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Seal Hunt
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Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/11/08
The Canadian government once had trouble with this, and it was finally outlawed.
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Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/12/08

mcvf wrote:

"How can i look at those poor baby seals being murdered i must do something. Gosh this veal is yummy"
The seal hunt is the stupidest protest i have heard about in my life. The facts people have about the seal hunt are all wrong!
First of all seals arent clubbed to death only natives do that because it is part of their religion. Because the lack of polar bears seals are ACTUALLY becoming over populated yet no one is worried about the fish.
Why do you ask?
Well because fish arent cute, so who would want to donate money?
The organization Stop the Seal Hunt (which is made up of people who couldnt make it to wall street) actually passed a law which is seals cant be killed when they are white!
They turn grey in a couple of weeks and are still babies. Just who wants to suport those ugly grey seals?! I mean they are only cute when they are white!
Seal hunting is just like hunting deer or elk, theres no difference.
Also how do you think people make a living up their? Seal hunting is a part of native culture and a way to make a living. With your stupid protesting you are taking away these peoples culture and ways of life.
I cant believe people support the seal hunt yet the way companies treat chicken and cows are understandable.

How I wish stupidity could hurt. There is a huge problem with hunting all together. If you need all of the animal, then I could understand it, but for game and business it's just straight messed up. We are not protesting the native cultures religions, only commercial hunting. I think the way companies treat chickens and cows are messed up too, so stop making assumptions. And if you ask where do you think you get your hamburgers, did you stop to think I might be a vegetarian?

Why do you think polar bears are endangered? Global warming, or maybe, I don't know, hunting?! And so commercial hunting of seal pups is easily written off because they "Eat too much fish". They eat what they need. We eat all that we can get our hands on. Mass fishing is why fish are showing up less and less.
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
^she's a hopeless case.
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