt whether its real life or story)

Gui Gui: 18 years old. Active, sneaky, playful, can be very clueless sometimes. Naive, and enthusiastic. Loves all different types of insects and animals except for cats (read the story to know why). Lives with mother only, Father died when she was young (car crash). Best friends with Ya Tou. Not rich, not poor (middle class), but very tight with money. Works at a restaurant as an employee. Very innocent. Everyone loves her. Dreams to be a nurse someday.

Wang Zi:18 years old. Very nice to people, rich. Thoughtful, second hottest guy in school. Wanted to be a psychologist. He can tell if a person is good or bad just by a glance. Never dated anyone before. Not even a crush. But rumored to be because he was really nice to peoples.

Hebe: 18 years old. Very competitive, smart. Every guy wishes her as their girlfriend, but she rejects all of the,. Very rich, her parents are designers (clothes), shes spoiled. Loves to get attention. Likes Arron. WAnted to be a designer also.

Love Plot....

Arron wanted to be a detective, and is now in college. He gets a lot of love letters in his lockers everyday. When he first met Gui Gui, he always thoguht she was annoying and boring, also very helpless. But the longer he knows her, the more he realized that she is very innocent. Unknowingly, he fell in love with her. Because of his stubbornness, he was afraid to admit, afraid to face the truth. Gui Gui never knew what true love between a guy and a girl, although she envied people who was in love. Meeting Arron, she find him boring and mean. She couldn't understand how a person can be so rude to others. Therefore, she wanted to change him, make him nicer which can also help others live happier. Wang Zi on the other hand, admires Gui Gui's innocence. He has never met a girl so stubborn, yet innocent. That was when he started to try to understand her more, causing a crush. Hebe, who is annoyed because of how Gui Gui keeps on bugging Arron, found out that Arron was in love with Gui Gui. She tried to break them apart, but failed, and fell for Wang Zi later on.

THERE WILL BE STORY PLOT not done talking about the story...this is only the "love plot".. ill show the conflict and stuffs probably in two days...
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I love it! <3
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24 / F / EARTH xD
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it's good~!~

please upload soon!
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