Resident Evil degeneration...?
Posted 12/7/08

i just heared it is a movie ...& in the site it says ...there is a game 4 PS3 ?

is it all true ...?

they said it has ..leon in ? deos the video look as cool as in RE 4 ?
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Posted 12/7/08
Yes it is a CG movie and the game comes out somewhere in early 2009 i think and leon is in the movie it is freaken awesome
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Posted 12/7/08
The movie is already out. I've seen it and it was awesome.
The movie takes place 7 years after Resident Evil 2 and is about Leon and Claire.
You can watch it at .
The game is Resident Evil 5 and it's about Claire's brother Chris.
Posted 8/1/09
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