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Any animes with a weak main character becoming really strong?
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Posted 5/17/12
Kuroko Tetsuya,
By himself he's weak. He'd need the support of his buddy; Kagami (evident in ep #1 and the succeeding episodes).

He was quite the whiner. He didn't want to accept the responsibility of leading his teammates into enemy territory. Albeit that the looming danger was already at his "beck and call"

Kaoru (Kids on the Slope)
When his feelings gets threatened, he attacks those close to him. Without noting how they would feel.

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24 / M / Missouri
Posted 5/18/12
Well..its really hard to list, because just about in every story based anime the main character is really weak and inexperienced. Part of plot and character development..but from off the top of my head..

Gurren Lagann..
Simon.. Hes really weak and scrawny.. Grows to become a really bad assed person though.

Line barrels of Iron.
The main character is a annoying kid with a shallow sense of judgement.. I hated him at one point, but he also grows to become awesome and likeable.

Posted 5/20/12
Yu Yu Hakusho
A typical juvenile deliquent who could only use the spirit gun once a day gains enough to awaken his demon powers.
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Posted 5/20/12
hajime no ippo
Thats a great anime!
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19 / F / Over the rainbow...
Posted 8/21/12
Tsunayoshi Sawada from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 8/22/12
Along of them.
Posted 8/23/12
all of them
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