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What are your favourite parts in each drama?
Posted 4/18/09
i watch alot of drama...

so i can;t remember some scenes or particular scene
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Posted 4/18/09

i_anad wrote:

Goong - when Yoon Eun Hye was ill and fainted, suddenly came Joo Ji Hoon and lifted her
Delightful girl Chun Hyang - Jae Hee's facial expressions, especially when he was imitating Han CHae Young.
Nobuta Wo Produce - every funny Akira's action
Wish to see you again - on the rainy day when Vic came to Michelle's house and suddenly hugged her, and I like the kissing part
Absolute boyfriend - everytime when Night said "Am I sexy?", "Let's have a sex"
My name is Kim Sam Soon - unexpected kiss in men's wc

i like that part in Kim Sam Soon, too.
and another kiss while hyun bin is playing the piano.
it's a really good drama and hyun bin is very handsome haha

Hairlikedante wrote:

Preshie wrote:

My Lovely Sam Soon - When Hyun man-handles Sam Soon onto the bed and puts his head on her belly...and has a wee cry while she strokes away his tears.

Pride - When Halu beats the crap outta your-woman's good for nothing boyrfriend!

Utahime - Just after Suzu kisses Taro, he doesn't pull away he doesn't look overly surprised he just leans in and hugs was a lovely quiet moment. I also loved every time they did their little song cute!

Proposal Daisakusen - That speech at the wedding in the end...awesome!

A millions Stars fall from the Sky - When Ryo PWNS that older woman cause she was making fun of him.

Kimi wa Petto
- When Momo asks if he can kiss sumira-chan because it's the last time.

Nodame Cantabile - When Nodame stuffs her head in the door as Chiaki tries to close it, comedy genius!

Not many things make me laugh in general but that Nodame moment was excellent!! I think I'm going to have to watch that episode again for that scene.

My other favorite moments...

Another in Nodame when Chiaki runs up to Nodame and hugs her.

Zettei Karashi when Riiko is watching that video message, oh so sad! I cried....

Agree with you, that moment in Nodame Cantabile is so romantic my favorite, too
and that part in Zettai Kareshi really made me cry T^T but i love it.

Posted 4/18/09
in yukan club, all of miroku's and yuri's silly antics
in hana kimi, nakatsu moments ("ore wa homo janai!" and the parts where he does his weird sign language while thinking to himself)
cant really remember cuz i've watched so many dramas
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Posted 4/18/09
My favorite part in EVERY drama is when the guy and the girl finally get together and admit their love for each other.
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Posted 4/19/09
Tara-Chans moments and everything about PANDA(especially YAy Panda)in LOve Shuffle...
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Posted 4/19/09
In Brown Sugar Macchiato, i love Gui Gui and Wang Zi's scenes. They're just so cute together :p
and those romantic parts ^3^
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Posted 4/25/09
nodame cantabile... her GYAABBOOO~!,,, AND MUKYAAWW!~~!
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Posted 4/25/09
too many.
hard to say which one..
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