Post Reply [Quiz]-Who in Shugo Chara are you?
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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08
Take the quiz!
Here is the link:

My Result was:

You are .... Utau!
You are cold,lonelly and you dont trust anyone. Even if there are so many people who wants to be together with you, you still have a feeling of lonelyness and that everybody are using you. Your other personality is a totally fangirl who always is in love with someone. You will fall in love with: a very charming boy, he is the dram prince all the girls want, but try to not act so crazy when you see him, just relax and calm down .. and be yourself
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25 / F / in the middle of...
Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/7/08
You are .... Ikuto!

You are mysterius and dark. People dont know that you exist. You are like a cat who can sneak araund everywhere and never gets in trouble. You are not afraid to show your feelings fore people you think are interesting, you always take what you want, and accting cool. But maybe you have some problems with your self? It can be a little bith lonely too always stay in the dark. You will fall in love with: A very nervous person,he/she always blushes up when you are with her/him. She/he is clumsy so he/she always need your help.

i have taken the quiz twice with slight differences in the answer but still came up with this resuLt.. ^^,
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F / In My House
Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/10/10
Im Amu!! YAY~!
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