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YOUTUBE - EP 30 (108) - RAW - 1/3
YOUTUBE - EP 30 (108) - RAW - 2/3
YOUTUBE - EP 30 (108) - RAW - 3/3

all credits to _miyuchan_ of livejournal ( KKM chat Session project )...thanks for the summary!

Previously on Kyou Kara Maou:

Shouri was finally saved, the sword took so much of his energy that he lost his mind and only Yuuri was able to bring him back.
Arazon and Jeneus disappear.
After getting Shouri, they went back to Shin Makoku where the 10 aristocrats asked Shouri to explain everything he knew about the Shinzoku, he refused.
Yuuri too tried to convince him but Shouri didn't want to say to anyone about the Shinzoku, and absolutely refused to explain why he told Yuuri that he was going with Arazon.
Only after a talk with Conrad, Shouri decided to explain everything.
Conrad saw how much Yuuri was feeling bad, for Shouri situation and also because Dai Shimaron declared war against Shin makoku. Conrad told Shouri that he had to stay by Yuuri side, he asked him to take care of Yuuri in his place because Conrad too was going to protect Yuuri the way he could.
Which is leaving Shin makoku and going to Shou Shimaron. Why Shou Shimaron? Because Saralegi sent Yuuri a letter telling him that Dai Shimaron wanted to declare war to Shin Makoku and that Ranjiru demanded for Shou Shimaron to be allies with Big Shimaron.
Saralegi says he wants to arrange a way for Yuuri and Ranjiru to meet so Yuuri could convince him to avoid the war, he invites him again but the others at Blood Pledge castle are unsure.
That's why Conrad, in Yuuri's place decided to go there.

Now on this week episode.

We see Conrad who arrived to Shou Shimaron, Saralegi welcomes him and tells him that still there is no news for the meeting with Ranjiru.
Conrad is basically asked to remain there and wait.

At Blood Pledge castle the others tell Shouri that no action will be taken by the 10 aristocrats against Shouri since he told everything in the end.
Yuuri in the mean time is looking at Conrad's flowers. Shouri remembers that Yuuri was surprised to know that Conrad left for Shou Shimaron.
Shouri asks the others if they are not worried for Conrad, Gwendal says he expected something similar from him and Gunter confides in him since Conrad was his best pupil.

While they are talking, Wolfram goes to Yuuri asking him for how long he is planning to stay there.
Yuuri explains him that Conrad, went to Shou Shimaron understanding Yuuri's feelings, Yuuri doesn't want a war between countries, but the way he is now, Yuuri isn't able to do anything which is why Conrad had to go alone.
Wolfram says that Conrad is not alone, Conrad will never be alone, exactly like all of them.
Yuuri's feelings are not only Yuuri's but of all of them which is why they are not alone.
Also, if something bad should happen, Wolfram will surely go and save Conrad, at Yuuri's surprised "Wolfram!" he explains that Conrad his his brother after all so it's obvious!!

As expected, Conrad in the end, is kept captive in Shou Shimaron's castle while we see Saralegi on a ship, apparently Ranjiru is getting nervous so they had to go and leave Conrad.
The battle will be on the sea, on one part we see Ranjiru's Dai Shimaron ships, on the other part to prevent the assault, Waltorana is protecting Shin Makoku.

The news gets to Shin Makoku.

At Shinou't temple he appeared again...he said he needed to think quietly and alone.
But then he felt that the air was changing.
Murata explains that Yuuri is having some problems.

Then Murata goes to Yuuri, he tells him that he can help.
In his brain there are the memories of Daikenja, he was the one who fought with Shinou, if he wants, they can think of a way to win over Dai Shimaron, he offers Yuuri all of that so he can protect Shin Makoku and erase every fear from them.
Yuuri is shocked he says to not joke!! Murata is not Daikenja, exactly like Yuuri is not Julia, Murata is his besfriend who always comes to his house and eats curry! He doesn't want for Murata to do anything...
So, Murata tells him that exactly because of that he will help him as Murata. (I think Murata was testing Yuuri...)
He tells him to think about what eh wants to do which results in Shouri, Murata and Yuuri hiding from the others (particularly from a Wolfram looking for Yuuri) and deciding to use both their 3 powers to transport directly to Dai Shimaron.
Yuuri wants to talk directly to Ranjiru.

First they get transported on earth, then concentrating they go again.

In the menwhile Conrad was able to escape from Sara's castle.

Yuuri and the others get into a place that after they realize is in a ship.
Yuuri is really tired, he used too much maryoku.
However the guards that find them have Shou SHimaron's clothes so they think Yuuri was wrong again.
They are brought to meet Saralegi, Yuuri is happy to see him and asks him if Conrad got to Shou Shimaron.
Sara says he didn't see him.
Shouri notices that Saralegi has a weird attitude, he wasn't surprised to have Yuuri there in a middle of a ship.
Yuuri asks Sara where is Ranjiru, he explains him that he wanted to talk to him personally (so without Saralegi's help)
Sara says that there must be a reason why he got there instead.
Then they go outside and Berias stops Murata and Shouri. Murata tells SHouri to stay ready to move.

