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This is a side story of Shugo Chara!

Chapter 1: The Intro.

Kairi's Side

Sitting at the royal garden. A boy with dark almost black, green hair was drinking tea. His name is Sanjo Kairi.
"Just another normal day" The Class President thought. {My note: Yes he is the Class Prez!}
"Class President-san don't you remember?" Said some small male student.
"Remember what?" Kairi said annoyed making his cute chibi face.
"We have six new students coming today and all in the 6th grade Moon Class, your class." The student replied.
Kairi at that moment spat out his tea. "What the... Why didn't anyone tell me??!!!!" Kairi yelled.
"I didn't think it was importan...." The student was interrupted
"I am terribly sorry Class President-san." He said calmly, too calmly.
"NO SORRYS ALLOWED!!!! He yelled even louder.
Now realizing he asked "Who are you anyway?" He asked with a confused face.
"I'm Suzuki Seiichiro, Fourth year, glasses, brown hair, dog named...." He was yet again interrupted.
"YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET IN THAT MUCH DETAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled the loudest yet. Scaring the crud out of Seiichiro.
"Please leave, I have matters to attend to that aren't for little kids." He said with a death stare, once again scaring Seiichiro.
"H-H-Hia!!!" He said running for life.
But as he did he tripped and started to roll down into the school. A crash and screams could be heard coming from the Girl's Locker Room. With something sounding like MAJOR slapping.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The 4th year screamed like a girl waking up to find a boy peeking in the undies she was wearing and playing in THE AREA with his tounge. {My note: I am not perverted or bi I am just trying to give good entertainment.}
"How troublesome." Kairi said sighing and making his chibi face while putting his glasses back where they should be.
Kairi looked at the clock. - 6:30 -
He sighed.
"Might as well go to class, even though class doesn't start until a half an hour." He said.
He sighed again and started to put on his cape made for the higher ranked students.
There was a school ranking made for popularity. The most popular students would wear these. His cape was a plaid blue. The boys and girls had separate uniforms. The girls had a black jacket, a red tie, long white socks, indoor shoes, and a red plaid skirt. The boys had almost the exact same thing except for their blue ties and blue plaid shorts.
He then started to walk to class until Musashi came out of his egg.
"What an obligation you have as a class president and having peers that don't even tell you about a new student." Musashi said.
"Eavesdropping?" Kairi said with a smart-annoyed chibi face.
"I was just listening to my friend's duties, it is a kindness that a samuri does." Musashi said as they were both giving annoyed chibi faces.
"Well you eavesdropped wrong." Kairi stated calmly.
"I Was Not Eavesdropping." Musashi said as a bad come back.
"We actually have six new students." Kairi said calmly while raising his glasses to the proper spot.
Musashi made a shocked chibi face with his mouth looked like it could fall at any moment.
"All in the 6th year Moon Class" Kairi said calmly raising his glasses and straightening his tie.
"WWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Musashi yelled so loud it could have been heard all over the country if he wasn't a chara.
Kairi looked at the clock. - 6:40 -
"Well that killed some time." Kairi thought.
"What Do You Mean All In The 6th Yea....." He then noticed that Kairi was leaving.
"O-Oii!! Don't leave me behind." Musashi called to him as he followed.

---- Class 20 minutes later ----

The bell rung and Kairi was already in his new seat in a seven person group line alone.
"I guess since the new students are coming they switched seats and made groups." Kairi thought.
The students started to come in and found their new seats. They were so tired they didn't notice the 6 extra seats.
"Looks like I'm sitting next to the new students." Kairi thought. "Now we have 21 students."
He then looked at the taped down name card of the person next to him. -Hinamori Amu- He was on the edge of the line so he sat by only one person.
"So I'm sitting next to a girl named Amu" Kairi thought.
Then Nikaidou-sensei came in.
"Mornin!!!" Said Nikaidou-Sensei happily as always.
"Morning..... sigh." The students said tired.
"Idiots..." Kairi thought with three dots in a thought bubble.
"Oii!! Sensei!!! Why are you so excited this early in the morning?" A male student asked.
"Because." Nikaidou-sensei said happily in the most annoying tone ever.
"Cuz why?" The students asked.
"Because." Nikaidou-sensei said in the same tone again.
"Cuz why?" The students asked again.
"Because." He said again.
"And he is the biggest idiot of them all." Kairi thought.
Musashi moved his head side to side.
"Because Why?!!" The students asked AGAIN.
Musashi held his forehead.
"Cuz we have 6 new students!!!" Nikaidou-sensei said happier than before.
"WHAT???!!!!!!!!!" The students yelled.
"Yep, Yous can comes in nows." Nikaidou-sensei said.
The door opened, six students walked in standing in a straight line in front of the room.
The students started to whisper.
"Wow they all look so different!" A female student whispered.
"Are they foreigners?" Another female student whispered.
"Alright now for the intros." Nikaidou said with a weak smile.
"First is Yuiki Yaya, a 12 year old girl from France." He said.
"Hiyas!" Yaya said.
"FRANCE!!!!" The female students screamed happily.
"Then we have Soma Kukai, a 13 year old boy from Germany...." He was cut off.
"The best place for soccer!" Kukai said with a smile.
"COOL!!!!!" Some of the students said.
"Alright now it is Fujisaki Nagihiko, a 13 year old boy from Romania." He said.
"Hi" Nagihiko Said with a small smile.
"Hi!!" Some of the students said.
"Next is Mashiro Rima, a 12 year old girl from Italy." He said.
Rima was silent.
"Yahoo!!!!!!" The male students (except for Kairi) said staring at her beauty.
"Okay... Then we have Hotori Tadase, a 13 year old boy from England" He said.
"Hello." He said with a cute smile on his face.
"Ahh!!!!!" The female students smiled dazed from his beauty.
"Okay so the last one must be Hinamori Amu." Kairi thought.
"And last but not least, it is Himamori Amu...." He was cut off again.
"IT'S HINAMORI!!!!" She raised her voice.
"Umm... sorry." He said and continued.
"A 13 year old girl from..... would you look at that she is from America!" He said.
"America!!!" The students yelled.
Kairi just looked suprised and he was suspicious too because Nikaidou-sensei was just too quiet. He was always happy, but the moment they came by him his happy mood dropped. Something was.... off.
"Alright you will all sit at that group with our yearly voted class president." He said.
"They nodded and looked for their seats.
They found their seats.
It was Kairi, Amu, Yaya, Kukai, Tadase, Nagihiko, and then Rima.
"I'm Sanjo Kairi." Kairi said.
"Nice to meet you!" The other six said.
"Alright, I have work to do right now so I want you to talk to the people in your group." Nikaidou-sensei said "And no moving from your group!"
He then sat down and started his work.
The other groups started to talk while Kairi's group remained silent.
"You all have charas don't you?" Kairi said suddenly.
"!!!" The others were shocked.
"Y-You have a ch-chara? Tadase asked.
"Yes, I do." Kairi said in a calm voice but with a serious face.
"I know you all do and so does sensei." He said.
"S-Sensei also has a chara?!!" Kukai said.
"Yes, he does." Kairi replied.
"W-Well alright then." Kukia said "My chara is Daichi, right now he is at my house.
"My chara is Pepe and she is at my house, too!" Yaya said happily.
"My chara is Kiseki and he is at my house." Tadase said.
"Well mine is Kusu Kusu and she is at my apartment." Rima said.
"Mine is Rhythm and he is at my house." Nagihiko said.
"I'm Musashi and I'm Kairi's chara." Musashi said coming out of nowhere.
All of them almost fell of of their chairs except for Kairi.
"W-W-Where did you come from?!!!" Nagihiko questioned Musashi while pointing his finger at him.
"You see, in the inside of the cape is a slot for your charas." Musashi said.
"Ohhhhh." Kukai said.
While Rima, Tadase, Kukai, Nagihiko, and Yaya were talking to Musashi, Kairi noticed that Amu looked unhappy.
"How about you, what is your chara?" He asked her in a kind way with a gentle face.
The others now noticed that she was sad.
"W-W-W-Well to tell the truth, I-I have only seen h-her once, a-and then after she went back in her egg. I didn't even get her name." She said looking downwards and started to cry.
They all felt sad for her and didn't know what to say, except for Kairi.
He touched her shoulder gently and said "It's alright she talked to you, you didn't start the conversation, right."
"R-Right." Amu replied.
"So you both will meet again because you both want to." He smiled and said.
"T-T-Thank You." Amu replied blushing, but no one noticed.

Chapter 2: Planning Ahead.

Kairi's Side

"So we all have charas!" Kukai said happily. "And now that its cleared......."
"Give us a tour of the school, Kairi!" Kukai said with a smile on his face making an extreme close up to Kairi.
"No." Kairi said making his annoyed chibi face.
"Ehh! Why not!!" Kukai said complaining.
"It is still class not recess." Nikaidou-sensei said with an annoyed chibi face.
"S-So sorry sensei!" Kukai said.
Nikaidou put on a pouting chibi face and began his work again.
"So when can we have a tour?" Nagihiko asked.
"Ya, when can we?" Yaya asked with a smile.
"Tommorow morning at 5:00." Kairi said raising his glasses.
"5-5-5 AM?!!!!" Kukai said astonished. "How can we wake up at 5!!!"
"I wake up at 2:30." Kairi said.
"Ehh!" Kukai said.
"I-I wake up at 2:30 also." Amu said shyly.
"EEhhh!!" Kukai said.
"I wake up at 3:30." Tadase said.
"4 for me." Nagihiko said.
"I also wake up at 4." Rima said.
"EEEHHH!!! HOW CAN YOU ALL WAKE UP THAT EARLY????!!!!!!!!!" Kukai and Yaya said in perfect sync.
They looked at each other trying to find the perfect moment to jinx the other.
Because of that they didn't notice the whole class AND Nikaidou-sensei staring.
"AHEM" Nikaidou-sensei coughed.
They both turned their heads and made uh-oh chibi faces when they looked at his glasses reflecting the light.
"Soma-san, Yuiki-san may I see you in the hallway?" He said with his hand shaking with his pencil breaking and with his death faced chibi stare.
"H-H-H-Hai!!!!" They said scared out of their minds.
The whole class made they are gonna die chibi faces, while Kairi made an annoyed chibi face saying "Troublesome."
Amu made a soft giggle at his comment.
Kairi blushed and turned his head.
No one noticed the giggle and blushing. Amu didn't notice him blushing.
That happy moment ended quickly when they heard paddling noises.
Everyone slowly turned their head with better not look chibi faces.

--- 15 minutes later after the paddling ---

Yaya and Kukai's butts were glowing so beat red that you could see the red from their bottom lowering of clothing.
Both of them had tears in their eyes while sensei continued his work.
The other five made sorry for you chibi faces.
"W-W-Well so we meet at 5." Tadase said trying to ignore the fact that they are crying.
"Sure..." Yaya and Kukai said with their heads falling to their desks making exhausted chibi faces.

Chapter 3: The Plans Accepted!

Tadase's Side

Door shuts lightly.
"I'm home Oba-san." Tadase said. {My note: he is also part japenese.}
Tadase took off his shoes by the door."
"Welcome back Tadase-kun!" Tadase's Oba-san said.
"I'm off to my room for the rest of the day, I have a lot of stuff to do." Tadase said.
"Okay, I'll bring dinner to your room." tadase's Oba-san said.
"Hai!" Tadase said.
Tadase walked to his room, where he was greeted by Kiseki.
"So did you find out if can come too?" Kiseki asked.
"Yes, you can come....." Tadase said until.
"Really, that is the best option for a king to go to different places than sit around in your room all day, so when I can see the school?" Kiseki demanded.
"As i was saying, we can tommorow, 5 AM. Tadase said.
"Okay so at 5." Kiseki said.
"Wahh, I'm gonna take a nap." Tadase said and yawned.
"Alright." Kiseki replied.

Kukai's Side

"ICH AM HOF, MUTTER!!!" Kukai said in an annoying german voice.
He then dropped and took off everything he didn't need.
"Wilkommen Hof, Kukai!" Kukai's mutter said.
"I am going into my room, Mutter!" Kukai said.
"Ja, Kukai!" Kukai's mutter said.
He then ran to his room.
He then opened the door and slammed it shut.
"Yo, Kukai!" Daichi said and asked "Do ya have any homework?"
"Hi and Danken Gott, Nien!" Kukai said relieved.
"Did you do good at school?" Daichi asked.
"I GOT PADDLED!" Kukai yelled.
"YIKES!" Daichi replied.
"Can Ich see the Skool?" Daichi asked.
"Ja... morgen at 5 AM." Kukai complained.
"WAS!" Daichi said shocked.

Yaya's Side

"Moman, je am asile!" Yaya said in a happy french voice.
She dropped her bag, flung her shoes, and hugged her Moman.
"Bonjour, Yaya!" Yaya's Moman said hugging her back then tearing her off.
"Je am going to my room, Moman!" Yaya said and ran off.
"Be attentif and don't trip." Yaya's moman warned, but at moment she tripped.
"That's my Yaya." Yaya's moman said and sighed.
Yaya got up, opened the door to her room, and shut it.
"Bonjour, Yaya-chan." Pepe said. "Did you do good at banc?"
"I got paddled for being bad!" Yaya said and started to cry.
"It's alright Yaya, you have me." Pepe said.
"Thank you so much, Pepe!!!" Yaya screamed happily.
"Can je see the banc?" She asked.
"Oui!" Yaya said.

Rima's Side

"Salve, Mamma." Rima said in Italian.
She took off her dress shoes.
"Salve, Rima." Rima's mamma said.
"Io am going to my room." Rima said.
"Si, Rima." Rima's mamma said.
Rima walked to her room, opened the door, and shut it lightly.
"Salve, Rima. Kusu Kusu said.
"Salve." Rima replied
"How was branco? Kusu Kusu asked.
"It was fine. We are going to go to branco together early." Rima said.
"Yay!!!" Kusu Kusu screamed.

