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24 / M / Australia
Posted 1/2/09
Old movies
Old Music
Songs with english in it unless it's something like Inner Universe (first opening song for Ghost in the Shell)

things that make me feel better.
asian music
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32 / M / auckland
Posted 1/2/09
Failing depresses me.

The thought of possible future that consist of working 5 days a week. From 9 to 5 in a shitty ass job i don't give a fuck about depresses me.

Words that grown ups uses alot. Mortgages. Bills. Interest rates. Jobs. Regular. Mundane. Tax. All those shit depresses me.

The thought of highly desirous lifestyle of hedonistic glamour and shit. And the high probability that you ain't gonna have it no matter how hard you work for it. No matter how clever and talented you are. No matter how many long hours and days and sweats and tears and blood, ambition and dedication you work for it. You still probably won't reach that untouchable world.

That dreams probably will remain just dreams. It sucks when you live life like a butterfly. You started out from an ugly carterpillar. And longing for the sky you work hard to grow wings from your back. Only to find out that your wings are so small that all those effort are just a motherfucking waste of time.

All these shit depresses me. I feel so fuckin jaded. Sigh.
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