Meanwhile Saralegi shows Yuuri where is Ranjiru, he tells him he is getting ready for the war against Shin Makoku. It's going to start in a small time.

Yuuri asks Sara to help him to meet Ranjiru, Sara says it's too late and then he uses the Geass on Yuuri.
He says they can't prevent the war but Yuuri can stop it, he can, it's simple, he just has to make Ranjiru disappear forever, Yuuri's power can do all of that, it can destroy Dai Shimaron.
Yuuri has to do it, if he won't the people he loves will suffer.
Sara's geass starts to make its effect we see Yuuri being left in the darkness as if something else is taking over him.
The Maou comes out and with his power a tempest starts...the ships are being surrounded.

Murata hears Sara telling Yuuri to continue. Sara seems to be so thrilled, he wanted this all along, he wanted to use Yuuri's power.
Ranjiru get lost in the sea, Waltorana looks at what's happened from far and Shinou too feels the change.
Murata asks Sara if he wanted from Yuuri only his power and says it was sad, Yuuri trusted him like a friend. Sara simply used Yuuri, but Sara answers that he likes Yuuri, and his power...and he is thankful because now he destroyed Dai shimaron that was what was giving Shou Shimaron problems...
The final shot is the Maou's, Yuuri seem totally lost inside the Maou.

Continue on the next episode [I quit being Maou]

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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
someone makes a forum on this episode!!!!
i was dying to share my thoughts!!!
he is just tooooo cooool!!!~
he is sooo amazing!!!
like...he can use so much maryoku!~
he is even stronger than shinou!!
the should all whorship yuuri!!!
he can go back to earth with three people
go to wherever he wants again with three people
and still has enough maryoku to go to the highest level of maou!!
(compare the scences of maou from season 1 and season 3... u will see that they are in a totally different level!)
(those now are so much more.....destructive!)
and he is just... GREAT
the best part of this episode is of course the last part where yuuri goes maou..
though i don't like yuuri to use it NOT on his own will...
that is y... I HATE SARA!!!
he is a stupid idiot...coward... that is weak and dumb dumb dumb
i hate him and his stupid eyes!!
how dare he betray yuuri
acting that scene of saving him with that bloody chest...
he actually used yuuri!!!!!
and he was laughing insanely!!!
i have to check if he was wrongly released from some metal hospital!
and that berius!!!
if he is mazoku.....then swear loyalty to yuuri..not some small shimaron king...
he does not even know where he belongs!!!
wrong place!!!!
i hate him for being sara's doll....
back to the topic....
i looove yuuri
but what is moooooost cliffhanger ish in this ep
is the....
"i quit being maou"
oh no...
ever since i watched this like....4 days ago.....
i was screaming around the house..."ahhh yuuuuri!!!"
i just don't know how to release this ...excitement???
i donno
i just know the preview
i see yuuri in a suit...and shori is telling him to go to work...or something
and then...they go? i suppose
what does that mean???
does that mean yuuri is so guilty of being lost in the maou form
and he was guilty for going berserk
and he was guilty for killing (we don't know if he is dead) ranziru and basically the whole dai shimaron army
and much more
and he could not face those facts
and he decided to hide in earth
and he decided not to go back to shin makoku ever again???!?!
is that what is going to happen????
oh noooooo
yuuri! u can't make your royal subjects wait THAT long!!!!
u know that there is a huuuge time difference!!!!
greta miight be dead!!!
there are just tooooo many thoughts regarding this preview
i just hope for the next episode to come out asap
so that i can know what happened to our precious yuuri heika
i am a tooootal fangirl of yuuri
so...i love yuuri focused episodes...
thanks for reading!~~~
it was kinda long....
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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
oh yeah!~ and
thanks for teh summary!~
now i can fully understand ever single detail of the ep!!
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
Thanks for the update!!

lol. Luv u Sara~ You're as beautiful as always.
Can't wait for the next episodes just to see you again
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
Thanks can finnally know what they saying
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Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/11/08
I think we can watch ep 109 in another...4 hours or so...
i have been waiting
i love yuuri
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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08
This going break little heart next episode. quit being maou! I though do for hundreds of years.
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Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/15/08
(note: just finished watched Sioku-dans subs of this ep)

Guys its a real adrenaline rush to watch four eps in a row lolz

Hehe im not worried lolz (title of next ep) haha cause there are 8 more after that lolz!!!! but am doing the same as
jennifer11881 (was 6 days ago) rite now

Ok I think I need a nap the excitment has been to much ....... Goe's to lie down.....
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