Nagihiko's Side

"Hola, Mimar." Nagihiko said in Spainish. {My note: He is half Spainish.}
He set his bag down and took off his shoes.
"Hola, Nagihiko." Nagihiko's mimar said.
"Yo am going to my room." Nagihiko said.
"Si, Nagihiko." Nagihiko's mimar replied.
He then walked to his room, opened the first door, shut the door, opened the second door, and shut the door.
"Hola." Rythym said. "What was banco like.
"It was good. We have to leave for banco early." Nagihiko said.
"Si." Rythym answered.

Amu's Side

"I'm home." Amu said.
--- Silence ---
"What is the use? My parents are in America." She said
She took off her shoes and put her bag away.
She then walked up the staircase.
She opened the door to her room and shut it.
She walked over to the tiny purple cushion, with a yellow-gold tiny stand which her chara's egg was on.
"We are going to my school tommorow. Hope you like it." Amu told her chara's egg.
She then layed down on her bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 4: New Rankings!

Amu's Side

Sunlight shown down on Amu's face annoying her.
She turned her head trying to fall back asleep.
Then she looked at the clock.
--- 2:30 AM ---
"Oh! It's time to wake up!" Amu said and got out of bed.
She stretched her arms up in the air.
"Alright time to take a shower." She said.
She then grabbed her robe and left for her shower.
She turned on the hot water.
It was always the temperature wanted it to be because she was the only one that used it.
She removed her robe and got in.

--- 30 minutes later at 3:00 ---

She got out with her hair dripping wet and the rest of her body with it.
She put on her robe and went to her room.
She then went to her hairdryer and set it on hot.
She then blew her hair with it.
She next started to use her other hand to brush it with her hairbrush.

--- 20 minutes later at 3:20 ---

She finished blowing and brushing her hair it looked great.
She admired it and said "Better than yesterday"
"Yesterday my hair looked light brown." She said "Now they will notice my hair is pink naturally."
"Now for my school clothes." She said and went to her closet.
When she opened the door she found underwear, a skirt, a white bussiness shirt, her jacket, a hair clip, her socks. and her shoes.
She put all of that on and started to look for her tie.
"Oh great! Where did I put my tie?!!" She said annoyed.
She then looked half the time and found that she was so tired last night that she took it off on her bed.
"Eto.... I gotta stop doing that.

--- 40 minutes later at 4:00 ---

"OH MAN!!!" She yelled.
"It's that late?!!!" She said annoyed.
"Now I can't have a good breakfast." She said disappointed.
"I better have some Frosted Flakes and orange juice." She said.
She then walked over to a high cabinet and got out a bowl setting it down on the counter.
She got out a box of Frosted Flakes, poured it into the bowl, and put the box back.
She walked over to the fridge and got out milk and orange juice setting them down on the counter.
She went to a high cabinet, got out a glass, and put it on the counter.
She poured the orange juice in it, poured the milk in the bowl, put the beverages away, and got out a spoon.
She then sat at the counter and started to eat.
She then finished and put the dishes in the dishwasher.
"I better go get the egg" She said.
She went up the stairs, entered her room, grabbed the egg, put the egg in her pocket, left the room, and shut the door.

--- 30 minutes later at 4:30 ---

She walked down the steps, looked at the time, and read 4:30.
"I'll be early." She said.
She walked out the door, shut it, and locked it.
She walked to school.

--- 10 minutes later ---

"It's a great spring day." She thought.
She then saw a kitten and couldn't resist when it ran up to her meowing.
"Oh wow! You are so cute!" She said kneeling down to her.
She pet it a few times and noticed that it was --- 4:55 ---
"Yikes! I better go! See ya around kitty!" She yelled to it as she ran to the royal garden.
She got their just in time.
"Oh hello Amu......" Kairi started to say until he saw the hair.
Everyone had shocked chibi faces on.
"AMU WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR!!!" Yaya screamed.
"Actually..... It's natural." Amu said.
"WHAT?!!!!!!" They all screamed.
"How come you had light brown hair yesterday?" Rima asked pointing at her making a questioning chibi face.
"I used a bad shampoo yesterday." She answered.
"OHHH" They all replied.
"Alright... now that everyone is here we introduce our charas." Kairi said.
"I'm Daichi, Kukai's chara" Daichi said.
"I'm Pepe, Yaya's chara." Pepe said.
"I'm Kusu Kusu, Rima's chara." Kusu Kusu said.
"I'm Kiseki, Tadase's chara." Kiseki said.
"I'm Rythym, Nagihiko's chara." Rythym said.
"And I'm Musashi, Kairi's chara." Musashi said.
All of the charas starting talking to one another.
"Hey Musashi what's this country like?" Rythym asked Musashi.
"Well most people here are morons" Musashi said leading the charas to have sweatdrops "And it seems like the Sanjo family is the only family that has any sense."
"W-Well that was an interesting waste of the King's time." Kiseki said making everyone sweatdrop.
"Wait a minute, what about your chara?" Kiseki asked turning to Amu.
She looked down starting to cry.
"W-Wait a m-minute, d-don't cry." Kiseki said.
It didn't work and she cried more leaving the new charas shocked and confused.
"W-Why is she crying?" Daichi asked.
Musashi turned to them and whispered "Her chara is in her egg right now, she only got to meet her chara once. She didn't even get her chara's name."
Everyone looked sad for her and yet again Kairi tried to calm her down.
"It's alright Amu. You both will see each other again." Kairi said with a gentle face smiling.
Amu stopped crying and whipped her tears.
"Now, do you have her egg?" Kairi asked softly.
Amu nodded.
"Can you please show us? I'm pretty sure your chara would be happy." Kairi said with his gentle face.
She nodded again and showed them the egg.
"Oh wow!" Kukai said in amazement.
"It's a diamond egg!" Kusu Kusu said.
"I've never seen anything like it!" Tadase said amazed.
"It's so......... beautiful!" Kairi said amazed, too.
"Thank You." Amu's chara said in the egg.
Everyone put on a shocked face.
"That is all for today." The chara said still in the egg.
"W-What was that?" Rima asked.
"Well sometimes my chara says things from her egg." Amu replied.
"Well now that the intros are over we will discuss the rankings" Kairi said
"Rankings?" Kukai asked.
"Yes, it is when the students judge the new students popularity, if your popularity is high you will be given a cape like mine or a pouch for your charas, and you will also be allowed to change the color of your uniform if you want, but if you get the pouch you will still have to wear the cape on special occasions. You will get these options. The cape and pouch are also for holding your charas. Now tell me what color you want and if you will take the cape or pouch." Kairi said calmly.
"Well I will take a green uniform and cape." Kukai said.
"I want a pink uniform and a cape!" Yaya said happily.
"I will keep the same color and a cape." Rima said.
"I'm gonna have a brown uniform with a cape." Nagihiko said.
"May I have a purple uniform and cape?" Tadase asked.
"Can I have a yellow uniform with a pouch?" Amu asked.
"Now go to the changing rooms behind me and change." Kairi said.

--- 10 minutes later ---

"Wow we look so cool!" Kukai screamed.
"Now put your charas away, it's time we left for the tour." Kairi said.
"OK!" Everyone replied.

Chapter 5: New Cause?!!

Kairi's side

The 7 of them walked through the school together.
In the front was Kairi and Amu.
Next was Tadase.
Then it was Nagihiko and Rima.
In the back was Yaya and Kukai making a fuss.
"THIS PLACE IS REALLY BIG!" Yaya screamed.
"REALLY BIG!" REAlly Big!" "really big." it echoed.
"It echoed....... COOL!!!!!" Kukai screamed.
"COOL!!!!!" "COol!!!!!" "cool" it echoed.
"Don't, your hyper voices will break the glass." Kairi said with an annoyed chibi face turning back to look at them.
"But we want to spice things up a bit." Kukai and Yaya moaned.
"You two could make a good couple." Nagihiko said making his comeback smiling chibi face.
Both Kukai and Yaya were as red as tomatoes.
"I agree." Rima said making her annoyed chibi face.
They turned even more red.
"Y-You Are One To Talk!" Kukai yelled.
"Yeah, the way you two walk so close to each other makes you look like your married!" Yaya yelled.
Nagihiko and Rima were as red as they were.
Finally Nagihiko yelled " NO WAY, I DON'T DATE ANYONE!!!"
"I would hate to ruin this moment Happy moment, but thanks to your sensless arguing we only have an hour left for the tour." Kairi said.
"Let's go already." Tadase said.
They walked off to the first room.
"What is this room, Class President?" Amu asked Kairi.
"It's the library, a personal favorite of mine." Kairi said raising his glasses.
"Of Course." Kukai said with a smart chibi face.
"You know you need to spend more time in here, D average." Kairi said.
"D average?" Nagihiko said making his comeback smiling chibi face again.
"HOW DID YOU KNOW?!!" Kukai said making a said making a serious face.
"As Class President I have obligations to fufill." Kairi said making an annoyed chibi face.
"Let's just look inside it already...." Kukai moaned.
Kairi unlocks the door and opens it.
It was huge.
"Is there a section on basket ball, Kairi?" Nagihiko asked.
"To the left, second bookshelf." Kairi answered.
"Thanks." Nagihiko said and left.
"I will find what I'm looking for myself." Rima said and went in the direction of Nagihiko. {My note: gag books.}
"Is there a section on dance, Kairi?" Yaya asked with a smile.
"To the right, fourth bookshelf." Kairi answered.
"Yay!!! Thank You Kairi!!!" Yaya almost screamed, but remembered it was a library.
"Is there a section on Christen History?" Tadase asked.
"To the right to the sixth bookshelf and then up to the second bookshelf." Kairi answered.
"Thank you, Kairi." Tadase said and left.
"Is there a secti....." Kukai was cut off.
"Find it yourself, D average." Kairi said making his annoyed chibi face.
"Thanks a lot, Kairi." Kukai said and left in the direction of Yaya.
"Is there a section on cats?" Amu asked.
Yes Just go straight ahead and it's the first bookcase you see." Kairi said.
"Thank You, Class President." Amu said and almost left.
"Amu, you can call me by my name." Kairi said smiling.
Amu blushed and turned her head and realized something.
"Hey, what section are you going to look at." Amu asked.
"I am going to look at the dog section. It is on the left of yours." Kairi answered.
"So let's go look at them." He said, leading them to the sections.
They started to look through the books to find something.
"Did you find anything good?" Kairi asked.
"There are so many of them I don't know where to start! I could spend a year in this library!" Amu said happily.
Out of nowhere something dropped through the window on the ceiling.
"WATCH OUT!!!" Kairi yelled throwing himself on Amu to protect her from the glass shatering.
That had lead to an akward position of Kairi on Amu, his glasses on the floor, his tie loose, his longer legs in between hers, his arms over her shoulders,his hands flat on the floor touching hers, and his head to the left of hers barely apart.
They both blushed with their hearts pounding.
He picked up his glasses, quickly getting up, turning around, putting his glasses back on, and fixing his tie.
Amu quickly got up and turned away from him.
Both of their hearts pounding and their faces beat red.
Tadase close by saw what happened and was furious.
"I should focus on the glass right now." He thought and ran over to them.
A few seconds later and everyone was staring at what was dropped.
A bomb.
Nagihiko ran over to it, looked at it, and said "It'll blow in 40 minutes!"
"Let's hurry and bring it to the founding king! He'll know what to do!" Kairi said with a worried face. "Come on!" He yelled.
As they ran out of the building Kukai asked "Who is this so called King?"
"He's the owner of the school and the priciple. Only the high ranked students know his face." Kairi answered.
"So who else knows?" Tadase asked.
"Only me and Nikaidou-sensei." Kairi replied.
"So you were the only high ranked student before we got here!" Nagihiko stated.
"Yes, now let's get inside!" Kairi yelled.
They ran through the doors, slammed them shut, ran up the stairs, and barged through the doors.
"Ohh Kairi! Happy Day! You came to visit Me!" The FK said happily. {My note: I will call him FK now.}
He smiled happily until Kairi showed him the bomb.
"It dropped down the library window!" Kairi yelled handing it to him.
The FK imediatly disarmed it saying "Relax it won't make the school go POOF any-more."
"It was set to blow at 7:20. We were going to hold an assembly today at 7:00. The auditorium is right next to the library. By 7:20 everyone would be in there, so we would be sitting ducks." The FK said.
"We will cancel the assembly and go to the gym to play video games all day." The FK said with a big smile.
"Why video games?" Kukai asked.
"Cuz they're fun." The FK answered.
"Is he al..." Nagihiko was cut off.
"Sadly he is." Kairi said with an annoyed chibi face.
The FK put on a serious face and said "Whoever or whatever did this new the school very well. Kairi, we need the Student Chairs back."
"The student chairs?" Rima asked.
"The Student Chairs are the highest level of students. They are the ones that protect someone very important." Kairi said. "In other words, the high rankings."
"So we are supposed to stop the person or thing doing this?" Nagihiko asked.
"My My, you catch on fast." The FK said. "I will now give you your positions. Rima is Red. Amu is Yellow. Kukai is Green. Kairi is Blue. Tadase is Lavender. Yaya is Pink. Nagihiko is Brown. For things you do that aren't for school that we call missions, you will have codenames. Now get to class.
They look at the clock --- 7:15 ---
"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!" They all screamed except for The FK, he was still smiling.
They ran as fast as they could to class getting there at 7:19, 1 minute before you are late, and they were panting, HARD.
"You barely made it." Sensei said making an annoyed chibi face.
They were wearing coats that covered their uniforms so no one will know.
"S-Sorry." They all said.
They then took there seats and the anouncements started.
"This is your priciple speaking. You know that I'm only on the anouncements when it is VERY IMPORTANT. So I'll just cut the crap. We will have something like a student council, but better. These students will control the school. They will be able to wear any color uniform they want. You can identify them by their capes or pouches. They will have names for their positions. I will say them now Mashiro Rima is Red, Fujisaki Nagihiko is Brown, Soma Kukai is Green, Yuiki Yaya is Pink, Hotori Tadase is Purple, Hinamori Amu is Yellow, and the leader Blue is Sanjo Kairi. If you haven't noticed they are actually the High Ranks, but they will now be called the Student Chairs. And also we have no classes today but instead we will go to the gym and play video games! Good day." The FK said on the anouncements.
The class turned to the Student Chairs and surrounded them
"You guys are awsome!" A male student said.
"You get to control the school!" A female student said.
"You get cool uniforms!" Another male student said.
"Show us your uniforms!" Another female student said.
"Sure." Kukai said.
They took off their coats.
"COOL, BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, HOT, SPICY!!!!!!!!" They all said.
"H-HEY LET ME SEE, LET ME SEE!!!!!!!!!!" Sensei yelled trying to see through the students.

