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Tell us something about your vampire self...

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Posted 12/5/08
Username: YuukiKozu
Vampire Name: Yuuki Kozu
Age: 18
History:Her name is Yuuki Kozu. She was a vampire at birth with a lovely family. She was an only child and was treated like a princess. Till one day she formed cat like eats and a cat like tail. She tried to hide it but that didn't really work out the way she planned. In the end her parents dumped her on the side of the road and left her to die. Yuuki was only 4 years old and lonely. She decided to take care of herself and to live on her own. Yuuki became a pest to Tokyo city. Stealing everything and killing countless people for blood. She was never really good at hiding herself but she didn't care at all. Yuuki soon meets Kyo, Shiro, and Michi but after they died she fell into a deep depression. Now, at the age of 18, Yuuki sores around Tokyo city looking for a normal life and someone to love.

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Posted 12/5/08
Vampire Name: bella
Age: 15
History: Was originaly a human but was bite by a pureblood. The pureblood (her creator) she followed huim around and protected him and was like his shadow. Until he was killed by some hunters, he sacerficed hiself to save her. Now she wanders trying to find some1 eles to protect and this time she wount fail them. She also wears a cross necklace that holds the ashes of her creator. She is really fast and skilled with swords. Also the necklace has powers that she is still trying to figure out/
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Vampire Name: Yorima
Age: 16
History: When Yorima was young her parents trained her how to protect herself.
They trained her how to use swords and guns and other types of weapons.
When Yorima was very good at fighting she had to go against her parents.
At first she didnt want to kill her parents but they said to her that if she dont kill them
she'll never know how it feels like to kill. so she took their words and kill her parents.
Then became a Vampire Blood Hunter.
Type: Blood Hunter
Weapons: Bow&arrows, Sword, Whip, Guns, daggers
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