Post Reply what did u think about the twilight movie~?? ^o^
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F / who knows o___o
Posted 12/7/08
sooo whatya think~? o.o
i personally think it was good i guess... since i was screaming and all...
but it was goin way to fast >.>
It was better than i thought anyway~ xD
and... mike~ xp
lol am i the only person who actually likes mike~? o.o

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23 / F / In front of the c...
Posted 12/10/08
laaaaaaaaaaawl~ Mikeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nyaaaaaaaa~~~ xDDD
He had such a small role.. (>.>)

Buut.. I wasnt that satisfied.. I wanted the campfire wid Jacuub!!
But, I think it is going ok..
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