Chapter 6: Thinking About It

Nagihiko's Side

"Our game station is the Wii." Rima said.
"It allows 8 people, it's awesome!!!" Kukai said.
"I'm gonna play with you~~." Sensei said.
"Why us?" Nagihiko asked.
""Because you are fun." Sensei answered.
There was a long silence.
"We are gonna play, too!" Daichi said.
"Okay, but how can charas play Wii? Don't you think the students will be scared by floating Wii remotes." Nagihiko said.
"Good point." Pepe said with an annoyed face.
"We could be are owners partners." Musashi said.
"Good idea, Musashi-chan!" Sensei said happily.
The other charas looked shocked.
"T-This c-commoner can see us?!!" Kiseki demanded.
"Yep, cuz I have one!" Sensei said smiling in an annoying tone.
"That reminds me you guys haven't met or heard the story." Kairi said.
"Story?" Tadase asked.
"Yes, she isn't my real chara. I found her egg in the street. When I brought the egg home, she hatched. I asked her if she had an owner, but she just kept on saying that I was her owner. I asked her about herself, but she couldn'y remember anything but how to talk, float, walk, clean, and her name. She lost her memory. I took care of her. One time we did a chara change. I had a clover to hold my hair in a ponytail. After that we became chara and owner. She's probably cleaning my house, the classroom, being clumbsy, or getting lost." Sensei said.
"What a chara." Nagihiko said making a wierded out chibi face.
"Speaking of which here she comes now." Sensei said with an annoying smiling chibi face.
"Sensei, did you brush your hair and change your underwear today, desu~~" The chara said.
"Don't ask things that my mother would, Suu." Sensei said looking a little bit annoyed.
"I'm just worried about you, desu~~." She said with a worried face.
She looked behind him and saw Kairi and Musashi and floated in front of Kairi.
"Hello Kairi-san, Musashi-san, who are your friends?" She asked with a smile.
"These are the felllow student chairs. Rima and Kusu Kusu. Nagihiko and Rythym. Tadase and Kizeki. Kukai and Daichi. Yaya and Pepe. Last is Amu she....." Kairi was cut off as Suu floated to Amu.
"Your chara is still in her egg." Suu said smiling.
"She will hatch when your shine is bright." Suu said.
"H-How do you know I have an egg?" Amu questioned.
"You are a cute girl with a kind, shy expression. That means your egg is sparkling due to your kind heart." Suu said smiling.
She then turned to the others.
"I am pleased to meet you, but that doesn't mean that me and sensei won't kick your butts to Texas on Wii." Suu said with a devilish smile.
"That's the way to talk, Suu!!!" Sensei yelled, his hands as fists right next to each other, his eyes wide open, and ready to go.
"You think you can beat me and Kukai!" Daichi yelled.
"What are you talking about? Me and Yaya will win." Pepe said with an annoyed face.
"Kusukusu! Me and Rima!" Kusu Kusu yelled.
"Me and Nagihiko will!" Rythym yelled.
"It's obvious the King will win." Kiseki said with a smart look on his face.
"No! It's me and Kairi....... Kairi?" Musashi said turning his head to Kairi who was staring at Amu.

Amu's Side

Amu's eyes had no pupils in them. They were duller than usual. She had no expression on her face.
"Amu. Amu. Amu!" Kairi yelled shaking her.
Amu felt nothing.
Everyone surrounded her.
"Whats wrong with Amu-chi?!!" Yaya almost screamed.
"It's impolite to be like this in a King's presence!" Kiseki yelled.
"Amu-chan!" Nagihiko yelled.
"AMU!!!" Rima yelled.
"Himamori-san!" Sensei yelled.
"There's no answer." Tadase said trying to stay calm.
"Amu! Amu!! AMU!!!!!" Kairi yelled shaking her.

------- Somewhere else -------

It was in a pitch black space with nothing in it.............. but Amu.
"Come Here... Come Here...... Come....... Amu." A voice said
"W-Who are you?" Amu asked.
"It will be clear when you come with me......... Amu." The voice said.
"W-Why do I need to?" Amu asked. "A-And who are you?"
"My name is Ikuto and I need YOU." Ikuto said.
"Don't listen to him, Amu!!!" Her chara egg said floating right next to her.
The egg started to hatch and her chara came out.
The room started to become full of light fighting the dark.
"Y-You a-are my chara!" Ame said suprised.
"Yes, my name is Dia." Dia said.
"D-Dia....... what is going on?" Amu asked.
"This person took us here. He wants to steal your shine, Amu!!!" Dia said turning her head showing Amu her serious face.
"Let's get outta here!" Amu yelled.
"I can't allow that, Amu.........." Ikuto said.
"My Own Heart, Unlock." Ikuto yelled.
The room turned deep dark blue.
"Character Change, Black Lynx." Ikuto yelled.
"H-He chara transformed!" Amu yelled getting nervous.
Then a voice echoed.
"Amu! Amu!! AMU!!!" The voice echoed.
"K-K-Kairi-san..." Amu said shocked and a bit refreshed.
"Hmmm.... Kairi huh?" Ikuto said with a very devilish smile.
A rip in the room showed Kairi, Tadase, Kukai, Nagihiko, Sensei, Rima, Yaya, Suu, Kiseki, Musashi, Daichi, Rythym, Kusu Kusu, and Pepe.
"Amu! Amu Wake Up! AMU!!!" Kairi screamed with an incredibly worried face.

------ Back to Reality -------

Kairi's Side

Amu's eyes twitch, they slowly open, and started to fall backwards.
Kairi grabbed her waist and said "Amu! Are You OK?!!"
He handed her over to Rima and Yaya.
He turned around and went to the restroom.
He was alone and when he knew he was alone he couldn't help but blush.
At that moment Nagihiko entered and saw his red face.
He walked up to Kairi, not making a sound, and quickly walked in front of Kairi.
"You better sort out your feelings. Before they are crushed by another man." Nagihiko said leaving.

---- Later at Kairi's apartment ----

It was 6:00 PM as Kairi walked in his home.
"Yukari, I'm home!" Kairi yelled to his sister.
"Okay Kairi!" Yukari yelled back.
Musashi went to see what was for dinner.
Kairi fell down on the couch, sitting with his right elbow on his right kneecap, and his right hand holding his head up.
"Ohh, what is wrong with me?!!" He mumbled at a low voice.
"Whats wrong with you is whats right." Yukari said with a smile looking down at him.
She sat down next to him.
"Tell me whats wrong, Kairi." Yukari said looking at his eyes with a smile.
"In the Student Chairs their's this girl named Amu that I met the day she came into my class 8 days ago." Kairi said.
"Tell me more about her." Yukari said.
"She's a shy, responsible, gentle, respectful, and kind girl. She's an American exchange student. She has golden eyes and natural pink hair." Kairi said.
"Sounds like you know alot about her in just 8 days." Yukari said. "Has anything a bit romantic happened?"
"Well... a couple of times." He answered.
"So he has his first crush" She thought.
"Tell me them." She said calmly.
"Well the first time when two other members, Yaya and Kukai were making a fuss, Sensei brought them out in the hallway, I made a comment about them, she giggled, and I blushed for no reason. The next time was when we were at the school library, we were looking at sections that just had to be next to each other, the window on the ceiling broke, she was right under it, I pushed her out of the way, and I landed on her creating an akward position. My heart was pounding like crazy and my face felt like it was going to pop. The last time was today when she suddenly froze up, her eyes were dull without pupils, when she woke up she started to fall backwards. I grabbed her waist and pulled her up. I handed her to the female members, Yaya and Rima and went to the restroom so no one would see my face beat red. A male member, Nagihiko snuck up on me and told me to sort out may feelings before they are crushed by another man. I really don't know what he meant." He finished talking.
"No, not just a crush...." She thought.
"Well judging by your situation, it is best if you think them through this weekend. With what you have it is best for you to figure it out on your own." She said smiling and left Kairi.
"What does she mean by that?" He thought.

Chapter 7: Kukai's Discovery

Amu's Side

Amu arrived home at 6:00.
She went up to her room and sat at a table.
"Why did you hide, Dia?" Amu asked.
"I can't show myself all the time." Dia answered.
"O-Oh.... alright." Amu answered.
"Now are you okay? Dia asked.
"Yes, I'm sorry I made you worry." Amu said.
"That's okay that's what friends are for." Dia replied.
"Oh! That reminds me." Amu said and stood up.
She went over to her closet and dug through it.
A giant ? floated above Dia's head.
Amu took out a big box and set it down by the table.
She opened the box and let Dia see what was inside.
It was a huge doll house.
She set it on the table and said "Take a look at your new home!"
Dia put on a huge smile and opened up the front door.
When she opened it she searched the first floor. There was a living room, a library, a dining room, and a kitchen. She went up the stairs to find 17 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a laundry room. She was attracted to a door with a bright yellow door. It was the 4 from the left, close to the stairs leading upstairs. She opened it and found a beautiful bedroom. It had yellow walls with yellow-orange sparkles on it. It had a light yellow bed with a big bright yellow diamond on it. She really liked it.
"Amu, I have choosen my bedroom!" Dia said with a smile.
"I thought you would like that one!" Amu said happily.

Kukai's Side

"So this is the place." Daichi said amazed.
"It's a pretty big house!" He said.
"It sure is!" Kukai said.
"So this place is where.............. Amu lives." Kukai said.
"Let's go knock!" Daichi said excited.
Knock Knock
"I'll be right there!" Amu yelled.
"Hey wait a minute..... where are her family's cars?" Daichi said looking at the driveway.
"Yah that's odd." Kukai said.
The door started to open and Kukai quickly turned his head to the door.
"Oh, Kukai!" Amu said suprised.
"Please come in and have a seat!" She said pointing to the living room.
He took a seat and Amu poured some tea.
"This is one big house you have here, must cost your parents a fortune!" Kukai exclaimed.
"Y-Yeah, i-it does." She answered trying to stay calm.
"That's strange.... there's no china cabinet or pictures of her parents and her from when she moved.." He thought.
"As a matter of fact where are her parents?" He thought.
He then looked at the clock ---8:34---
"They should be home this late." He thought suspicous.
"Here's your tea." She said handing it to Kukai.
"Here Daichi." She handed a tiny tea cup to Daichi.
"Thank You" They both replied.
Kukai gave Daichi a look and Daichi understood to follow his lead.
"Why did you come here tonight?" Amu asked.
"You didn't look too good after you dazed out." He answered.
"Thank you for your concern." She replied.
"No prob..... say do you have any siblings?" Kukai asked starting to look for answers.
Amu twitched and Kukai noted that.
"Y-Yeah I do. I-I have a little sister named Ami. S-She's staying at her friends house." Amu said not staying very calm.
"I see." He replied.
He stood up, walked over to her, and looked down at her, giving her direct eye contact.
"Your parents don't live hear, do they." He said looking into her eyes.
Amu twitched and said "W-What d-do you m-mean by th-that?"
She tried to get out of his gaze, but failed.
"DO THEY?" He asked with a serious face that Amu couldn't lie to.
"Th-they don't. They are in America." She said looking down with tears dropping fast.
He noticed that and pushed her up to his chest and hugged her.
"It must've been tough, let it all out Amu." He said in a gentle voice.
She looked up at him and saw his caring face.
She trusted that and put her deep into his chest.
She cried and cried and cried and he held her tight the whole time.
"Thank You Kukai, Thank You." She said with her face still in his chest.
"Anytime." He answered.
She stopped crying and he gently let go of her.
"You ready to talk?" He asked with a gentle expression.
She nodded.
They walked up to her room and sat on her bed.
"Now tell me what happened." He said
"Well about 2 months ago, a month before I came here. My parents got in a big fight after that they just fought and fought. Until one point they decided to get a divorce. So they decided on who would take each kid. My papa took Ami, but neither of them wanted me." She started to cry and continued "They both said I was to shy. They didn't want a shy child. So they decided to send me away. Both of my parents went to different states and they sent me hear to Japan. They had me change my last name. So it was decided to call me Hinamori Amu. I used to be Kennedy Amu. When I was sent here my house was furnished and all the bills were paid for so I could have a home without having to pay. It was awful! Just awful!" She cried even harder.
"You know what...... I'm gonna help ya out" He said. "Ready Daichi?"
He then stood up.
"Ya got that right!" Daichi said and a star appeared in Kukai's hair.
"This is my new move!" He said.
"Golden Dimensional Shot!" He said kicking a black ball with stars on it.
The ball went right through the walls like a ghost and a bright light shown in front of Kukai, blinding Amu.
When she opened her eyes all of Kukai's stuff was there.
"With my new move, I'm able to teleport anything I want." He said smiling.
"B-But w-w-why your stuff?" She asked worried.
"Cuz I'm Movin in!" He said while doing a thumbs-up with his left hand, pointing it at his face, and smiling.
"I'm gonna help ya okay!" He said smiling.
Amu was silent.
"Amu?" He asked "Aaaamu?"
He waved his hand infront of her face, no responce.
He then poked her forehead, she started to fall backwards, but he caught her.
He then layed her on her bed.
"She'll wake up in an hour, so don't worry." Dia said opening the doll house door.
Both Kairi and Daichi both put on gray, shocked chibi faces.
"A-Are you Amu....." Daichi was cut off.
"Yes, I am Amu's chara, my name is Dia. Amu can freeze like that sometimes when shes shocked. That wasn't what happened today though and I won't tell you what happened. Give her an hour and she'll wake up. I see that you are moving here no questions asked so walk out of the room and go to the first door on your right, Kukai. Daichi, you can stay in this house, there are plenty of bedrooms." Dia said with a smile.
"How do you know my na....." Daichi was cut off again.
"Your name? Simple. I was at the first meeting too. Oh, and both of you. Don't tell anyone that I hatched. We have to wait. Come on Daichi, let's go pick out your room. Dia said still smiling.
Kukai walked out of the room draging his stuff.
He stopped and shut the door and opened his.
He continued to drag his stuff and thought "Why didn't I just teleport this into the hallway?!!"

