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What do you think of these dramas?
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26 / F / Iceland
Posted 4/7/09
Red = watched
Green = Haven't watched
< > = My opinion : P

1. The X-Family - < Don't have to watch, i only watch the drama when im bored xD >
2. Sakurano/Ying Ye 3+ 1
3. Bull Fighting - < My friend says that its very funny >
4. KO one
5. Why Why Love - < My friend also told me that this one is good but not good as "Devil beside you"(Devil Beside You is awsome) >
6. Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
7. Reaching For the Stars

8. Fated To Love You - < I watched sum of the episode with my friends and im planning to watch the drama : P >
9. Spring Waltz
10. Sweet Relationship
11. Rolling Love
12. Witch Yoo Hee
13. Dalja's Spring

14. Love Contract
15. Memories in Bali
16. Stained Glass
17. Something about 1%
18. 101st Proposal

19. Nobuta Wo Produce - < One of my Favorite drama!!! >
20. Hana Yori Dango - < Fun and sad (: >
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Posted 4/7/09
Fated to Love You was AWESOME! ;]
Nobuta Wo Producee was cute! [:
Why Why Lovee was sweeet, if you liked DBY!
Bullfighting was pretty goood.

hope that helped! x)
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57 / West Palm Beach,...
Posted 4/7/09
Watch these online first and if you like them, buy them.
I've concluded dramas and movies are somewhat like
life. One man's meat is another man's poison!
I've read through some of the comments about the
list of DVDs you've posted. Some liked one drama
while another hated it. It is all really a personal opinion.
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Posted 4/8/09
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30 / F / over here.
Posted 4/8/09

soooo worth it!! ull Love them!! =)
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Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09
shortlisted from ur list

1. Why Why Love
2.Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
3.Fated To Love You
4. Spring Waltz
5. Witch Yoo Hee
6. Dalja's Spring
7.Memories in Bali
8. Nobuta Wo Produce
9.Hana Yori Dango

my recommendation.. boss my hero
2.nodame cantabile
3.tatta hitotsu no koi
4.hotaru no hikari
5.hana kimi jpan
6.attention please shuffle
8.gokusen 1, 2, 3
9.goong prince
11.kimi wa petto
12.yukan club

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29 / F / Taiwan
Posted 4/11/09
the drama that i love:
1.Fated to love you (romantic!!! best best)
1.Lucky star(I cried a lot in dis drama)It is nice.Very attractive
2.My queen (the new drama)It also very nice.Falling in luv with dis now!
3.Boys before flower!4.The X family(Funny and cool)
4Bull fighting (nice) I watched it because hebe
5The X family(funny and cool)
If u watched The x family u can watch KO 3anguo it was damn funny (luv it)
KO 3anguo is a new drama too.
Posted 4/11/09

Fated To Love You
Spring Waltz
Witch Yoo Hee
Memories in Bali
Nobuta Wo Produce
Hana Yori Dango
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In your dreams...
Posted 4/11/09
nobuta wo produce and hana yori can't go wrong with these two...i recommend you watch the rest yourself some money
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23 / F / Portland
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09
hana yori dango please please please
Posted 4/11/09
1. The X-Family: Haven't seen it
2. Sakurano/Ying Ye 3+ 1: Haven't finished it
3. Bull Fighting: Haven't seen it
4. KO one: Haven't seen it
5. Why Why Love: Don't plan on finishing it
6. Prince Who Turns Into A Frog: Very good! WATCH IT!
7. Reaching For the Stars: Haven't seen it.
8. Fated To Love You: MUST WATCH!
9. Spring Waltz: It's ok. You can take it or leave it
10. Sweet Relationship: It's pretty good
11. Rolling Love: Haven't seen it...yet.
12. Witch Yoo Hee: Don't plan on finishing it.
13. Dalja's Spring: It's pretty good
14. Love Contract: Don't plan on finishing it.
15. Memories in Bali: Haven't finished it.
16. Stained Glass: Haven't seen it....yet.
17. Something about 1%: Do not watch.
18. 101st Proposal: Haven't seen it.
19. Nobuta Wo Produce: MUST WATCH!
20. Hana Yori Dango: MUST WATCH!
Posted 4/11/09
thinking,yeah ive heard of them but not watched any
Posted 4/11/09
imo only hana yori dango is worth the money. the rest, you can just watch them online if you're interested.
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Posted 4/11/09
i recommend fated to love is so sad and dramatic..i love the storyline...

springwaltz is also a good tearjerker slow at the begining but gets better as it progresses....

dalja spring is a comedy/romance and lee min ki is hot in there..
Posted 4/11/09
Nobuta Wo Produce
Hana Yori Dango
Fated to love you
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