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F / In the middle of...
Posted 1/2/09
Chapter 6-The Family of KILLERS

I steared the wheel in the direction of the island,running to were the ancure was,trying to pull it out of the water so we could move

Wimpy,and Flor just stared at me,eyes wide

I tugged on the ancure

But I doughted I was doing much

I mean,the stupid thing was like 50 kg right?

I glanced over in there direction

"Well,your going to help aren't you!"I yelled over to them

They continued to stare,but soon there bodys moved

They ran towards me,begining to tug up the ancur along with me

We finally got it up

Water droplets splashed against the floor as the ancur lay on the deck

We all breathed deeply,but I quickly rose off my hands and nee's and ran towards the wheel

Continuing to stear the ship

"Look for any weapons that they may have left around!"I yelled

They nodded,running towards the sleeping quaters,probly cause they always had weapons beside them when asleep

Just in case..

The island slowly began to grow closer,and closer

And slowly it became to dawn on me,that I may not live through this

If thoughs..people,could kill so many pirates so fast than it may have been just as easy to kill me as to kill pirates

Cause I sorta was one...

And even if I somehow survived this,it may have became obviouse to the pirates.To Robin.That I had been a pirate before,let alone a pirate for Scars.Or that I could sword fight..

Why was I going so far for the idiots?

I didn't even know that

But somewhere in my heart I HAD to help them

The ship slowly docked at the shoor of the dark looking island

Sliding through the sand

And finally stopping when the ship was half on land and half in the sea

"Miss we couldn't find much but I found a few pistols and a sword"

Of course a sword!

...Someones against me

"Okay.Then lets go"I said after grabbing the sword from them before they could say another word

Flor quickly dropped a rope over board that had been tied against the ship and slowly began to shimmy down it

I slowly went down,and then Wimpy

Actually wimpy fell...

He quickly dusted himself off,as I threw the pistols to them both

"Lets go"


So far we had walked through the dark jungle like forest without any trouble

OH,except for the constant wimpering wimpy made every now and then we were fine

"I think were getting close,theres a small trail of footsteps right here"Flor whispered,motioning to the damp soil underneath us

"Can you see which direction its heading?"I asked,neeling down by the trail and placing my hand over some soil that was close to it

It seemed to be fresh

Maybe a few hours ago they came by here?

"I need some light"He murmured,neeling down beside me and observing the trail

"It seems they came down this way a while ago"Like I hadn't known...

"It might have not been them.."I glanced up at wimpy seeing him shiver

I didn't like to think about the other people that seemed to be here at the moment

Aspecially someone that seemed to recent pirates (like anyone should...) and ripped their hearts out of them

I slowly rose to my feet

"Got any matches?"I heard Flor ask

"Do I look like I have anywhere to put them?"I growled

"Well some woman find places to put things..."He murmured,looking down

I flushed getting were he was going too "hhhmm She does seem to have alout of room-"I smacked wimpys face before he could say anything more


They jumped back "Damn perverts"I cursed stomping away

But only to stop in my tracks

My heart rining in my ears as I heard a click.And new EXACLY what i had just done.

I didn't get a chance to run,or jump out of the way

Leaves flew in the air,or in many directions as a small well net'd net went UP

Pulling me UP

I gasped out,as I heard a small squeel and gasp from behind me

Crap,I should've known better then to step on a trap!!

"Get me down!"I yelled out,not lowering my voice

In seconds THEY would be here

They new WE were HERE

And they were going to COME

So it didn't matter exactly to keep my voice low NOW

Flor was the first o respond

Understanding my distress he ran forward begining to tugon the ropes

Like that would help

"Be careful,there are probly more traps around"I yelled

He nodded,being careful were he stepped as he reached for wimpy adn pulled him towards the net to help

"Got a knife?"Wimpy asked

Me and Flor stared at him in dissbelief

Was he REALLY a pirate

I mean COME ON!!

I pushed my sword slowly down through one of the holes in the nets to Flor who was getting back to work

He grasped the net and began to saw through the rope

The THICK rope if I might ask!

I gulped as I heard many voices come through from all around us

"Go!"I gasped out

"Hide,I'll be okay!"

Wimpy looked at me,looking as though he were thinking


"GO!!"I yelled

I saw Flor pull on wimpys shouldergiving me a final glance they began to run

Run to hide I hopped

I also hopped they planned to come back some time later

They took my sword

I had no weapon,no tool,no destraction,no threatning object!!

Slowly many people stepped out behind many tree's and bushes

Weapons pulled out

And may I see they were very *gulp* sharp

I breathed in a gust of air

"Well,are you going to let me down?"I asked

They slowly began closer,not scared like Alto's tribe/family had been like when I had first spokin

They almost seemed...Intreeged?

One out of the many people stepped forward

His hands behind his back

Almost as though I were some sort of peice of art

Was I an art gallery or something?

"Who,are you?"The man asked

I stared at him sort of in shock

I sorta WAS shocked that he could speak english

Honestly they didn't seem like the type to travel

Or that knew languages

"Alice"I said,still in shock

"I am Klaus Kort"He said,he slowly began to move his hand in a mostioning position to the many people behind him "This is my family"

Family?NOT tribe?

"Um,Nice to meet you...?"I said sounding stupid

The people nodded

"And why is it that you are here...Alice?"He asked

Begining to cirlce me

Once again,I felt like some sort of object

"I'd rather keep that to myself"I said,folding my arms

2 men stepped forward,their weapons held high

At times like this I knew what they were thinking "How dare a young women who is entering our home say something so rude to our leader"Or father,or whatever

I didn't give a crap

I would keep what I wanted to keep to myself TO myself

Though,I wouldn't be able to find Robin and the rest of the crew if I were dead so fast,or if I didn't ask

Klaus silenced them with a hand motion

"Is that so?"He asked,acidity rolling off his tounge

"Yes it is.But when I think about it,I probly should answer you.Rather you answer me"I could hear the ominouse silence of breaths in the air

"I am looking for a band of men"I said "Actually.A band of PIRATES"Once the people took a breath it was caught in their throats

When they began to breath again Klaus began to speak "And what would you want to do with pirates?"He asked,scratching his long black go-tee

"Could it be more pirates are to scared to come to us,and are now asking.No.Threatning,you to come here to retreive them?"He asked

I was annoyed by how sure he sounded of himself

That wasn't it at all!

I knew this for sure since Flor,and wimpy didn't have any intentions of risking their lives for fellow crew members

"Is it because they believe we pitty women?"He asked,begining to circle me once again

"I'm afraid thats not it at all"I said,breathing in a gust of air

There goes my survival plan...

"I have just come to an understanding that you have come and killed some of my dear FRIENDS,and probly as you know it KILLERS."

Klaus stopped,looking up at me irritated

'Easy Alice..Remember what they said ,they won't hessitate to kill women..'

My fists tightened

"What I am saying is,I would be VERY grateful if you were to show the remaining half of my...friends"The last world rolled off my tounge just as acidly as his had

Klaus straightened his back,and feturs as he looked up at me,as murmurs began to start

"Their in hell witch!Where we'll bring ya!"Someone yelled

"Kill her!"A feminite voice yelled out,soon to be repeated by many others

I gupled

I think I had went to far

"Silence!"Yelled a voice

Everyone seased to speak

"I want none of your opinions.This is MY decison"Klaus growled

I shivered

Hated to get on his TRUE bad side

No one said anymore "Mrs Alice,is what your saying the truth?"He asked

I was ALMOST certain it was...hehe

But I knew I HAD to do this

I had told,and known without a dought in the begining I HAD to save them...

I nodded "Yes,Yes it is"
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