---- 1 hour and 30 minutes later at 11:00 ----

"She still hasn't woken up." He thought. "It must've been hard enough for somone to find out her secret."
"But why did I decide to move here?" He thought.
"And...... why did I feel so warm when I was hugging her?" He thought blushing.

Chapter 8: Getting The Swing Of Things

Kukai's Side

Kukai was pacing back and forth by Amu's bed.
"Is she gonna be alright? It's already 11:34 AM and she's been out since Friday night." He said walking back and forth by her bed.
"I'm getting worried too. She's never been out this long." Dia said on the left of her head starting to run her hand through Amu's hair.
Amu smiled and Kairi put on a just noticing face.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Her mother used to do this when she was sad." Dia said.
"Oh..... I hope Amu didn't here me." Kukai said with a concerned face.
"She didn't. You should go downstairs and get some breakfast. There is cereal in the top cabinet above the microwave, the bowls and glasses are above the sink, the spoons are on the right of the stove, fruits are in the lower left part of the fridge, juices are on the left side of the fridge, and the milk is on the right side of the fridge." Dia said with a smile.
"Thanks, Dia." He said with a fake smile on his face.
Dia did not notice the fake smile, but Daichi sure did.
"He must realize it soon....." Daichi thought.
Kukai then left the room.
He shut Amu's door and put on his sad face hiding his eyes behind his bangs.
"Please get better soon, Amu......" He thought without noticing it himself.
He was in such deep thought that he fell down the stairs.
"Eh hehe he he......" Daichi said nervously with a sweat drop.
"Is he okay?...." Dia asked smiling with a sweat drop.
"He is always like that..... I'm glad I'm not That kinda chara." Daichi said with a larger sweat drop.
They both stared at the door with a sweat drop on the right side of both of their heads.
"III'M OKAAAAAY!!!!" Kukai yllled.
Their sweat drops grew.
Kukai got up, rubbed the back of his head, and his left eye closed saying "I gotta stop doing that."
Kukai grabbed a bowl, a glass, a spoon, and a box of Frosted Flakes.
Kukai went to the fridge, got an orange, apple juice, and milk out.
He pored the Frosted Flakes, the milk, the apple juice, and put the spoon in the bowl.
He then put the box, the milk, and the juice away.
"Man I love oranges!" Kukai said happily eating it.
"The frosted flakes and apple juice go great with it!" He said chewing, happily.
"Amu sure knows how to live!" He said even more happier.
He then dropped his spoon and looked at the clock ---2:59---
"She should be awake by now!" Kukai thought.
He got down from the counter and ran up the stairs.
He barged in the room without thinking and Amu was still asleep.
He looked at the table and saw a note.
--- Kukai, Dia is showing me around the house, Daichi. ---
He really didn't care about the note.
"Amu...." He mumbled.
He pulled up a chair without thinking.
He put it by the bed and sat on it.
He grabbed Amu's hand and held it tightly, but gently.
"What am I doing?!!" He thought looking confused and he was blushing.
He tried to let go, but he just couldn't bring himself to it.
Without realizing, he gave up on letting go.
He held her hand gently on the bed.
He had a concerned face on.
His eyes were covered by his bangs, but suprisingly, he was smiling.
His face felt hot for some reason, he didn't know that he was blushing.
Because he had never felt that way about anyone before.
"Why Is My Face So Hot??!!!!" He yelled in his head.
He thought about it over and over, until he fell asleep.
His head was resting on the bed and his hands were holding Amu's hand.

Chapter 9: Misunderstanding?

Amu's Side

The sun was shining down on Amu's face. It showed her peach colored skin color and her flawless face.
She twitched a little and she opened her eyes.
She sat up on her bed and said "Eto..... How long was I asleep?"
She turned to her right and saw Kukai asleep, holding her hand.
Amu was shocked at the position that they were in.
She shook her head and started to nudge Kukai.
"Kukai. Wake up Kukai." She said calmly.
"Uuggghhhhh..... Amu......" Kukai said 3/4 asleep.
"Woah!!! Amu, Your Awake!!!!! Thank God!!!! You were out for 2 days!!!!!" Kukai screamed hugging her.
"I-I was a sleep for that long?!! I-I'm so sorry!" Amu said with a sorry face.
"It's alright. As long as you are ok......" Kukai said letting go of her.
"Amu, get dressed. I'm going to my room to get changed." Kukai said with a smile.
She got up went to her closet and choose her clothes.
She put on a black skirt, higher than the knees black socks, a light blue t-shirt with a tiny skull and cross bones at the top left, and a black cross hair pin.
She walked out of the room to find Kukai leaving his room too.
He was wearing a geen t-shirt, light blue jeans, and white socks.
"Let's go grab some lunch." Amu said pointing to the clock. --- 12: 32 ---
"Ohh... alright!" He said.
"Last one there is an X Egg!" He yelled running down the stairs.
"No Fair you got a headstart!" She yelled trying to catch up.
They ran down the steps, did a sharp u-turn, and ran to the fridge.
"Haahahaha!!!! IIII wiiin! Hahaahhaha!!!!!!" He yelled happily.
"It doesn't count! You got a headstart! Well, anyways, let's grab our breakfast." She said sighing.
"Yeah." He said.
``but i still won`` he mumbled.
They both had Grilled Cheese as the main course.
Kukai had orange jello and lemonaide.
Amu had strawberry jello and milk.
After 5 minutes of eating the bell rang.
"I'll get it." Amu said getting up. "Excuse me."
She left to the door to have someone jumping on her knee.
"Sis!!!!" A small girl screamed with joy.
"A-Ami?!!" Amu questioned.
"Yep!" Ami said.
Amu looked behind her to see 2 adults.
A woman and a man.
"P-Papa?!!" She asked recognizing the man.
"It's been a while, Amu." He said with a smile.
"Papa!" Amu looked happy but at the same time she cried with a smile.
Her father hugged her saying "I've missed you so much."
He let go and said "We have a lot of things to dicuss."
They went into the living room and sat down.
"Alright first things first. This woman is....." Mr.H was cut off.
"Amuuuu..... I ate your lunch.... wait...... Mutter?!!! Kukai yelled when he came into the room.
"K-Kukai??!!!!" Mrs.S said shocked.
"Mutter?!!" The H's said at the same time.
---- 10 minutes later ----
"I see. So you were helping my daughter out while I was away." Mr.H said.
"You see, Mrs.Soma and I have been dating 9 months now." Mr.H said.
"9-9 months?!!! That's before you and Mama stated that you would have a divorce!" Amu raised her voice.
"Amu.... we actually said we were going to have a divorce 10 months ago. We just didn't have feelings for each other anymore. We talked it out saying who would raise who. Your mama said i should raise both you and Ami. But we couldn't just tell you that. And after a long time of thinking. We decided that we would fake a fight. We wanted you to think that you weren't welcome. We wanted you to find people that welcomed you. And you have made friends at a new school." Mr.H said.
"That doesn't explain why you are here, Mutter." Kukai said.
"Well that's a different reason." Mrs.S said.
"Another reason?" Amu, Kukai, and Ami asked.
"We are getting married!" Mr.H said excited.
"WHAT!!!" All 3 of them screamed.
"We wanted you to meet, but that doesn't seem necessary." Mrs.S said.
"You mean you are going to be my Mama?" Amu asked Mrs.S.
She nodded.
"And you are gonna be my Dad?" Kukai asked Mr.H.
He nodded.
"And know we are going to be Mrs.Hinamori and Hinamori Kukai." Mrs.H said.
"W-We are going to be siblings?!!" Kukai and Amu said slowly turning their heads to each other.
"Yep!" Mr. and Mrs.Hinamori said.

Chapter 10: SIBLINGS??!!!!!

Amu's Side and Kukai's Side

----- The next day -----

"Kukai.." Amu said shaking Kukai.
He started to drool.
"Kukai...." Amu said shaking him a bit annoyed.
He started to snore and she backed up from his bed.
"Kukai!!!" She finally yelled at him.
"AAHHH!!!" He screamed falling of the bed.
"WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!" He yelled.
He calmed down to see it was Amu and said "Whoops! Hehe! I get cranky in the morning."
He looked at the clock --- 7:05 AM ---
"Why did you wake me up this early, Amu?" He said with a confused face. "And why are Dia and Diachi looking at me like that?"
"Because it's...." Amu was cut off.
"Because it's Monday, DEPP!" Daichi yelled at Kukai. {My note: depp = dork}
"You shouldn't call Kukai a dork." Amu said turning to Daichi.
"Wait a minute.... you speak German?!!" Kukai asked Amu with a normal shocked face.
"You mean Deutsch and yes I speak it." She replied. {German}
"HOW???!!!!" Kukai asked with the same face.
"My dad is from Deutschland." Amu yet again replied. {Germany}
"Oohhh..." Kukai said.
Now realising with the three yellow lines poofing on his head he asked "Why did you wake me up again?"
"IT'S MONTAG DEPP!!!!!" Daichi yelled at the top of his lungs now that he is awake.
"ACH MEINE GOTT!!!!!" Kukai yelled with a gray, shocked chibi face. {My note: AMG = OMG}
"It's now 7:11 AM." Dia said.
"You'll have to eat an Oranbar on the way." Amu said. {My note: fruit bar made of orange, made up}
"Amu, Get Out So I Can Change!!!" Kukai yelled shoving her out of the room.
After a few seconds he opened the door with an annoyed chibi face, threw Dia out, then Daichi, HARD.
Daichi was flung flat on the wall and the door was quickly slammed.
Daichi zipped to the door and started pounding, but it was locked.
Dia and Amu walked down to the front door pretending to have calm faces.
When Amu reached for the door Kukai came running with toast in his mouth and an open water bottle in his left hand.
"Gehan! Gehan!" Kukai yelled with the toast in his mouth meaning to say gehen instead of gehan. {Gehen = go}
He yanked open the door grabbing Amu's left hand with his right slamming the door behind them and ran up the sidewalk.
"K-Kukai we sh-sh-shouldn't be so h-hastig!" Amu said trying to catch her breath. {Hasting = hasty}
"Nein time!" He replied being hastig.

Kairi's Side

---- 7:19 AM ----

"We are gonna take atendance" Sensei said with a goofy chibi face.
"Amu-chi and Kukai aren't here yet." Yaya whispered moaning.
"Strange." Kairi said.
The door suddenly burst open with Amu and Kukai suddenly burst through the doors, running, and practically jumping on their seats.
With that everyone suddenly had a sweatdrop, A BIG ONE.
Sensei turned to the clock and it read ---- 7:19:56 AM ----
"Ya made it! Yippie!" He said with a happy chibi face.
They both sighed in relief.
"Why were they together?" Kairi thought.
"Now we will take atendance." He said.

--- A few stupid names later ---

"Himamori Amu" He said.
"IT'S HINAMORI, GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!" Amu and Kukai yelled, standing up, with their right fists in the air, and with mad chibi face.
Everyone had a sweatdrop on their heads, A BIGGER ONE.
"Weird. Only Amu does that, but why Kukai?" Kairi thought.
Amu and Kukai then at the speed of light, sat down after realising what they had done.
"Okey..... I have work so talk with your group and don't talk with the other groups." Sensei said.
He sat down and started his work.
"A-Anything you have to say?" Tadase asked Amu and Kukai with his sweatdrop still their.
"Do you?" Kairi asked with his right eye twitching looking at Kukai.
"N-Not really." Kukai answered trying to stay calm.
Kairi then had an idea.
He put his left hand on Amu's face.
Kukai twitched and the others looked shocked.
"Of course!" Nagihiko thought smiling.
He then started to move hand slowly around her face and Amu was a bit scared.
Kukai twitched again.
Kairi then started to move his hand closer to her lips.
Kukai then yelled, but not loud enough for the rest of the class to hear "Get your stinking hands off my sister!!!"
Kairi then removed his hand from Amu's face and said "So thats what it was."
Kukai put on a grey, shocked chibi face.
"K-Kukai!" Amu said.
Everyone had a shocked chibi face on except for Amu, Kukai, and Kairi with an annoyed chibi face.
"Y-You guys are siblings?!!" Tadase asked with a shocked face still on his head.
"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US??!!!" Yaya asked not loud enough for the class to hear.
"How?" Rima asked calmly.
"You see my dad is going to marry his mom soon." Amu answered.
"So why were you together?" Kairi asked looking at Kukai.
"W-Well we live together now." Kukai answered scratching the back of his head.
"EEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" The other chairs yelled with very shocked chibi faces and loud enough for the class to hear.

Chapter 11: The first Mission?!!

Nagihiko's Side

"Why did ya scream?" Sensei asked with a concerned face.
"N-Nothi........" Amu was cut off.
"It turns out that they are soon to be step-siblings and are living together." Nagihiko said calmly with a smile on his face.
The normal students and Sensei put on big gray shocked chibi faces.
"H-How can y-you be so calm......" Tadase was cut off.
At that moment a huge earthquake hit.
"W-What is this shaking??!!!!" Yaya screamed.
Nagihiko, Rima, Kukai, Yaya, and Tadase were confused while Kairi and Amu were panicking.
In the area of their countries of which they are from get no earthquakes.
"EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!" Sensei screamed. "EVERYONE!!!!!!! Get under your desks!!!!!!!!!!!"
Everyone got under their desks.
"W-What is this??!!!" Nagihiko asked Kairi confused and worried.
"An Earthquake!" Kairi quickly answered.
"E-Earthquake??!!!" Rima said shocked. "I-I read about these in a book, b-but I-I-I never thought I'd be in one!!!"
"These happen a lot in America!" Amu said.
"But they are rare here!" Kairi said.
At that moment a light came out of their capes.
Each of their light were a lighter shade of their capes.
No one but themselves noticed because the lights were tiny.

