History of All About Cassiopeia
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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 6/8/10
History of All About Cassiopeia

What is All About Cassiopeia?
All About Cassiopeia is an unofficial fanclub of TVXQ! that has been officially created on the October 4th, 2008 in an American website and international online community, Crunchyroll.
Meantime, there are only two All About Cassiopeia unofficial fanclub in Crunchyroll and YouTube.

Why create All About Cassiopeia?
I knew that I’ve created other Cassiopeia group but then I noticed I need another group to fill in much information about them. I’ve never expected this group is growing into something I never expected!

History on June 13th, 2009
This is when All About Cassiopeia group was not found at that moment. You tried to enter this group but it written 'Group not found'. I was so freaked out that I almost cried as all my hard work in this group. I tried and tired to view the group but to no avail. I asked Shinji and some of the Moderators in CR, and only one replied, gunblastergun. He checked in the Moderators Pages and explained the cause. Half and hour later, I tried again to view the group and..voila, I can enter! I'm so glad. I guess this group is under maintenance for that moment. Phew.....^^

All About Cassiopeia in YouTube!
On the January 30th, 2010, All About Cassiopeia has been officially created in the well-known video sharing website, YouTube. We started uploading videos of TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC in Seoul DVD. In the meantime, we are still uploading them in HD.

All About Cassiopeia provides you easy searching with the new contents mostly in every forum.
Click what has given in the contents, you will get the information you want instantly.
'Return to Contents' will take you back to the contents when you're in a forum topic.

All About Cassiopeia Board:
douglas_05; All About Cassiopeia Creator
traciedee; ex-All About Cassiopeia General Moderator
mashi92; ex-All About Cassiopeia General Moderator
theurbz203; ex-All About Cassiopeia News Moderator
animefreak_2000; ex-All About Cassiopeia General Moderator
keisterjoe; ex-All About Cassiopeia News & Graphic Moderator
rainbowtavern; All About Cassiopeia Co-Creator (June 8, 2010)
campsell; All About Cassiopeia News Moderator

All About Cassiopeia, Members/Cassiopeians:
  • November 2008; 60 Cassiopeians
  • December 2008; 94 Cassiopeians
  • January 2009; 203 Cassiopeians
  • February 2009; 470 Cassiopeians
  • March 2009; 600 Cassiopeians
  • April 2009; 872 Cassiopeians
  • May 2009; 1200 Cassiopeians
  • June 2009; 1500 Cassiopeians
  • July 2009; 1910 Cassiopeians
  • August 2009; 2125 Cassiopeians
  • September 2009; 2225 Cassiopeians
  • October 2009; 2352 Cassiopeians
  • November 2009; 2451 Cassiopeians
  • December 2009; 2500 Cassiopeians

  • © All About Cassiopeia
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    What do other people/members think about All About Cassiopeia?:

    From: Mary1803

    "To the Creator I want to say thanks so much for making such a great & creative group for all us fans to enjoy & to ALL group Members I just wanted to say thanks for making this special group what it is today! Thanks for adding your thoughts/comments & helping with uploading pics into the group we enjoy reading what you type & what you upload, it just makes everything much more fun!!!"

    From: Shengxiong

    "I am very happy, proud, and at the same time excited about any DBSG/DBSK/TVXQ/THSK groups/forums that are in CR or anywhere else in the world. Most important of all, we [ALL DBSK FANS] are PROUD to be Cassies. We know how to respect each other and get to know each other. This includes when we are letting our individual selves to be open up to each other and share our ideas and news about our Dong Bang Boys, and that leads all of us CASSIES to become great friends. Our bond with each other will never depart just like our DBSK boys, because when we are together as one this is what makes us stronger and not let anyone break us. WITHOUT CASSIOPEIA, THERE WILL NOT BE DBSK/WITHOUT DBSK, THERE WILL NOT BE CASSIOPEIA. I appreciate everyone that shows love and support for our boys in CR here. I will like to thank all the DBSK fans for posting comments, uploading pictures, etc. because without your help our groups that we made will never be fulfilled and will never stay til' this day. So I thank every one of Cassiopeia. We are all one."

    From: qashneyza

    "This group is totally awesome!! Thanks for the creator for the such awesome group x) we are all Cassiopeia, the loyal fan of DBSK, each one of us glad and proud to be Cassiopeia and support you guys is part of our life, the happiness you bring to our ears made so much changes in our life, the happy and sad rhythm that we heard really bring lots of memories... thanks for all Cassiopeia, thanks for everything =') I am very.. gosh, I can't express my feelings, all your comments, news and everything about DBSK that you tell us,.. thanks... =') Hwaiting!!! ^^"

    From: NIESAH

    "I like this group as the page, font types and pictures are interesting!"

    From: maxluvu

    "Hohoho great group and really good page with it arrangements, but too many rules lol..huhu. Sorry yeaa..by the way congrats to all the moderators because make this group like wooa!! first class.."

    From: animefreak_2000

    "Totally agree with maxluvu. ^^ It really is a great group, well organized and easy to read. Very easy to access the latest information about DBSK too. I'm glad I can join the Moderator team of All About Cassiopeia. ^^"

    From: lavelle

    "I love the page..and how it is organized and all the important announcements are in the front..^^I like it<3<3..but with so many rules..ahah..I can keep up with it..^^.."

    © All About Cassiopeia
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