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Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/13/08
GG-Gui GUi
YL-Ya Lun (Arron)
WZ-Wang Zi

GD- Gui Gui's Dad
GM- Gui GUi's Mom
AD-Arron's Dad
AM-Arron's Mom

In this story, YL and GG will fall in love, when AD found out that they were in love, he immediately tells YL to leave GG, and tell them to never see each other again. But YL refuses to listen to his father, and ask why. The truth to why AD doesnt like GG includes the people of GD. GM, AM, and AD himself.

Long ago, GD and AM used to like each other. But AM was forced to marry AD by parents (arranged marriage). AD never knew that GD and AM used to be in love and still is. On the other hand, after GD and GM got married, GM realized that GD and AM used to be in love and still is. She knows the only way to see GD be happy is by letting go, let GD and AM be together, so she did. When AD found out that GD and AM are running away together, he quickly tries to stop them (after they left the house). He found the two on the way to the airport in the middle of the road. AD stops their car, ask to talk to AM for a few minutes outside. So GD sits in the car and wait. But that was when a tragic explosion happens. Sadly, GD died from the explosion. AM was deeply hurt, she blamed AD for causing the death of GD. Therefore, she vowed to herself to never see him again. AD was mad at AM for blaming it all on him and GD for breaking his family apart, causing him to be a single parent.

The question is:
Why did the car explode?
Who caused the explosion?AM? AD? or GM?
Will GG and YL be able to end up together?
How will they find out who caused GD's death?
How will GG react?

YL, GG, WZ, and others wanted to find out what caused the accident back then or was it an accident. This is when YL and GG develop their trust and love between each other.
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this stroy is going to be very exciting
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