--- 45 minutes later at 2:30 PM ---

The earthquake had stopped.
"Is everyone alright?!!" Sensei asked with a concerned look on his face.
"Yes!!" The students answered.
Everyone started to get up except for Nikaidou-sensei.
"STAY DOWN THERE MIGHT BE AN AFTER...." Sensei yelled being cut off.
An aftershock hit.
"AFTERSHOCK!!!" Kairi yelled.
Everyone got under their desks wondering if it would ever end.
"No Need To Be Scared, Aftershocks Only Last 30 Minutes!" Rima yelled to everyone.

--- 30 minutes later ---

The aftershock ended.
"Is everone ok?" Sensei asked.
"Yes" They said.
He turned to look at the clock.
--- Time 34:675343 AM ---
"Obviously not getting a time there." Nagihiko thought.
Sensei then looked at his watch.
--- Time 34:675343 AM ---
"What time does everyones watches say?" Sensei asked turning his head.
The ones that had watches turned their heads to their watches and put on suprised faces.
"34:675343 AM!" Thay said at the same time shocked and even more shocked when they realized they had said the same thing.
"Just what is going on here?" Sensei thought.
The anouncement speaker had turned on and everyone was quiet.
"I hope that everyone is alright. Bring anyone that is injured to the nurse's office. The time now is 3:00. So anyone not injured must go home. That is all." The FK said on the announcements.
"Everyone get their bags and have a safe trip home." Sensei said. "Have a safe weekend."
"Yes." Everyone got up and started to get their things together.
"Bye sensei!" Everyone said running out the door.
The student chairs were about to leave until Sensei stopped them.
"Not so fast you 7." He said.
"Why Sensei-chi?" Yaya asked.
Suu came out and said "Everyone get their charas out."
They then knew it was serious.
All the charas appeared except for Dia
"Alright now everyone is here." Sensei said.
"By any chance did your capes give off a small light?' Sensei asked.
Everyone was shocked.
"Y-Yes... They still are?!!" Nagihiko said shocked.
"Just as I thought. You see. The capes have special properties." He said "Touch the area where it is coming from."
They did and different things happened for each of them.
A wooden sword showed in the aqua light appeared before Kairi.
A wand with a star in the gold light appeared before Amu. {My note: I changed it}
A new soccer ball apeared before Kukai in a green light.
A gold ceptar appeared before Tadase in a purple light.
A rattle appeared before Yaya in a pink light.
A naginata before Nagihiko in a brown light.
5 juggling pins before Rima in a red light.
"These look like the stuff we use in Chara Nari!" Kukai said shocked.
"Thats because they are, but for attacking." Sensei said.
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"For attacking?" Nagihiko asked "But we could already do this in character change...."
"You could but these are more powerful." Sensei said "They are meant for attacking of which your normal moves are just for other purposes."
"So they're stronger......" Kukai said.
"Yeah but the lights serve another purpose." Sensei said.
"What?" Amu asked.
"They mean that you have to see the FK for your mission." Sensei said "Now go!"
"Yes!" Rima said.
They ran through the doors, down the right hallway, down the staircase, through the staircase doors, down the left hallway, and through the main school door at the front of the school.
They ran to the building the FK was in, up the stairs and bursting through the doors.
Nagihiko asked "What's our mission?"

Chapter 12: Mission Number 1?

Kairi's Side

"The mission?" The FK asked. "So Nikaidou-kun told you!"
"Yes he told us." Kairi said making his annoyed chibi face.
"Oke-dokey!" The FK said.
"The mission is to investigate those earthquakes." The FK said making a serious face.
"The earthquakes?" Yaya asked.
"Yes......" The FK said "Earthquakes only last a few seconds none to less their aftershocks."
"Wait a minute!" Rima said.
"What is it Red-chan?" The FK asked making a goofy face.
"I read in a book that earthquakes Aare supposed to be that long!" Rima exclaimed.
"Book?" Kairi asked making a slight grin.
"What book did you read?" The FK asked with the same grin.
"Natural Disasters for The Smart" Rima said.
Both Kairi and the FK started to laugh.
"What's so funny?!!" Rima questioned.
"W-Well y-ya s-ee...." The FK struggled to make out.
"Hahahahhahhhahahahhahahahaha" The FK laughed banging his left fist on the desk.
"What's So Funny??!!!" Rima demanded.
"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha" Kairi laughed.
"Well everding in that book is faallse!" The FK said making his goofy face stopping his laughing.
Kairi laughed even harder.
"How do you know that everything is false?!!" Rima questioned Kairi instead of the FK.
"Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha" Kairi laughed.
Rima walked up to him, slapped his left cheek, HARD.
Kairi stumbled backwords a bit and held his cheek.
"Kairi-san!" Amu said rushing over to him and checked his cheek.
"Wow." Nagihiko said looking at Rima who was glaring at Kairi.
"Now what was so funny?" Rima asked Kairi.
"He wrote the book!" Kairi said pointing at the FK.
"WWWHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!" Everyone except for Kairi, the FK, and Musashi yelled.
"You wrote a book!" Kukai yelled pointing at him with a cute shocked chibi face.
"You mean this commoner is a writer?!!" Kiseki yelled.
Kairi walked a few feet infront of where he was and started to laugh.
"I didn't think anyone would buy his book!" Kairi exclaimed "Hahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhaha!!!"
"Well why is everything in that book false??!!!!" Rima demanded.
"It was supposed to be a joke!" Kairi said.
"What?!!" Rima exclaimed.
"Only books with the term 'For Idiots' have decent facts." Kairi said trying to hold back his laugh.
"Can we focus on the mission again?" Amu asked politely.
"Yeah..." The FK said and started to become serious. "You must find out who or what could've done this and stop it before something serious happens."
"We will meet at the Royal Garden 1:00 sharp tommorow" The FK said with a serious face. "Dismissed!"

Chapter 13: Loved Ones

Amu's andKukai's Side

It was sunset and Amu and Kukai were walking home from school.
"That was Boooriiing!" Kukai moaned.
"Kukai! You know that many people can get hurt if this goes on any longer!" Amu exclaimed.
"They'll just go to hospitals if they get hurt and come out fine....." Kukai said moving his eyes away from Amu.
"But their loved ones will be worried!" Amu exclaimed "Don't you care?!!"
"They'll get over it when their so called 'loved ones' come out fine....." He said with his eyes to the left ignoring Amu.
They reached the front door.
"Kukai......." Amu said looking down.
"What, Amu? Did you say something?" Kukai asked looking behind to see Amu.
"Kukai......." Amu said looking down starting to cry.
"Amu?" Kukai asked not noticing her crying.
"Kukai!" Amu exclaimed looking up at him crying.
"Amu?!!!" Kukai said suprised at her face.
Amu ran off crying.
"AMU!!" Kukai yelled out to her.
Amu made a turn at the block preventing Kukai's view.
"God, Amu......." Kukai mumbled.
He ran after her annoyed.
He lost her and said to himself "God dangit. Amu....."

------- 2 Hours of Looking Later -------

"Ughh.... Amu!!!!" Kukai called.
"AMU!" Kukai called.
"OK Now I'm worried!" Kukai thought "I thought this would be one of those simple games of 'hide and seek' but this more like 'seek or I'm not comin back!' "
Kukai looked at his watch.
--- Time 34:675343 AM ---
"Darn!" Kukai thought "It still must be bugged up like this afternoon!"
Kukai looked up at the sky.
"Ahhh man!" Kukai thought "It must be 6 goin on 7!"
"Mutter and Papa must be worried out of their minds!" Kukai thought.
"AMU! GET THE CRAP HERE!!!!!!" Kukai called.
"Okay not gonna work!" Kukai thought. "Where haven't I looked...."
"Library.... no it's Friday, it's closed early today........ Aquairim..... it's possible!" Kukai thought.
With that he ran off.

--- 20 minutes later ---

"Finally the Aquairium!" He said panting hard.
"Amu you better be here!" Kukai thought.
Kukai walked in.
When he walked into the lobby looking at the three hallways he thought "Now where would Amu go........"
"Of course!" He thought and went down the left path.
He continued to run down the hallway and slowed down a bit.
He walked down to the Starfish room empty for the day.
He went to the table and looked behind it to find Amu crying.
"Their you are." Kukai said looking down to Amu.
Amu looked up teary eyed and when she saw Kukai she looked away crying more.
He grabbed her arm and Amu looked up at him.
"Amu this isn't the place to talk let's go somewhere else." Kukai said with coldness in his eyes.

---- It was dark and you could see the stars ----

Kukai and Amu were at the park near a stand.
"Now Amu......" Kukai said holding her arm tight.
"What's wrong?" He said letting go her arm and looked very concerned.
"Kukai......" Amu said looking like she was going to cry.
"Please tell me what's wrong Amu!" He said hugging her.
"Kukai...... do you really care?" Amu said with her eyes closed.
Kukai's eyes widened, he stopped the hug, and asked "What?"
"Amu...... do you think I don't care?" Kukai said staring at her with his eyes even more wide "What gave you that idea?"
"Well you said you didn't care....." Amu said.
"What do you mean?" Kukai asked.
"You said earlier that if a loved one was in serious trouble you wouldn't care!" Amu exclaimed.
Kukai exclaimed "Now Wait Just A Minute!....."
"Would you care if me or Ami were to be hospitalized?!!" Amu questioned him crying.
"Amu....." Kukai said.
"Well?!!" Amu questioned.
"OF COUSE I WOULD!!!" Kukai exclaimed.
Amu's eyes widened.
"Your my sister I wouldn't know what to do if I lost you...." Kukai said "I'm so sorry, Amu!"
"I don't want to think of anyone I cared for to be hurt!" Kukai exclaimed "I only said that stuff since I couldn't bare to think of a place without anyone I cared for gone! It would be so painful! It hurt so much just to say that!"
"Kukai..... Thank you..... I needed to hear that." Amu said.
"Well I hate to interupt such a touching talk." A voice said behind Amu.
Amu's eyes widened and she thought "Impossible......"
"Who's There?!!" Kukai demanded.
The sound of a violin playing filled the air.
"I don't want to disdurb you two so I'll be on my way....." The voice said
"But Amu, a piece of advice....... be sure that your heartrate is normal!" The voice snickered.
"What does that mean jerk?!!" Kukai yelled "Where are you hiding?!!"
"Good Bye!" It said.
"Wait!" Kukai demanded.
"Kukai it's gone let's go home." Amu said with a fake smile.
"Alright!" Kukai said.
"Groowwwllll" Kukai's stomache said.
"Ahh! We haven't had dinner yet let's hurry home!" Kukai said.
"Alright!" Amu said.
They ran for home and Kukai thought "Amu?......"

Chapter 14: Heartrate

Amu and Kukai's Side

"Waaaah!" Kukai yawned.
"Finally back........" Amu said.
"But............ NO DINNER!" Kukai whined.
"Calm down Kukai!" Amu said trying to lower his voice "It's good enough that we aren't grounded!"
"Thats true......" Kukai said. "BUT NO DINNER!!!!!"
At that moment he was hit in the head with a soccer ball.
"Continue to whine and not only will your precious 'dinner' will be taken away but your soccer balls." Mr H. said leaning on the opened door of Amu's room with him looking all high and mighty.
"Oh yeah Dad?" Kukai said making a devilish face. "But who will do that to a handsome young man but maybe to a stubborn old......"
"THE USUAL!!!" Both of them yelled.
"We Will Settle This With A True Man's Battle!" Kukai exclaimed.
"I'd hate to burst your bubble but you can't play SOCCER when it's this cold outside." Amu said holding a thermnometer.
----- -5* F -----
Both of them put on shocked chibi faces.
"Uhhh......." Mr H. started.
"TO THE BASEMENT!!!!!" Kukai yelled.
"OOOIIIIIII!" Mr H exclaimed.
And so they ran to the basement down the stairs slang talking each other the way down.
"Ughhhh....." A young voice said.
Amu was suprised to see that it was Ami........ awake past a 4 year old girl's bedtime.
"Why do Daddy and Big Bwuter always have to make so much noise?" Ami said rubbing her eyes annoyed standing on the side of Amu's door not noticing Amu or much of anything as a matter of fact.
"Well Ami if your awake you can visit me." Amu said smiling at her sister.
"Huh?" Ami said now noticing her. "Ohh Big Swis!
She ran up to Amu and sat down next to her.
"Why do they have to be like dat?" Ami asked.
"Well they're probably excited that we are going to be family soon and are doing some bonding." Amu said.
"But I dought that we were famwy." Ami said.
"Not until Papa and Mutter get married." Amu said "Until then me, you and Papa are a family and Big Bother and Mutter are a family. So when Papa and Mutter get married we will be a family!"
"A Big Wappy Famwy?!" Ami asked excited.
"Yes a big happy family!" Amu replied smiling.
"But......." Ami started "What's married?"
"Well it's when a man and woman have a wedding." She said.
"So what's a wedding?" Ami asked.
"Well Ami it's a beautiful thing that a man and woman have when they love each other very much! It's when you got to a special place like a church and you have this ceremony when both the woman's and the man's family come together for them to become husband and wife." Amu said happily.
"So we're going?" Ami asked.
"Yes Ami were going too..." Amu said giggling.
"So Whats New Wit You Big Swis!" Ami said.
"Well to tell the truth Ami can you keep a secret Sister to Sister?" Amu asked.
"Okay! If it's a swis to swis talk we should shut the door so no bwuter can hear!" She said getting up.
She ran to the door, shut it, and ran straight back to her spot.
"So what is it Swis?" Ami said "You don't look to wappy...."
"Well Ami I've been remembering......." Amu said.
"Rewembering?" Ami asked "Swometing you don't want to?"
"I guess you can say that...." Amu said "I've been remembering a vision I had a while back..."
"Wision?" Ami said looking concerned "Good or nawty?"
"Well, I-I really don't know" Amu said "I had it during school..... my friends told me when I woke up that my eyes were dull and I had no facial expression."
"No Fwace?" Ami asked "Dat must've been scary fwor you."
"Yes it was Ami, It Was!" Amu said starting to cry.
"Big swis shouldn't be cwying!" Ami exclaimed "Big swis you should be strong and swow no fwear! You should be wappy and always smwile! So no more Mr Wad wace!"
"Your right Ami, I'll tell you the rest." Amu said smiling with a tear on her right eye. "Well in my vision I met this scary cat-like guy in a strange dimension."
"Stwange?" Ami asked "Well what's wis wame?"
"His name is Ik-" Amu started.
"Aaaahhh! Aaahh! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Amu screamed.
"SWISTER!" Ami yelled running to her. "Swister! Swister! SWISTER!!!!"

