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Post Reply What season do you think was the most interesting?
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32 / F / in matsujun's arms
Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/5/09

a girl from hell isnt suppose to die .

totally interesting because ai seem to have become more aggressive than on season 1
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/14/09
2nd SEASON! The 1st was BRUTAL (which I really liked) but the second was like GENOCIDE! Haha! So Rad! But the best part was that I cried when Ai sacrificed herself by withdrawing her role as "Hellgirl" to save the boy! The anime also made me realize the Brutality of hatred and Hell.
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27 / M / Phillipines
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/21/09
Futakomori is the best for me..... i not done yet with the mitsuganae so the 2nd season i chose..

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40 / M / South Carolina
Posted 4/28/09 , edited 4/29/09
1st than 3rd than 2nd. I thought futakomori to be pretty boring. Mitsuganae is the by far the "deepest" of the seasons though. I liked that.

None of the seasons are all that different though.

Season 1 = good people send evil people to hell. Cool.

Season 2 - good people send emotionally disturbed people to hell and misinformed evil people send good people to hell.

Season 3 - emotionally disturbed people send good people to hell

Those are generalizations of course. But that is a patterned I noticed. And then the reall good part starts around last five episodes of each season.

Season One is the best because you had the two best stories. Enma Ai's becoming of the Hell Girl and and the Hajime/Tsugumi story that was terribly touching as well. Also, Enma Ai goes from docile automaton to pyscho enraged terror from the abyss, and that was extra awesome IMO. .
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23 / F / London Baby! :)
Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/2/09
Mitsuganae and Futakomori.
I like Futakamori cause of the ending and it was really cool and sweet :)
But Mitsuganae cause first, we didn't know why Yuzuki was there which made it in interesting and they didn't show the whole proccess of how they send the people to hell, and they made the sending to hell more interesting And I have to say it was intersting near the end.
So probably third

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30 / M / Port of Coimbra
Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/5/09
First season was good, it talked about Shibatas and how are they related to Ai, and also Ai's past.

Futakomori on the other hand, it showed Ai's motive or rather what's her goal,

I just finished Mitsuganae, and the ending was a shooocckkeeerrrr!! srsssllyyy! jesus, it's good *more emoticons*
Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/8/09
definitely season 2; cause it offered more insight to the characters backgrounds, and the plot was more interesting; that you couldnt wait for the next ep to come out
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24 / M / Antarctica
Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/18/09
season 2, beacuse it makes you realize the character's backgrounds
season 3 is all about misunderstood innocent people being sent by also innocent emotionally unstable people, what a tragedy.
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24 / F
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09
agreed, the first two seasons were the best. Season 3 doesnt feel much like jigoku shoujo, though i cant really say, since i really havent finished watching it.
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25 / M / Somewhere in Asia
Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09
just wanna share with you guys;
copied this from a website.. (exactly what I typed in that site)

okay... let me.. try explain everything

Things to explain:

- in source Wikipedia, Hajime is mentioned to dissappear, Ai's Assistants stating no one sent him to hell, and Tsumugi dind't see him anymore; comes to a conclusion (or two); suicide (i hate this) OR leaving tsumugi to allow her to achieve freedom as well as himself the freedom he needs.

- Kikuri IS just a normal weird ghastly thingy working for Ai doing basically.. nothing.. but.. the satan spider thingy sent her for a reason; a spy... of coz Kikuri DOESN'T know it... it's just like this;
Spider guy sent Kikuri to Ai > Ai accepts her to work .. for nothing > Kikuri doesn't do.. or know ANYTHING >that spider uses her to eye on Ai when he isn't around

- forget about hell boy... he might not be able to come back.. who knows? the spider guy wouldn't let him.

- now the biggest debate up to date.. the Yuzuki and Ai issue; Whether Yuzuki is human/jigoku shoujo before/host

A theory I come to conclude with some views of others... as we all know.. Ai was made Jigoku Shoujo because she burned down a freakin' village by herself.. after she rose from the dead.. (omg Passion of Christ >.<) and I don't know how she even does it.. weird but do ghost burn things down? bleagh

okay anyway.. and we all ask "why yuzuki? she's innocent!"
others say "she's already long gone/she's once jigoku shoujo, now trying to live in a lie (imaginery phone call to parents, real life stimulation)"
But there is a part that also shows the background of Yuzuki (made me cry inside my heart), and that basically proves that Yuzuki either;
1. was once jigoku shoujo but background was not revealed, then she reincarnated
2. she's just fated to be choosen due to the sad death given to her (my way to prove this is the part where the Yuri action XD the part where AI says "you are I" or "I am you" and a flash back of tragic events, meaning Jigoku Shoujo need not only be mass murderers [lol =P] but also young pretty ladies who died tragicly and sadly)

and of coz.. in the end.. Yuzuki went to heaven.. upon being released... we HAVE to assume the positive when ti comes to release of souls.. no souls would wander unless they have unfinished business.. don't tell me yuzuki still wants to collect her exams results -.-

and about the stimulation of the life Yuzuki had even after death... Tsumugi, in my opinion, sees Yuzuki living in the real world as human for the meanwhile.. everythign seemed real.. but what if.. we were to assume it was planned to somehow by the spider? OR Ai? who knows?
okay but... here's one conclusion... wandering souls... it DOES click that wandering souls like yuzuki's could have forgotten time and been thinking she's part of the real world.. and stimulation seems real because she wanders with no "time" or "space" between the real and super natural.

therefore... here it is *drumroll*

Yuzuki = soul
Spider = needs jigoku shoujo, calls upon a plan to make yuzuki jigoku shoujo since she's "wandering"
Ai = plans to help Yuzuki understand, in the end helped her out instead.

get it now?
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