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What happened to Ikuto?
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
Amu was talking about that because Ikuto and Tadase is fighting. And you know they are Amu good friends and Amu doesn't want them to fight and also because they are childhood friends. So that's why Amu says: "...stop the fighting!" and "It's because i am a girl.." because Amu can't do anything to stop them so she thinks she still can do something even though she is a girl. And the next part is Amu unlock the key and the lock! And this chapter ends. That was a cliffhanger. ._.

Actually its not weird to find out that Ikuto is crying because all the time he took all the blame himself. Even though he didn't do it, he will not say it's not him. Like the one when Betty died, he was only playing the violin to Betty like a song of farewell (i think) and Tadase's family say Ikuto is the one who killed Betty, and whoever listen to the violin will die. That actually hurts him because he treasures that violin. Not only that, many things happened to him.
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