---- Meanwhile ----

"Hahahahaha!" Kukai was laughing coming up the staircase "This generation rocks and beats the crap outta that old man's!"
"SWISTER!!!!!" Ami's voice echoed.
"HUH?!!" Kukai exclaimed and he started to run up the stairs.
"SWISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ami yelled when Kukai got on the second floor.
"It came from Amu's room!" Kukai thought.
Kukai yanked Amu's door open and yelled "What's Going On Up Here......"
"Amu!" Kukai yelled when he saw Amu on the floor out cold.
"AMU!" He yelled running up to the sisters.
"Bi-Big Bwuter!" Ami said.
"What's going won to Big Swis?" She said crying with her sniffling.
"I don't know!" Kukai said.
"be sure your heartrate is normal!" Kukai remembered. "That voice....... Oh no Way!"
Kukai felt her pulse and was shocked.
"No heartbeat...." Kukai said.
"No Weartbeat?!!" Ami questioned "But don't people need dat to wive?!!"
Kukai was to shocked to even notice Ami.
"Amu...." Kukai said completely shocked "Aaamu."
"Amu!" Kukai exclaimed shaking Amu "Come on Amu wake up!"
"Wake Up!!!" Kukai yelled "WAKE UP, AMU!!!!!!!!"
"Amu....." He said looking completely saddened.
At that moment an earthquake hit.
"Why is everyting waking?!!" Ami questioned.
"Oh no! Amis is to young to understand and not to mention I have an unconsious sister with me and no parents in this closed bedroom." Kukai thought "Looks like I gotta help out."
"WAKING! WAKING! WAKING!" Ami was screaming.
"Ami!" Kukai shouted getting Ami's attention "I want you to stay calm and do everthing I say, okay?"
Ami nodded.
"Good now go under that desk while I help Amu under it too." Kukai told his sister.
Ami nodded and struggled to get up.
"Ami if you can't get up then crawl." Kukai said putting his arms under Amu's armpits getting ready to drag her.
Ami took note of that and quickly crawled under the desk.
"Alright now Amu work with me." Kukai said dragging Amu.
The earthquake got larger shaking a lot worse.
"Big Bwuter hurry!" Ami called.
"I'm com-ing!" Kukai said struggling and in a few seconds he got under the desk but before that he grabbed a big book.
"Ami, hold this over your head and don't let go!" He said to his sister handing her the book.
Ami nodded.
Then at that moment the desk shattered.
Now it was Ami with a book over head that was so big that it protected her entire tiny body, very close to her brother and Amu unconcious in Kukai's arms with him using his body as a complete shield for Amu.
"Big Bwuter, what is dat wed stuff coming out of your back?!!" Ami asked.
"It's no-thing to be concerned about!" Kukai struggled to say.
The earthquake had stopped.
"Waking stopped." Ami said.
"Ami, don't get up quite yet." Kukai said.
Ami gave him a questioned look.
"After the shaking stops means that the big finalie is about to start so whatever you do don't let your grip of that book go!" He said.
The aftershock began to start.

---- 30 minutes later ----

The shaking had stopped.
"No more waking!" Ami demanded.
"Yes the shaking has stopped for today this time!" Kukai said relieved.
The second he said that an irregularly shaped piece of the cieling started to break up without anyone noticing.
"Now that's over let's go find Pa-" Kukai was cut off.
At that moment the cieling part fell on him knocking him out cold.
"Big Bwu-" Ami started to say.
"No fwacial expwession...... dwull eyes........." Ami said concerned.
Amu and Kukai's eyes had no pupils in them and they were more dull than usual.

Chapter 15: Grief

Tadase's Side

------ The next day at 1:00 PM at the FK's office ------

Tadase was walking through a garden to the FK's office with Rima and Nagihiko.
Tadase was at our left, Rima in the middle, and Nagihiko on the other side.
They were all focused on walking, looking straight ahead.
Tadase was bored so he decided to speak.
"That was some earthquake we had yesterday!" Tadase said turning his head towards Rima and Nagihiko.
"Yeah it was!" Nagihiko turned his head suddenly interested "It was the longest one yet!"
"That just makes our job harder, doesn't it?" Rima said looking straight ahead.
Rima had her 'blank-expression' chibi face and Nagihiko and Tadase had 'shocked, oh crap' chibi faces with them in a blue backround with a single leaf blowing in the wind.
"W-Well yah........" Nagihiko said still shocked with a sweatdrop.
"W-Well were here!" Tadase said with the same expression pointing to the FK's door.
"Well I'm not going to stand here all day, am I wrong?" Rima pratically demanded the opening of the door with an annoyed chibi face.
"N-NO!" Tadase yelled yanking the door open wanting to get away from her but Nagihiko ran in first at full speed.
"Watchya doin?" Yaya asked staring at Tadase and Nagihiko holding their kneecaps panting.
Kairi, Yaya, and the FK just stared dumbfounded.
"N-Nothing........" Nagihiko barely got out.
"Wells the only ones we gotta wait for know are Amu-chi and Kukai-kun!" The FK said in an annoying voice that can only be identified as his.
"Eh! You mean they aren't here yet?" Tadase asked.
"Yeah." Kairi said.
"Well shoot! The news is starting today at 1!" The FK said snaping his fingers.
"I guess we have to watch without them." Rima said already up to the TV and had just hit the power button.
"Quick" Kairi thought.
The FK moaned and said "Fine"
The student chairs sat on the floor and the FK was trying to sit.......
on Kairi's lap, but Kairi pushed him off and the FK was wimpering sitting beside him.

---- On TV ----

"On today's breaking New's Story is the Insane Earthquakes!" The male reporter said.
"Yes many people have suffered because of it and are suffering more by the day!" The female reporter said excited.
"The reporters are pratically yelling." Nagihiko said with a sweatdrop and fake smile.
"Shush!" The FK said with his finger over his mouth.
"And with yesterday's earthquake plenty more have suffered." The male said.
"Now we'll show you the recording from last night at the 1011 West Wood St. house." The woman said.
"Don't Amu-chi and Kukai live in West Wood Street? Yaya asked Tadase.
"Shush!!" The FK did the same as Nagihiko.
"This was the house that suffered the most so far." The female reporter said looking like she was going to cry.

--- The Video of 1011 West Wood St. ---

"Here we are at 1011 West Wood St." A different female reporter said standing in front of a house that looked alright.
"This house wasn't damaged much except for a hole in the roof but, the main suffering was of it's residents" The reporter said.
"The people living there?!" Tadase said looking worried.
Sure he didn't care much about house damage but the residers.....
"Hello there little girl what is your name?" The reporter said kneeling down to the girl.
"Ami." Ami said looking up to the reporter with a sad expression.
"Oh the poor girl!" Rima said looking sad.
Nagihiko looked at her and put a hand on her shoulder.
"The girl looks young" Kairi said "Possibly only 3 or 4."
Rima looked up at Nagihiko but he was focusing on the video.
"Tell me Ami are you the only one here?" The reporter asked.
"Yes....." Ami replied.
"Oooh poor little Ami!" Yaya said looking like she could cry.
"Well where are your parents?" The reporter asked.
"In that big white vwan...." Ami said pointing to an ambulance.
"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" The reporter asked looking sad.
"Wes.." Ami said sad.
"Where are they?" The reporter asked with a bit of hope on her face.
Ami just pointed to the van.
"Oh." The reporter said sad again.
"Oh this is terrible!" The FK said.
"Well how many siblings do you have?" The reporter asked looking for some hope.
"Twoo." Ami said with the w sound.
"Brothers or sisters?" The reporter asked.
"Big Bwuter and Big Swister." Ami said looking sad.
"Well can you say what happened?" The reporter asked looking sincere.
"W-Well wokay." Ami said "Me and Big Swis were twalking since Big Bwuter being loud woke me wup and I woved twalking to her."
"Okay....." The reporter said wanting more.
"Big Swis fainted and Big Bwuter ran in when he heard me trying to wake her uop." Ami said.
"Yes...." The reporter said sad.
"I kwept wasing him what was wrong with Big Swis and he said after a wong time that she had no weartbeat." Ami said looking like she was gonna cry.
"Okay...." The reporter said whipping her eye with a handkerchief.
"Oh poor Ami!" Yaya said starting to cry.
"Wafter dat everwyting started waking" Ami said starting to sniffel "Big Bwuter yelled at me to get under Big Swis's desk and he dragged her wunder the dwesk wit wim. Wafter a fwew weconds the dwesk broke."
"Okay..." The reporter whipped her eyes with a sniffel.
"Big Bwuter fworced me to wold a big bwook over my wead and he weld Big Swis in his arms pwotecting wer not weven pwotecting himswelf!" Ami said starting to cry.
The reporter just shut her eyes.
Tadase stared at the TV screen in horror and something just stuck him, Kairi, and Nagihiko.
He, Nagihiko, and Kairi had the same thought "That child........ she reminds me of someone."
"When the waking was warger wed stwuff woozed wout of Big Bwuter's back." Ami said crying harder.
The reporter looked shocked.
Everyone in the room had horrified faces, even Rima.
"He waid he was fwine." Ami said shaking as she cried. "He widin't wook good! Wafter the waking stwopped the weiling fwell on wim!!!"
Everyone in the room was completely shocked, even the FK had an unhappy face on him.
"Then he fwell on the fwoor!" Ami yelled.
"What about your parents?! Where were they?!!!" The reporter asked.
When Big Bwuter fell I wan dwownstwairs for Papa and Mutter but when I gowt where weir eyes were cwosed and wey were wying on the fwoor, too!" Ami said crying.
Yaya and Rima were crying, the FK and Tadase had completely zoned eyes except for there pupils, and Nagihiko and Kairi were staring at the TV.

---- Back to the News ----

"Well I think that we all say that these earthquakes have to stop!" The male reporter yelled.
"In the video, sinff, the young girl Ami had said things about her parents, older brother and sister." The female reporter said whipping her eyes. "We will now show there pictures.
They showed pictures of the family.
"N-No way...." Tadase said.
"Impossible........" Kairi said as his glasses fell to the ground.
The FK and Nagihiko just turned their head.
"No...." Yaya said crying.
"NOOOOOOOO!!!" Rima yelled bursting with tears.
"Both at age 13, Hinamori Kukai and Hinamori Amu." The female reporter said.
The TV turned off.
Everyone looked at the door to see Nikaidou-Sensei leaning on it, holding the TV remote.
When they looked at him, he turned his head.

--- 5 minutes later ---

Yaya was crying with Tadase and Kairi trying to cheer the baby like girl up, the FK was sitting at his desk, his head down with his arm having a fist on the table, shaking violently while Sensei tried comforting him, Nagihiko nowhere to be seen, and Rima.............
"What...... What has happened?!!" The FK said holding his head up furious.
"Amu.... Kid...." Sensei had mumbled.
Sensei had grown to like Kukai through his nack of getting himself in trouble during class, Sensei had even started calling him Kid.
"Come on Yaya!" Tadase said sad himself, trying to help Yaya, who saw the siblings as her dear friends.
"Yaya!" Kairi said loudly, almost scolding her.
"Kairi watch it!" Tadase yelled at Kairi.
"Shut it twerp!!" Kairi yelled back.
"Why you......" Tadase said getting very irritated.
"Guys!" Yaya said looking at them, making them turn their heads toward her.
"Fighting with friends is veryyy meean!" Yaya said cheerfully.
"Yaya..." Tadase said with a smile.
Kairi gave a light smile and left to stare at something on the ground.
"Kairi whatchya lookin at?" Tadase said getting right behind him making a 'payback' face.
"Shit.........." Kairi thought.
"Well?" Tadase said in a voice that was very similar to the FK's.
"My....." Kairi said.
"Myyy?" Tadase said in a voice that could consider him a mini FK.
"glasses..." Kairi whispered.
"Whaaaat?" Tadase said in a voice that made Kairi soooo wanna punch 'im.
"I soooooo wanna punch him the little twerp.........." Kairi thought.
"Whaaaat? Whaaaat? Whaaaaaaaaa" Tadase's annoyance was cut off.
"MY GLASSES!!!!!!" Kairi yelled thinking "If I couldn't get detention you would be sushi by now!!!"
"Hahahaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah" Tadase was laughing THE most annoying laugh that could make him the FK's smaller clone.
"Ya want this twerp?!!" Kairi put up his fist, ready to kill.
"Ya wanna fight me ya........" Tadase was cut off.
"Fight and I will make your school life the worst you can imagine........" Sensei said with a face that could wake the dead.
"H-Hia." They both said at the same time.
Yaya, ignoring this, had walked over to Rima at the corner and nelt beside her "Rima-chan?"
"Leave me alone." Rima said in her ball position.
Everyone had turned their attention to Rima.
"Rima....." Tadase said.
"Rima-chan......." The FK said.
"Rima-san you will haft to get over it." Kairi said coldly.
"Kairi!" Tadase said.
"No!" Rima yelled at him. "Amu.... Amu is in the hospital!!!!!!"
Everyone looked at her.
"Amu is in the hospital!!" Rima yelled.
"Amu is in the......" Rima said and went back to her ball, crying.
"Rima-cha....." Yaya was cut off.
Kairi walked over to Rima and gave her a scornful look.
"Rima sorry if I hurt your feelings." Kairi started shocking everyone and Tadase the most. "We know that you two are best friends but...."
"But?" Rima asked.
"But it's painful for me too." Kairi whispered in her ear.
"How..... how can it be as painful for you guys as it is for me?!!" Rima yelled standing up running out the door, crying.
"Rima-chan!!" Yaya yelled going to the door but Rima wasn't there anymore.
"Rima went so fast that she isn't here anymore........" Yaya said "She most be upset."

Rima's Side

Rima was running as far as she could crying.
She ran through the FK's garden, through the Royal Garden, past the Seiyo Academy main building, to the Seiyo Academy Sunflower Garden.
The Sunflower Garden was a place that Amu would be the only one to look for her here.
Rima walked on the siedwalk staring at the sunflowers as she did.
She walked for awhile and entered through the sunflowers.
She walked through many sunflowers until she reached a bench encircled by the flowers.
Rima smiled at the bench sitting down.
Rima had peaceful memories flow through her mind.
It was when she and Amu had to water these sunflowers.

-- Flashback --

"Aaahhh!" Amu said refreshed as she steched her arms. "Finally done!"
"Amu...." Rima said cutely.
"What?" Amu said cutely back.
"If you keep being lazy about this then you will turn into Kukai" Rima said putting on her blank chibi face shocking Amu.
Rima then smiled as Amu said "Me?! Turn into Kukai?!! Life would be torture then!"
The two laughed while sitting on the bench peacefully.

-- Back to Rima --

"Amu..." Rima said with a tear rolling down her face creating more.
"AMU!!!!!!!!" Rima yelled.
"Amu! Amu! Amu!!!!!" Rima yelled as she cried.
After a short while she felt a hand fall upon her shoulder.
She looked to her left side to see Nagihiko.
"N-Nagihiko!" Rima said realizing she had tears on her face and quickly turned away.
"Rima......" Nagihiko said.
Nagihiko pulled her up by the arm hugging her tightly.
He hung his head on her left shoulder with his hair falling down hiding his face.
"Don't you feel I can help you?" He asked.
He had apparently stricken a nerve since Rima was shocked.
"Don't you trust me?" He asked moving his head directly in front of hers.
"W-What?" Rima asked nervously, unsure of everything he is saying.
"Then I will make you trust me." Nagihiko said hiding his eyes with his bangs.
"What?!!" Rima thought.
Then and right then Nagihiko had smacked his lips against hers.
Rima was in total shock as he was wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I Will make you trust me Mashiro Rima." Nagihiko had thought.
"What's-What's Ha-Happening To ME!" Rima yelled in her head.
Rima had started to fall over as she thought "I trust you Nagihiko" and fainted.
"Yes Mashiro Rima you trust me........................." Nagihiko thought "You don't just trust me..... You know that you are mine.... You Are Mine Mashiro Rima! No...........
You are......................................... Fujisaki Rima
Nagihiko gave a devilish smile as he held the unconcious Rima.

Chapter 16: I Like Her?!!

Kairi's Side

---- back at the FK's office ----

"You broke your glasses! You broke your glasses!" Tadase or rather the mini FK had yelled.
"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!" Kairi yelled.
Tadase and Kairi started fighting the moment Rima left.
Tadase and Kairi were in a glaring contest and there faces were inches apart as they gave each other stares of anger.
"Come on boys! Stop!" Nikaidou-sensei tried stoping them from the second they started.
But in all his attempts, he failed to stop them.
"It's your fault!" Tadase yelled at Kairi.
"Is not!" Kairi said.
"Is so!" Tadase said.
"Is not!" Kairi yelled.
"Is so! Tadase yelled.
"Not!" Kairi yelled.
"So!" Tadase yelled.
"NOT!" Kairi yelled.
"SO!" Tadase yelled.
They continued this for such a long time that everyone didn't care anymore.
"When we looked for Rima we couldn't find her....." The FK said completely blocking out Kairi and Tadase now character changed and Tadase pulling Kairi's ponytail and Kairi tackling him.
"I wonder where she could be....." Nikaidou-sensei said rubbing his chin ignoring the fact that Kairi had just punched Tadase in the face.
"Yaya any ideas?" Nikaidou-sensei said turning his head to Yaya.
"Hmmmmmmm....." Yaya was stuck thinking about that.
"Well..... maybe someplace that Amu would only find her......" Yaya said now realizing something...........
"Yah! Rima would go someplace that only she and Amu know about!!" Yaya yelled and stopping the boys from pulling eachothers hair.
"Hmmm..." The FK pondered "Now what place would only Amu think to look......."
"Well that's easy." Kairi said calmly out of his chara form he pretended that his glasses were there instead of being broken and he had shocked everyone by his response to the FK.
"WHERE!!!!!!!!!!" Yaya had yelled in his face.
"Don't rush!" Suu said looking at Yaya concerned.
Everyone was shocked by Suu's presense, well, except for, Nikaidou-sensei. Sure he had come and the other charas were with them, but no one knew about Suu.
"O-Okey...." The FK said sweatdropping.
"Well I had once given Amu and Rima a job of watering the sunflowers." Everyone responded to Kairi staring at him "They were laughing and smiling when they came back, even Rima!"
"Good idea Blue!" The FK had said.
"LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!" The FK yelled very perky.
"Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think you can goof off anymore." Nikaidou-Sensei said opening a cabinet door.
The second it opened......... millions of work papaers had fallen out fluiding the room, literally, it went up to the FK's neck!
"J-Just how many p-papers did you have in there??!!!!!!" Kairi yelled from under the papers with his head sticking up.
"Good thing I know how to swim!" Kairi thought.
"Uhhhhhhhh" The FK said dumbfounded and had a sweatdrop. "Maybe 2 years.........."
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kairi yelled. "I KNOW YOU HATE WORK BUT 2 YEARS??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"He-Help!! I can't swim!! And-And! Owww papercut!" Yaya yelled from under the papers.
"Comin Yaya!" Nikaidou-sensei said jumping through the papers leaving a sweatdropping Kairi, idiot FK, and a dumbfounded Tadase.

----- An hour of paper cleaning later, leading to the beggining of Nagihiko and Rima event -----

"You 3 go while I supervise the FK's paperwork doing.........." Nikaidou-sensei said glaring at a frightened FK.
"Okay!" Kairi responded while Tadase responded with a sweatdrop.
Kairi, Yaya, and Tadase had started to quickly go down the stairs.
When they got down they started to run.
They ran through the Fk's garden, through the Royal Garden, past the Seiyo Academy main building, and finally to the Sunflower Garden.
"Look all over! Meet here in 10 minutes!" Kairi had commanded.
"Why do we have to listen to you?!" Tadase questioned.
"Because I am Blue-san, not Lavendar-baka." Kairi said feeling bad he couldn't raise his glasses.
"Ughhh!" Tadase said "Fine!"

---- 10 minutes later ----

"Any luck!?" Yaya asked.
"No." Tadase and Kairi said in usion.
"Where now....." Tadase said.
"Well let's look inside the sunflower patches!" Kairi said getting both of the other's attention "There is a garden bench in there! Rima wanted to be alone so that would be the best option here!"
The other 2 nodded and they ran through the patches, being careful about the giant sunflowers getting them seperated.
"If only I could run to the benches now and leave Tadase.... but I can't leave Yaya...... damn!" Kairi thought.
"If only I knew the way..... I could leave... but I couldn't leave Yaya... and Kairi knows the way... damn!" Tadase thought.
Yaya was thinking or rather singing in her mind if she has one.... "Candies! Candies! Oh How I Love The Candies!"
After a little longer of hating and just plain wierd songs in there minds they reached the bench.
There they saw Nagihiko holding Rima in his arms.
"Rima!!!" Yaya yelled.
Nagihiko had noticed them and turned his head quickly to see 2 other members and his leader.
"What happened?!!" Tadase questioned.
"I found her here fainting and I quickly caught her." Nagihiko said calmly holding Rima bridal-style holding her so that they could see her face.
Yaya and Tadase quickly ran over to her while Kairi just stared.
"I could've sworn that he was giving a creepy smile when he was holding her and......" Kairi thought.
"Phew! Rima's ok!" Yaya said.
".... his eyes were red." Kairi finished his thought.
"Thank goodness Mashiro-san is okay!" Tadase said and Nagihiko looked strange.
"Did Nagihiko just twitch when the twerp talked?!" Kairi thought.
Nagihiko smiled and said "Let's go back to the FK and say that everything is alright eh Kairi?"
"Oh! Uh... Yes!" Kairi said.
"He creeps me out that Brown......." Tadase thought.
"Yea!" Yaya yelled.

---- Later back with the FK ----

"So that's what happened?" The FK asked trying to look past the mountains of paper surrounding his desk for 2 reasons. To get him to work and keep him there to work.
"So lets wait for her to wake up." Nikaidou-sensei said sipping his coffee.
"Just what happened when I was gone?" Nagihiko asked with a sweatdrop.

--- An hour later ---

"Done!" The FK yelled.
"Unbelievable......." Nikaidou-sensei said staring at the papers at the 'done pile' "I've known you for a long time but I never could understand how you finished your work so quickly...."
"Me too......" Kairi said staring at the pile also.
"I will never understand even though this is my first time of looking......." Tadase said staring at the pile too.
"Me four..." Yaya said staring.
"Make that five." Nagihiko said staring like the rest.
"Ughhhh...." Rima said rubbing her eyes.
"Rima-chan!" Yaya yelled seeing Rima okay.
"Oh! Rima-san!" Tadase said.
"Are you alright?" Kairi asked.
"Yeah... all I remember is falling and Nagihiko-san catching me...." Rima said rubbing her head.
"Glad to see your alright!" Nagihiko said walking up to her smiling.
"Thank you." Rima replied.
"What the fu......" Tadase thought "She never thanks me and the other guys!"
"Hey Rima wanna go out to dinner?" Nagihiko asked.
Everyone besides the two had grey shocked chibi faces and wide eyes.
"No way that Rima is........." Kairi's thoughts were cut off completely.
"Sure when?" Rima asked.
Everyone had been even more shocked, if that is even possible.
Tadase and Kairi had started "What the fuckin......." until the FK covered Tadase's mouth and Nikaidou-sensei had covered Kairi's as they still stared at the two along with Yaya.
"How about tonight?" Nagihiko asked.
"Alright!" Rima said.
"God........" Yaya said.
"Alright everyone before Kairi kills us out of nonlogical explanations, we should go to the hospital to check on Yellow and Green" The FK said.
The room was filled with a sudden chill.
"A-Amu...." Kairi said under his breath.
"That's a good idea." Nagihiko said smiling "Knowing those two they would really like it.
"I agree." Rima said frowning.
"Yosh!" Yaya said. "Let's go!"

--- at the hospital ---

"Excuse me." The FK said to the lobby nurse.
"Yes may I help you two, sirs?" She asked.
"Can you tell us the rooms of Amu and Kukai Himamori?" Nikaidou-sensei asked.
"There is no one under the name 'Himamori' here." She said.
"He ment Hinamori." Kairi said walking towards them.
"Oh, yes, the parents are in West Wing 302 while their children are in West Wing 105." She said.
"Thank you." Kairi said walking away with the other student chairs and supposedly the smart adults.
"103, 104, Ah! Here it is, 105!" Kairi said as he opened the door.
There it was were they saw Kukai asleep on his bed with no covers on while Amu's bed was by the window and she had all the covers on making the only thing visible her hair.
Kukai was dressed in hospital clothes, long light green pants with a green line a little bit higher than the bottom of the pants and long sleeved complete button down light green shirt with a green line a bit higher than the end of each sleeve.
"Huh?" Ami said getting up from the tiny chair she was on"Oh hi who are you?"
"I'm Kairi" Kairi said. "And they are Tadase, Yaya, Rima, Nagihiko, the FK, and Nikaidou-sensei.
"Wef K?" Ami asked.
"Mhm!" The FK said kneeling down to her eye level.
"What a dwumb wame!" She said.
The FK huddled in a corner and cried.
"Why ware you were?" Ami asked.
Now Kairi got down to her level kneeling said "We are friends of Amu and Kairi. We were worried about them and decided to come."
"Woh! Your were to swee Big Bwuter and Big Swis!" Ami said "Kairi-kwun......."
"What?" Kairi asked being reconized as 'kwun' kinda made him feel better around Ami.
"Welp me pull a pwank on Big Bwuter?!" She asked him with stars in her eyes.
Her saying that had made everyone feel very devilish.

--- The next day at the hospital ---

Ami and everyone walked into room 105 and walked to Kukai.
Then Ami put a sleeping mask on his eyes that says Cutiepie on it.
Everyone walked over to Amu's bed while Ami does the Hinamori Sister tradition of backing up from Kukai's bed and screams.
"Ami-chi said to back up when she does this 'Hinamori Sister tradition' thing" Yaya said "Just what is it?"
"KUKAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ami yelled on the top of her lungs hurting everyones ears, including Amu, but mainly Kukai.
Amu woke up straight and stared figuring out just what has happened.
"W-Well you got your answer!" Kairi said holding his ears, like the ones new to the 'tradition'.
Kukai fell on the floor as the 'tradition' goes and instantly started screaming in horror.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kukai screamed "I'm up! I'm up!"
"W-Wait why is everything dark?!!" Kukai yelled "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'M BLIIIIIIIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kukai screamed so loud that it was heard all around the hospital, even to the East Wing.
"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha!!!!!!!" Everyone was cracking up.
"Huh?!" Kukai was shocked.
Then he felt his face to find he was blindfolded by something.
He took the thing blocking his sight to find the mask.
"WHAT THE HECK??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kukai yelled to see his friends and sisters laughing at him.
"Ohh real mature!" he yelled at them as they laughed.
"Anyway we came to see if your alright." Kairi said turning his head to Amu.
Amu blushed deeply but it was only noticed by Ami, but sadly along with her Kairi... and........ Kukai.
Kukai was about to say somethg, most likely bad, to Kairi but not even noticing that Rima had hugged her along with Yaya.
"Amu!" Rima and Yaya screamed happily.
Pepe, Suu, and Kusu Kusu had started screaming about her.
The guys and male charas had walked over to Kukai while Kairi stood there and shortly left with Musashi.
"Huh?" Ami had seen him leaving and followed.
Kairi had walked to the forest not all that far from the hospital.
He looked at the trees surrounding him and sighed.
"A samuri being surrounded by his natural environment is calming isn't it?" Musashi said more than asked.
"It is Musashi, it is." Kairi said and chara changed.
Kairi started practicing with his wooden sword talking to Musashi.
"Why did you run out like that Kairi?" Yet again it was more like Musashi was stating a fact, that he knew and Kairi didn't.
"I don't know!" Kairi said slashing the wooden sword harder. "I DON'T KNOW!!!"
"You don't knwow?" Ami said approaching him shocking Kairi and Musashi.
"O-Oh it's just the little girl....." Musashi said.
"Yay! You hwave a chara twoo Kairi-nii!" Ami said.
"You can see him?! Wait...... Kairi-nii?" Kairi asked.
"Wes of cwourse I cwan Kairi-nii!" Ami said happily.
"Kairi-nii?!" Kairi asked.
"Yah! Since you wike Big Swis!" Ami said.
"W-What?!" Kairi asked as red as a tomato.
"Smart kid" Musashi thought.
"Wah! You mean you widn't knwow?" Ami asked.
"N-No... the thought never came to mind....." Kairi said.
"Big shock..." Musashi said and shortly went flying without causing it himself.
"Then wet me welp you!" Ami said catching Kairi's attention "I help out Big Swis with wer probwems all the twime!"
"You do?" Kairi asked.
"Yep!" She responded "She cwomes to me with wer probwems and I welp wer!"
"Alright then what do you mean that I like Amu?" Kairi asked finding this ammusing.
"Well fwom what I swaw you wan wout wafter you swaw Big Swis bwush at you!" Ami said.
Kairi had become shocked and though "Ami figured that out?! I couldn't even do that!"
"Well I want you to fwind out how much you wike wer on your own since Big Bwuter says when you wike someone you should fwind out how much yourself!" With that said Ami ran off before Kairi can ask anything else.
"How much I like Amu........" Kairi said.
"Do I really like her?!" He questioned himself.
After walking in the forest for awhile he found himself under the biggest tree on a big boulder under it.
"How much do I like her....." Kairi said to himself.
Kairi thought about it as he saw his breath each time he exhaled.
He was so deep in thought that 2 sets of eyes were staring at him.
"How much do I like her........." Kairi said getting off of the boulder looking at the tree.
"How Much Do I Like Her?!!!" Kairi yelled punching the tree.
"How Much?! How Much?! HOW MUCH??!!!!!!!!" Kairi yelled repeatedly punching the tree.
"HOW MUCH DO I LIKE AMU????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled his loudest punching the tree at his hardest, leaving a fist sized dent in it.
The 2 sets of eyes were now glaring at him.
"DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kairi had yelled causing birds in the area to fly away. " DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"DAMNIT ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kairi yelled so loud that the glares had lightened to confused glances.
"D-Do I really like Amu that much?!!" Kairi yelled hiding his eyes with his bangs.
The glances had become glares again.
In a few seconds a yell could be heard near Kairi.
"Silver Bullet Shot!" A voice had yelled.
"What?!!" Kairi had said turning his head being caught off guard.
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Chapter 17: Why?

Kairi and Kukai's Side

"What?!!" Kairi yelled caught off guard.
Kairi side stepped so that the beam of silver light missed him.
When it hit the big tree it stopped shining silver to reveal a soccerball.
"Who's there?!" Kairi demanded.
"Shut up Brat!!" The voice replied standing in the shadows with a chara.
"Kukai?!!" Kairi said shocked.
"Yah you Brat!" Kukai said walking out of the shadows with Daichi. "I saw the way you looked at Amu and do you think I'm gonna let you get away with it?!!"
"The way I looked at Amu?!" Kairi asked.
"Yeah! You were staring at her blushing!" Kukai yelled.
"Huh?!" Kairi said red like a tomato.
"See! Even if I say it you blush!" Kukai yelled at him.
"W-What?! I-I'm blushing??!!!!" Kairi said holding his head looking like he was gonna scream "Why?!"
Kukai stared at him with a serious face.
"W-Why W-Why?! Why Am I Blushing??!!!!!" Kairi said walking backwords.
"Why?! WHY??!!!!!!!" Kairi yelled and banged his back on the tree "WHY AM I BLUSHING?!!!!!!"
"YOUR THINKING ABOUT MY SISTER THAT'S WHY!!!!!" Kukai yelled at him.
Kairi became shocked and twitched with wide eyes saying "Because I'm thinking about Amu?"
"He seems so smart...... why is he questioning himself?" Kukai thought.
"Because I'm thinking about Amu?" Kairi said slumping down by the tree holding his head.
"Man he is completely lost!" Kukai thought staring at him.
"Because I'm....." Kairi stopped talking.
Kairi's head fell down a bit being held by his shoulder.
"Kairi?" Kukai said waving a hand infront of his face "Kaiiiiri?"
"Kaaaaiiiiiiiiii..........." Kukai stopped talking too.
After that Kukai fell to the ground fainting as Daichi went in his egg falling asleep.

--- Meanwhile somewhere above the forest ---

"Kairi!" Musashi yelled flying around the sky.
"God why did he have to throw me so hard?!" Musashi thought furious.
"Waaah!" Musashi yawned covering his mouth.
"So tired......." He mumbled.
The egg apeared and Musashi went in it as the egg slowly floated to Kairi's hand.
Kairi's and Kukai's eyes were dull and had no pupils.

--- With Kairi and Kukai ---

Kairi and Kukai were floating or rather flying through a purplish path and had no control over there bodies.
"W-What?!" Kukai yelled "What is this?!"
"I-I think it might be a dimensional hole!" Kairi said.
"What Hole?!" Kukai yelled.
"Dimensional! Di-men-sion-al!" Kairi said.
"Okay Okay!" Kukai said.
"How are we here?!" He asked.
"There could've been a rip in space or time when we were under....." Kairi gasped.
"What?!" Kukai asked.
"The tree we were under was a thousand years old!" Kairi yelled.
"So what?!" Kukai said.
"I heard a legend about when the first tree of a forest turns a thousand years old it can bring certain people throughout dimensions on it's own will!" Kairi yelled.
"Why Us?!" Kukai yelled. "And better yet why would a tree have a will of it's own?!"
"Well all plants are alive but are incapable of moving! It may not be scientific but maybe they have there own selfconcious!" Kairi yelled.
"Selfconcious?" Kukai asked.
"Ughhh. It means that a thing that is alive can make it's own decisions." Kairi said and thought "It has a better definition but that would hurt your brain."
"Okay so it choose us?!" Kukai yelled.
"Well for a samuri a forest is his natural habitat but I don't see why you came!......... Unless............" Kairi said puzzled.
"Unless?" Kukai asked.
"It sent you here because of Daichi!" Kairi said.
"Huh?!" Kukai asked.
"I mean charas are intune with nature and are able to come out of there eggs as a normal chara when there owner is pure of heart!" Kairi said "The tree could've saw you as not a threat and thought you could be trusted!"
"How do you know all of this?" Kukai said making a cute smart chibi face.
"I wanted to find out the scientific explanation for charas........" Kairi said thinking "Shit......."
"So how is it going?" Kukai asked making the same chibi face.
"That..... there is none." Kairi said with a sweatdrop.
Kukai just laughed at that.
The dimensional hole started shaking.
"W-What is happening?!" Kukai asked as they were surrounded by a bright brown light.

Chapter 18: Z Chara?!!

Kukai and Kairi's Side

"This tree's deciduous hole is shaking and it turned from purple to brown!" Kukai yelled as they both flew the now brown light.
"Dimensional!" Kairi corrected him and thought "Never thought that deciduous would be in his vocabulary........."
"Anyway where are Musashi and Daichi?!!" Kairi questioned.
"Like crap I would know!" Kukai yelled "You mean that Daichi and Musashi are in trouble?!!!
Kairi was silent and Kukai muttered under his breath "Daichi......."
"Hey......." Kairi said getting Kukai's attention "Do you think they're in their eggs?"
"Maybe!" Kukai said "I mean you looked as though you had no soul when you blanked out....."
"I think that the sudden change in space must be caused by something against the laws of charas" Kairi said.
"Hmm." Kukai said "Possibility"
"At least I admire this side of his personality, more responsible." Kairi thought and said "This brown light is a bit..... dull. The aura of charas are usually bright and encouraging, not dull and boring."
"That is true" Kukai said with his serious face "Charas help people while this aura seems like it has a killing intention....."
Kairi put his hands in the pocket for chara eggs feeling that very familiar round object.
He quickly got the object out and yelled "MUSASHI'S EGG!!!!!!!!!"
"NANI?!?!" Kukai yelled quickly putting his hand in the secret chara pocket too "DAICHI'S EGG!!!!!!!! DAICHI YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!"
"Ugh.... Kukai... I feel terrible...." Daichi said.
Kukai was going to most likely protest but Musashi said "Yah.... I feel it too......"
"Musashi do you think this is..." Kairi was cut off.
"Yeah.... this is definetly...... a threat......" Musashi said.
"I-If this a threat then what do we do without everyone else?!" Kukai said.
"Waren't I wood wough?" Little asked poping out of the back of Kukai's hospital jacket. (My note: He is still wearing the hospital clothes)
"EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Both Kairi and Kukai yelled.
"You won't wave to well!" Ami said cutely.
"A-Ami-san!..." Kairi said while Kukai said "Ami! What are you doing here!?
"When I was weaving.....

-- Flashback --

Ami was happily humming as she skipped through the forest.
Ami was happily in thought about Kairi "If Big Swis and Kairi-nii wike eachwover I'll have anwother Big Bwuter!"'
Ami was skipping to the point of where she was lost.
"Wh-where wam I?" Ami said.
"Big Swis!" Ami called out for help "Kairi-nii! Big Bwuter!"
All over many different shades of colors were spreading as if they were alive.
"Pwetty!" Ami screamed happily as she ran over to the colors.
The colors had started to move throughout the air as Ami followed.
"Silver Bullet Shot!" A voice yelled.
Ami recognized that voice and ran up to the voice and it was indeed Kukai.
Kukai and Daichi hadn't noticed Ami there so she tried to get Kukai's attention.
She grabbed on to the bottom of his jacket and the second she had a grip on his hospital jacket he had run off, fast.
Ami was struggling to stay attatched to him so for safety, like her brother had told her, she climbed up his jacket.

-- In the dimensional hole --

"And wat's wow it wappened!" Ami said calling the colors a moving rainbow and leaving out her personal thoughts.
"Rainbow..." Kairi mumbled.
"Well so Ami is with us in this distraction hole." Kukai said.
"DIMENSIONAL!!!" Kairi yelled correcting him finally cracking and thinking "WHAT IS WITH HIM?!!! SMART BUT AN IDIOT????!!!!!!!!"
Ami giggled silently thinking "Kairi-nii is so smart!"
"Where ware we wanyway?" Ami asked.
Kairi and Kukai said pionting at one another "It's HIS Fault!!!!!"

Amu's Side

"Th-This is a bit st-strange." Tadase said as everyone else in the room felt the same.
"Kukai went to the toilet 3 hours ago." Nagihiko said.
"Hope he doesnt do anythin with a gi---" The FK was cut off by the male members of the current group covering his mouth leaving the remaining females utterly confused.
Amu was sleeping during all of this as her friends insisted.
"Why is he is taking so looooooong?!!" Yaya almost yelled but remebered Amu was asleep.
"He probably got his zipper stuck on his---" The FK and Tadase that were speaking at the same time were cut off by Nikaidou-sensei covering the FK's mouth and Nagihiko covering Tadase's, but to get bitten in the process.
"YOW!" Nagihiko cried out as he moved his hand to see the very red bite marks left by Tadase's tiny mouth.
The whole room was silent until the FK and Tadase started saying stupid things again.
"What ever happened to the proper Tadase-san......." Nagihiko thought.
Koff Koff
Amu started coughing in her sleep.
"Amu?!" Tadase said walking up to her bed and felt her forehead.
"Man she is burning up!" Tadase said quite enough that she could sleep through it.
Koff Koff Koff
"Amu-chi!" Yaya ran up to her bed as Rima just stared slowly leaving the room as they surrounded Amu's bed.
"Rima....." Nagihiko thought.
Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff Koff
Amu started coughing up blood.
"Amu-san......" Tadase said with his eyes dulled by shock.
"Get the doctor!" the FK said turning to Nikaidou-sensei who nodded running out of the room.
"It was a good thing that you left Rima...." Nagihiko thought.
"But that doesn't mean I'm not going to find you" Nagihiko thought with a devilish smile.
"Brown is defienitely acting strange. I could swear that he had a dirty smile on his face a second ago..... along with red eyes!" Tadase thought.
Everyone was looking over to Nagihiko still staying by Amu's side.
Nagihiko just stood there.
"Brown-san?" The FK asked as he looked at Nagihiko. The FK was actually hiding his current emotion as he said that, coldness.
"Eh.. oh." Nagihiko had turned his head now looking at them
"Sorry. I guess I zoned out there!" He laughed a little laugh and said changing his face to a waaaay too calm face as he usually does for fun "Rima ran off."
"EEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone besides Nagihiko that were still conscious and in the room yelled with grey shocked chibi faces but miraculously didn't wake up Amu who was starting to calm down a bit.
"I'm going to go look for Rima-chan!" Nagihiko said that running off.
"Wait Brown-sa--" The FK was to late, Nagihiko had already left the building in search of Rima.
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Hi. I joined this group and read the story. You know, there's a website called that you can put this on if you make an account. It's only for reading stuff, so nothing else except other stories to keep people away from reading this story! And there are some pretty good stories on it, too. Anyways, I love this story!
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Kimmytrainer wrote:

Hi. I joined this group and read the story. You know, there's a website called that you can put this on if you make an account. It's only for reading stuff, so nothing else except other stories to keep people away from reading this story! And there are some pretty good stories on it, too. Anyways, I love this story!

I already am putting it on fanfiction! Sorry I didn't see your reply here! Honestly I am making it on fanfiction and I'm changing the chapters. If you wanna find it go to Shugo Chara in Kairi's category and look for Shine!. I'm just using this cuz I wanna keep it based on these chapters and I don't trust my memory! Oh yeah I changed up the chapters starting at.... I think 9 maybe. Check chapter 8 just in case. I'm gonna post later tonight and there are going to be many changes. Oh yeah and IF YOU READ IT R AND R!!!!!!!!
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I read some of it and I'm on chapter 4 now. I have the same user name on fanfiction, and I already reviewed.
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i agree with Zo135, for days i thought it was a different story, but than i read it, and it was your story. LOLxD
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